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1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Noah. I own and solely operate Upside-Down Camel around a school and extracurricular schedule. Here at Upside-Down Camel, we make games that don't take a lot of time to play, are infinitely re-playable, and are easy-to-learn-hard-to-master. 

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I did not participate in the last jam you held, though I was in GitHub's Game Off 2017. I thought I'd do well, but I finished about halfway through, an average finish. I think that this is because I spent all my time working on squeezing out bugs and freshening up graphics and all that that I never added anything new. This time, I'm going to focus on the players and the game content. I joined this to talk to other developers, get some inspiration, and, most of all, make a game and have fun.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

My favorite game of all time would have to be Destiny 2. For a one man team, making something like that would be a huge undertaking, so I went more of the Ketchapp route, making infinitely re-playable games that were fun for all ages. But, I want to be my own developer. Each game is a new concept, and is carefully planned out ahead of time.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I do have experience with game development. The game I am making for this jam is Zip, which is a follow up to my first game. I created Trials, a retro bumper-car style combat using Unity3D.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I am very passionate about the people playing my game, and I want the best for them. Whether that means delving into categories I am not fond of or do not know, learning a whole new way of coding, or working extra hours, I want to make sure that our players are having the best time possible playing our games.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

My goals for this game jam are to rank well and learn. Knowledge is very valuable, and I intend to absorb some that will help Upside-Down Camel in the future. Ranking well? I'll just have to hope that the viewers like my game.

7. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?

All new jammers, here is some device: Do not be upset when you don't rank well. Look at the categories you did sub-par in and learn, so, in the next jam, you can do well.

8. If you're a returning jammer, what can the admins do to improve your jam experience?

I have no complaints for the admins.

Nice game! Pretty challenging, if I do say so myself.

I could not get past 850. Ha ha.

Anyway, great game!

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There you go! Rated yours! I lke the simple challenging aspects of the game... good job

Ha ha, good little game. I used to love the old space invaders ... great job copying it! I like the animations when you shoot an invader. One suggestion: make a hit points indicator.

Oh, thank God. Im a solo dev as well ... the info given on the jam page made me worried that I needed a team!

I carefully read through the jam page, and everything is answered... EXCEPT FOR THE THEME!

Am I just missing something, or has the theme not been declared yet. I am expecting something Christmas-y, but I just want to be completely sure before making and entering my project.

Thanks! I put what you told me with the little video on the page, and saw the 'Minimum Pledge', and it all began to make sense. Thanks!

I don't quite understand. Does this mean that our Patrons have the ability to edit our projects? Or what does 'give access' mean?