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My planned entry wound up not meeting the conditions but I wanted to share it anyway:  Many Mini Ninja

My concept was to use the mobile game Ballz as the template for a quirky RPG.  Unfortunately a nasty cold kept me from working on it as much as I had hoped and it's not much more than a clone right now.  Maybe it will inspire someone to create something more RPG like.

I feel like I'm missing something.

The Rocco level was a lot of fun but I couldn't figure out the Jack level.  I couldn't consistently chop down trees.  Sometimes they dropped in one chop other times it seemed to take 5 or 6.

It's an interesting idea that could be a lot of fun with some more work.  One thing I did notice was some odd collision handling.  Sometimes I could push against a wall and when I released the key the player would start moving the opposite direction even through I wasn't pushing anything.  It seems to range from just a small drift to a large bounce back.

The first time I played I thought I was going to get a cool skeleton army at night.  Nope, they killed me.  I really like the pixel art.  

I had fun but I think I would enjoy it even more if you could aim and shoot with the mouse.

The only comment I had that hasn't already been brought up is I would have been nice to see some text that only shows up in sun/shadow rather than the text changing color to be visible.

I honestly haven't done enough testing on this part of it but the two approaches are to spam click in order to try to survive longer or let the fish build up to try to match a larger group which gets you more points.  I'm not sure which is the better tactic but I usually go for bigger groups in the beginning when the new fish arrive more slowly and then rapid click once it gets too fast.

I also found the controls a bit touchy.  I eventually gave up fighting them and sat in the middle spearing cars that came close.  Even playing that way was still fun though.

It's an interesting idea but it is too easy to get stuck if you return someone to the house with no one else on the screen.

The left and right arrow keys turned the car the opposite direction I would have expected.  The car should probably also move slower if it is off the track, otherwise there is no reason to follow it.

So if you play exceptionally poorly you wind up with a hand that runs off the right side of the screen and you are unable to pick any of the higher cards.  

It's an interesting tool and it was fun to watch the different algorithms for maze generation.

This is a really fun game that I think people will avoid based on the way it looks which is a shame.  It's a good mix of strategy and reflexes.  

A fun take on minesweeper.  I liked that there was a camera option but on the larger levels the top of the board is obscured by the timer in the overhead view.

It feels like things are a little too random and hard to tell where the safe jumps are.  It might help to switch to a portrait view so the player could see more above and below them at the cost of seeing further ahead.

I am terrible at this game and I can't stop playing it.  That's the sign of something fun.

This was fun.  The only thing I could suggest is a way for the user to control the start of the next round rather than starting right away after you lost.

I haven't played many of the entries but this will be tough to top.  The way new concepts get introduced is amazingly well done.  My only issue is that I want more of it.  

On my first playthrough I only found the second secret.  After finishing I immediately started again to try to find the other two.  I still can't find the third.

That is an amazing compliment.  I'm actually just getting started making games so I'm more focused on fully finishing little projects.  Once I have a few more projects I may take one and try expanding it into something more robust.

Thanks.  I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks.  Since this was primarily done as part of One Game  A Month I did trim some some features in order to complete it in a month.  

I was never able to earn enough mana to make it very far.  Maybe I'm missing something.

I was using a mouse and it never felt like I was in control.  It might work better using touch.  It looks and sound very nice though.

This was a fun puzzler.  I'm glad you included a skip feature since I did get stuck on a few levels but I at least got a chance to see/try them all.  I think having a level screen that lets you see which ones you've completed would give people incentive to try to complete a level rather than just skipping through.

If I needed that key is it really my home?

This was a fun take on jigsaw puzzles.  I wish there was more space to lay out the pieces.  I'm also curious what a super hard version with one or two pieces already in place with no background video would play like.  Maybe too hard.

With a bit more polish this could got from its current "pretty fun" to "I need to keep playing this".  Apart from some more instructions on the combos as other have mentioned, some hooks to make the player want to play again would make a good addition.  A high score (longer the combo the bigger the score), longest combo, highest wave, etc.

Fun little throw back.  But it would be nice to have some sort of inventory to check what you picked up.  I must have entered the boss room without all seven items because I couldn't kill him.

To be honest the text appearance speed was a little too slow for me and I almost passed on this one.  I'm glad I stuck with it though because the writing is really good.  Still working my way through it.

Thanks, since it's come up twice I'll definitely look into providing more instructions up front in any future versions.

Thanks for the comments.  If I ever put out another version I'll look into making the instructions more prominent.  The title screen/menu and game over are parts I really tried to focus on for this game.  I usually put in something bare bones.

It still needs a lot of work but the iffy physics turn it into an amusing playground in 2 player mode.  I managed to get the ball to push the players onto the opposite sides of the board.

Fun little idea that I wish there was more of after the bosses. Or if there is I couldn't figure out how to get to it.

One bug I did notice was if you hold the mouse button the "slash" stays in the same spot and you can just lure the enemies into it.

Thanks.  The difficulty is something that still needs some work.  Mostly through having other people playing it.  I've played way to much of it in testing so gets hard for me to be a clear judge.  It does ramp up way too fast though.  I think my average score is in the 70s.

This was an interesting take on the old LCD games.  I wish the bear was a bit more responsive.  It would be nice if it moved when you pressed the key rather than being tied into the same timed process that moves the rabbits.

I probably would have fed quarters into this back in the day.  My only issues are the music stops after playing for quite a bit and the player enemies sometime fall through the windowsills. Most of my losses came from enemies dropping down on me, which was frustrating.

Simple but fun.  A bit more polish and I think this could be a pretty great game.  

Nice space invaders clone, but the enemies move oddly.  When an entire column on the left or right is destroyed the rest of the enemies should move all the way to the edge of the screen.  The game instead acts like the column is still there.  This makes the enemies drop much quicker than in the original game.

Missing a dll