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Discord server for the jam :) Sticky

A topic by Sygmei created Nov 02, 2017 Views: 1,354 Replies: 10
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Feel free to join the Discord Server if you want to chat, look for a group or people, share your screenshots and more :) !

Joined :D

That's a great idea, thanks!

awesome! Joined

Jam Host

Awesome - thanks for setting that up Sygmei! 🙂


No problem :) Thanks for hosting this jam ! 

Submitted (3 edits) (-1)

Sorry to not be in it won't work here my connection won't to allow it, i keep watching the hashtag on Twitter, and i have to keep this account i am using as minimal as possible because of some engagements


I can set up a bridge if needed so you can access through IRC or something :) 


thank you i'll try again this afternoon

what about myths Greek history

my connection is messing up its loading very slow