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oh, I also just saw that you asked for feedback in your devlog! i already shared things i thought you did great, but for a few things you could improve: i'd love to see you lean into the dark platform idea a bit more! hidden paths that can only be seen when you get close? power-ups that increase how much you glow? maybe instead of dying when you hit the dark creatures, it instead takes away your light for a bit as a "health" system? there are so many possibilities with it! i'd also love to see what the world looks like illuminated, it might make for a fun ending screen :D lastly, I think you do a great job of introducing each platforming mechanic, but if you ever decide to expand this game, I'd love to see more levels that combine multiple mechanics at once. I'm excited to see what else you make in the future, whether it's continuing Last Light, or moving on to something new!

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congrats on your first game!! this is great, especially for a first jam! i love the mechanic with the dark platforms that don't show up until you get close, and i'm impressed with how many features you were able to add in such a short time. i also love your little enemy sprite, and the particle effects in the background!

thank you so much!! i spent a lot of time thinking about how to communicate the narrative and mechanics without any words, so i'm really glad to hear that it's easy to understand ^^

Thank you so much!! I wanted to make it easy for people to tile the maps to fit whatever they need it for ^^ There are more on the way, yes, and I'm open to requests of what to add next!!

I made it all in Godot :D I also plan on releasing the source when I've cleaned up my code more!

I'm very late to responding to this, but I wanted to say thank you so much for playing, and for the video!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it's so cool to see other people play through it. Also congrats on your first let's play video!!

It does actually look like the game audio may have glitched for your playthrough - do you mind if I ask what OS you were playing on? (although it's honestly a fun glitch, it makes the game sound way spookier, haha)

And one more question! I'm collecting playthrough/review videos to put on 1365's page on my website! I noticed this video is unlisted, but is it alright if I still link it on the page?

To give items to ghosts, you need to place the items in front of their graves! Interacting with the grave from the front and selecting the rightmost icon will auto-place the item where it needs to be. The green/pink ghost is supposed to be hard to understand, it's related to the reasons they died and their story has more context clues! As for the problem with losing the book - items can clip through (some) objects, such as the gravestones, at the moment. In the version you played, dialogue took priority over item interaction, which could result in dropped items becoming inaccessible. The priorities should be fixed in the update I just uploaded, so you shouldn't be able to lose items anymore! Thanks for letting me know about that!

Ghasty (the main character) is a snail monster, not just a snail! They wear boots specifically so that they don't track slime around the house ^^ They're also not a ghost - a medium is a living person who can communicate with the dead! The ghosts aren't visible to most people in the town! But thank you for the suggestions, and I may keep a slime trail in mind for some future cutscenes/events planned :D

exciting, what a neat concept!! I love finding simple games that still bring a new mechanic to the table. excited to see how you revisit it! and hell yeah, i'm glad you like the palette, i had fun making it :D

can't wait to explore some little worlds, your preview screenshots were so cool looking!! 

Ooh, I like the title! I'm excited to see the demo :D

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I've already posted my jam goals in the discord, but I'll put them here, too for good measure! I'm going to finish up the next demo update for Lavender Hollow, which I intended to wrap up... [checks watch] last october, haha. Here are the things I still have left to do!

  1. finish broken jar model + texture
  2. fix the pesky building fade bug
  3. make it so that items no longer fall through counter/table/etc. (z collision calculation?)
  4. tweak/refine narrative for new ghost!
  5. take screenshots
  6. make changelog (this is going to be Difficult, I don't even remember what all I've added haha)

If I have any extra time, I'm going to try to do a little more work on narrative and asset creation!

exciting! :D i honestly love seeing multi-jam projects, it's like a log of where you've been with the game! 

That's strange! Thanks for letting me know, I haven't really used the itch app before so that slipped past me. I'll run some troubleshooting to see what I can do!

Hi, thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate all the feedback ^^ Could I ask what you mean by the font not being accurately displayed? (OS info would also be helpful! I've only been able to test the game on Windows + Linux myself, so the Mac version is a bit of a shot in the dark)

that's weird! If you don't mind, what OS are you using and how did you download it? (itch app, from the site, etc.)

I haven't gotten a chance to play this yet, but I wanted to let you know that during the cryptid jam stream, we ran into a bug! In the first level (towards the end I think), the streamer shot a spear at one of the flying enemies, and it died.... and then spawned lots of other flying enemies of the same type, freezing the game! I'm sorry I can't give more information or reproduction info, but I wanted to give you a heads up about it!

From what I've seen though, I love the gameplay concept and the effects!! Can't wait to see more!

Hey, thanks for letting me know! It looks like it was actually an issue on my end - Godot changed some of its exporting settings since the last version I used. Try redownloading the game, or just download the .pck file I just added, and put it in the same directory as the game. Let me know if that works!

This is great, I loved it!! I did want to let you know that I hit a bug. Just before the Animal Crossing segment ended, I accidentally hit the tree and caused an apple to fall. The apple stayed on-screen for the rest of the game, and I couldn't interact with it!

Thank you!! I'm 100% on the same page ^^ And here are some sources: an in-depth one about the wendigo in particular, a shorter one directly from a Native person, and a general explanation in the context of JK Rowling's blunderings.

Hi! This looks like a ton of fun and I'd love to participate, but I'm a little worried about the FAQ that implies anything can be a cryptid. I'm absolutely down for folks making games about minotaurs or horror icons or their OCs under the cryptid umbrella, but there are a few popular creatures whose cultures have asked that they not be called cryptids, which is what has me hesitant. Where does this jam stand on creatures like Wendigoag and Skinwalkers, where people from their cultures of origins have asked that they not be trivialized and called cryptids? I want to make mothman games, but I don't want to join a jam that promotes cultural appropriation! (happy to provide sources on this as well, i know it's a pretty heavy claim)

this is such a cute concept! and such an interesting way to tell a story.

but also why would you do that to us :C

I'm making a top-down in Godot! I'm actually in a physical computing class and got the green light to make a game for my final project, so I'm going to interface it with Arduino and have physical sensors affect the game. I'll make a digital-only version too, of course.

The concept is sensory overload, the game will get faster and harder with how loud/bright the room is!