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@MishManners playing #GitHubGameOff entries

Hi folks - my friend and colleague @MishManners just streamed / played through a bunch of this year's Game Off games on Twitch if you're interested: Part 1 · Part 2. Links to the specific time segments for each game can be found below...

Fun fact: while playing through one of the entries, @MishManners ran into a bug preventing her from playing and filed an issue. An hour later, the creator @harindulk (who was watching the stream), created a pull request, and deployed the fix to Mish then got to play it before the end of the stream 🤯

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Hi everyone,

I finally published some of the top entries on the GitHub Blog. Thanks for your patience! I would have published this a lot sooner had myself and my entire family not been knocked off our feet with COVID 🧟‍♂️


Hi there - I just emailed you. The message was in my spam folder:

If you don't get my reply, it might be in your spam folder.


Oh nice! Yeah, you can update the game description anytime 👍🏻

Hi! No problem - please shoot me an email at with a link to your game and I'll share a link that you can use to submit it.


Hi - that's fine. I'd recommend just adding a note about it on the game page.


That sounds fair 👍🏻

Life happens! If you run into any last-minute snags submitting your game just email me ( the URL of your game and I'll generate a link for you to submit it.


That's fine - I'd recommend just making a note of it on the game page.

I'm using Unity, so creating a github repo with the root project directory would be fine, right?


> Windows Build of the Game should be uploaded to the releases page of Github repo (and linked of course in the project description), right?

The release(s) should definitely be uploaded to No need to cut a release on the GitHub repo itself, but I think that's a good idea 👍🏻

> I also see a section called Uploads on the new project page, what should I do there, upload the build there too or leave it empty (if allowed). 

That's where you'll attach the game executables / downloads. This game is a good example:

Second thing, top of the create new project page says: You don't have payment configured If you set a minimum price above 0 no one wIill be able to download your project. Is configuring payments necessary?

Nope - not necessary.

Hi there - yeah, that's one of the requirements for a valid entry. Nobody's judging your code quality so don't worry about that :)

Hi there - that's perfectly fine. 

Absolutely! :)

I think so FWIW! Especially if it you can progress a little further than a loading screen. You could just leave a note about it being incomplete on the submission page.


Hi - no objections from me! Twice the fun / challenge!

Hi - I think that's fair game. I would just note that as a dependency / requirement on the GitHub / page.

Hi - that's perfectly fine.

You might be interested in  Piskel and Aesprite. And of course GIMP.

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I'll keep this list updated based on replies:


Hi there - yes you can! That might limit the number of people that get to play/judge it though.

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Of course! Never too late to join the Game Off :)

Yes :)

Yes :)

Hi there - you're welcome to use freely available assets.

Thanks - added to the list on the jam page! :)

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Of course! :)

Absolutely! Just confirm with the other jams that they're OK with that.

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Absolutely and please do! We have lots of folks streaming development every year.

Fig 1: me watching folks build their Game Off games.

That's totally fine 👍🏻

That seems fine to me!


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That would be ideal, but not necessary (not all teammates/contributors will make commits). You can add additional authors on the game page on once you create it. And you can add a credits section on your game page / repository README too. Whatever your preference is :)


Hi there - you'll just need to be 13 years or older to have a GitHub account, and at least 18 to publish on per GitHub's TOS and's TOS

Hi - you should wait until the theme is announced before you start building the game.

Hi there - of course!

You should definitely try to incorporate the theme to be in the "spirit" of the jam.


Hi - there'll be winners in a number of categories similar to last year, but no prizes... other than bragging rights :)


Hi Makeratore - yes you can.