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Gumball Studios

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Thanks.  The difficulty is something that still needs some work.  Mostly through having other people playing it.  I've played way to much of it in testing so gets hard for me to be a clear judge.  It does ramp up way too fast though.  I think my average score is in the 70s.

This was an interesting take on the old LCD games.  I wish the bear was a bit more responsive.  It would be nice if it moved when you pressed the key rather than being tied into the same timed process that moves the rabbits.

I probably would have fed quarters into this back in the day.  My only issues are the music stops after playing for quite a bit and the player enemies sometime fall through the windowsills. Most of my losses came from enemies dropping down on me, which was frustrating.

Simple but fun.  A bit more polish and I think this could be a pretty great game.  

Nice space invaders clone, but the enemies move oddly.  When an entire column on the left or right is destroyed the rest of the enemies should move all the way to the edge of the screen.  The game instead acts like the column is still there.  This makes the enemies drop much quicker than in the original game.

Missing a dll

An interesting take on pong.  I couldn't made it past the first enemy so I'm not sure how far it goes.  I'd suggest moving the damage meter off the play field.  I had multiple time where a bullet would be hidden behind it.

I did look at the game page and somehow totally over looked that.  

I was surprised how long this entry was.  I had fun the entire way but for most normal enemies you could stand just out of their notice range and still hit them.  

I had fun with this.  I think allowing the player to have two shots in play at once would help.  It only takes one bad shot at one of the higher enemies to end the game.  Waiting for the shot to go off screen and then another double jump to try again takes a long time when things start getting faster.

Am I missing something or is there no way to play with a keyboard?

A fun little space shooter.  The little gun placements fire way too rapidly.  There is no way to get part some of them without getting shot.  I got stuck at the second level boss which also fired more than I was able to avoid.

I have the same issue.  There are no buttons in the side bar when I've selected the settlement.  I'm using the file from the runnable Love project download and Love 0.10.2 on windows 10.

I am terrible at Tempest so I didn't make it very far in this but what I played was great.  I'm not sure if it was intended since it isn't mentioned but moving the mouse shifts the perspective around.  I though that really helped with the impression of looking down a hole.

I haven't found the black hole yet.  But I did keep seeing messages that it had destroyed some asteroids.

It's an interesting idea that has a few problems.  Once you pick up an item you can move it through the walls.  It seems the objective is to throw items to hit the creatures but I just created a giant pile to block them.  Maybe having an enemy with a plow that could only be hit from the top would help prevent this.

The flippers are crazy but the more I played the more fun I had.  The rest of the physics seem ok.  Even the left flippers aren't that bad.  I have no idea what is going on with the right flipper but it started to make me laugh after a while. 

An interesting take on tic tac toe.  The computer managed to beat me the first few rounds.

I really liked this one but I also got stuck on adulthood.jpg

A great space invaders clone.  One thing I'm missing is that dun-dun sound out the invaders moving.  The invaders also shoot a lot more that I remember in the original which makes it a lot more challenging. 

It's an interesting idea, I just wish it was a little clearer what was going on.  I scored most of my points with the skeleton off the screen, and with no feedback (sound effect or screen indicator) it took a few games before I had realized I had scored any points.

I think it's a good first try.  All the issues are something that could be fixed with time.

The biggest I noticed is the intro text said spacebar was jump but it's actually the up arrow.  Adding some clues on where the player should be going would also help, but I made it to the end just by being curious and jumping down pits.

This is an interesting take on Lights Out.  Once the multiple colors come into play it's a real challenge.

Having also made an LCD game for the jam I have to say your is amazing.  The graphics and sound are spot on.  My only complaint is that it never gets harder (at least that I could tell).  

I think this is an interesting start of a potential game.  The particle effects on the chakram help sell its slowing momentum as it hits things.

I do have to agree with heckx2's comments on the camera.  I think the snap of the camera to the rooms would feel better without the movement of the camera based on the mouse movement.

I like this little throwback game.  I think some sound effects would really help.  Maybe as the blocks are falling or when the level increases.

A fun take on asteroids.  I think it might help to have the view zoomed out a bit more.  I felt like I had to play by watching the tracking screen and shooting at the asteroids while they were still off screen.  

I've been trying to leave constructive criticism for the games I've been rating but I've got nothing for this.  I love this game. 

This was a really clever idea.  I should have played easier on myself so I could have gotten farther, but no.  Bullets everywhere.

No one was on the server when I tried it but it seems like a fun idea.  It might be interesting to add some acceleration to the character movement to make it feel like they are on ice (even though they are on a snow field).

So far this is the game I've played the longest.  It's simple but challenging enough that I want to keep trying.  I'm curious if there is a way to not disappoint dad but I doubt I'll ever get good enough to find out. 

My only minor complaint is the ball/square hit detection.  I wish it would still count if any part of the ball wound up in the dark square instead of needing the center of the ball to be in that square.