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That's strange! Thanks for letting me know, I haven't really used the itch app before so that slipped past me. I'll run some troubleshooting to see what I can do!

Hi, thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate all the feedback ^^ Could I ask what you mean by the font not being accurately displayed? (OS info would also be helpful! I've only been able to test the game on Windows + Linux myself, so the Mac version is a bit of a shot in the dark)

that's weird! If you don't mind, what OS are you using and how did you download it? (itch app, from the site, etc.)

I haven't gotten a chance to play this yet, but I wanted to let you know that during the cryptid jam stream, we ran into a bug! In the first level (towards the end I think), the streamer shot a spear at one of the flying enemies, and it died.... and then spawned lots of other flying enemies of the same type, freezing the game! I'm sorry I can't give more information or reproduction info, but I wanted to give you a heads up about it!

From what I've seen though, I love the gameplay concept and the effects!! Can't wait to see more!

Hey, thanks for letting me know! It looks like it was actually an issue on my end - Godot changed some of its exporting settings since the last version I used. Try redownloading the game, or just download the .pck file I just added, and put it in the same directory as the game. Let me know if that works!

This is great, I loved it!! I did want to let you know that I hit a bug. Just before the Animal Crossing segment ended, I accidentally hit the tree and caused an apple to fall. The apple stayed on-screen for the rest of the game, and I couldn't interact with it!

Thank you!! I'm 100% on the same page ^^ And here are some sources: an in-depth one about the wendigo in particular, a shorter one directly from a Native person, and a general explanation in the context of JK Rowling's blunderings.

Hi! This looks like a ton of fun and I'd love to participate, but I'm a little worried about the FAQ that implies anything can be a cryptid. I'm absolutely down for folks making games about minotaurs or horror icons or their OCs under the cryptid umbrella, but there are a few popular creatures whose cultures have asked that they not be called cryptids, which is what has me hesitant. Where does this jam stand on creatures like Wendigoag and Skinwalkers, where people from their cultures of origins have asked that they not be trivialized and called cryptids? I want to make mothman games, but I don't want to join a jam that promotes cultural appropriation! (happy to provide sources on this as well, i know it's a pretty heavy claim)

this is such a cute concept! and such an interesting way to tell a story.

but also why would you do that to us :C

I'm making a top-down in Godot! I'm actually in a physical computing class and got the green light to make a game for my final project, so I'm going to interface it with Arduino and have physical sensors affect the game. I'll make a digital-only version too, of course.

The concept is sensory overload, the game will get faster and harder with how loud/bright the room is!