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About the FAQ...

A topic by Cicada Carpenter created Sep 25, 2019 Views: 98 Replies: 2
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Hi! This looks like a ton of fun and I'd love to participate, but I'm a little worried about the FAQ that implies anything can be a cryptid. I'm absolutely down for folks making games about minotaurs or horror icons or their OCs under the cryptid umbrella, but there are a few popular creatures whose cultures have asked that they not be called cryptids, which is what has me hesitant. Where does this jam stand on creatures like Wendigoag and Skinwalkers, where people from their cultures of origins have asked that they not be trivialized and called cryptids? I want to make mothman games, but I don't want to join a jam that promotes cultural appropriation! (happy to provide sources on this as well, i know it's a pretty heavy claim)


This is a great point; I'll edit the F.A.Q to reflect that almost anything goes.

I do absolutely want to avoid enabling people to depict creatures or concepts in potentially hurtful or harmful ways (or in the case of fictional IPs, in ways that the creator hasn't authorized -- which I realize is a very different thing, but still falls under the "almost anything goes" issue). I believe you, but would definitely appreciate a source to direct people to in case any jammers are looking for more information.


Thank you!! I'm 100% on the same page ^^ And here are some sources: an in-depth one about the wendigo in particular, a shorter one directly from a Native person, and a general explanation in the context of JK Rowling's blunderings.