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A jam entry

On my Way HomeView game page »

Find your way home after a concert!
Submitted by Stavros Skamagkis (@stavrossk) with 13 days, 21 hours before the deadline
Rated by 10 people so far
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Small typo: "ahd shook my hand" (on the first screen).

This is a great start, but by the same measure, this game demands some more love to be a really good one.

I liked the sense of humor and what is there, is well made.


Thank you, I'll definitely add some content and some music later. I'm glad you liked it though, even with it's apparent flaws.


Some good and old Rock and Roll is due here! =D


Nice game :)


Thank you :)


Honestly, I actually got really into this.  I liked the contrast between a totally normal journey home and the random casual grave-robbing


I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the nice comment!


If I needed that key is it really my home?


Well, let's just say the woman stole your key :)

Jam Judge(+2)

Haha, let's say I also made it home :)


Haha, good for you!


I made it home!  Yay!


Yay! Thanks for playing!

(Edited 3 times) (+2)

I expected it to roll credits or some laughter when I made it home. Oh well, good joke.


I was hoping to make an ending but unfortunately Bitsy doesn't allow what I wanted to do. 

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Good joke :)


Thanks :)