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A jam entry

Treasure ParrotView game page »

A parrot on his quest for riches
Submitted by lexenson, finnp with 6 minutes, 36 seconds before the deadline
Rated by 10 people so far
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How long has this Project been going?
We started this project a couple of years ago and now continued working on it for a couple of days. In total we probably spent like a week.

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Fun game - but I would recommend a title screen explaining the controls and goals. Also, the full screen button doesn't resize the play area.

Don't feel discouraged by my comments, it's fun and cute game with some nice potential.


Great controls and fun idea - reminded me of one of my all time favourites, Winter Bells.

Only wished it became more difficult quicker or there was a bit more going on at the start to make me notice the spikes at the top earlier. Loved how the parrot starts spinning and how dropping coins pop other bubbles.


This was fun.  The only thing I could suggest is a way for the user to control the start of the next round rather than starting right away after you lost.


Great game and very good idea of gameplay :)


I really like this! This is a really nice arcade game. I think with a unique artstyle and some sort of progression system this could make for a really nice mobile game!


This was super fun, really good work!


Wow, this gameplay really feels nice! And the game is surprisingly addictive!