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A jam entry

Space InvadersView game page »

Yet another space invaders "copy"
Submitted by David Guan (@davidguandev) with 6 days, 59 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 14 people so far
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i like how you made the gameplay

Ha ha, good little game. I used to love the old space invaders ... great job copying it! I like the animations when you shoot an invader. One suggestion: make a hit points indicator.

Very good looking invaders clone.

I enjoyed the faster pace gameplay. I think white on light blue was a hard to see color choice though.

Loved the death animation for enemies as well!


It's a Space Invaders clone. For what it is, not bad. The enemy missiles are hard to see. Also, I feel like the game is more fast pace than the original, not that there is anything wrong with that. 


A great space invaders clone.  One thing I'm missing is that dun-dun sound out the invaders moving.  The invaders also shoot a lot more that I remember in the original which makes it a lot more challenging.