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The classic shithead card game with customisable rules
Submitted by Mark Ffrench (@Mark_Ff) — 4 days, 13 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
FUN | Was this game satisfying to play or did it bring you joy?#253.6003.600
VISUALS | Did this game have nice graphics, art or design?#333.6003.600
AUDIO | Did this game have great music or sound design?#482.6002.600
IDEA | Was this game innovative, or did it use interesting mechanics?#612.8002.800
MOOD | Did this game have atmosphere, or did it make you feel something?#612.8002.800

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How long has this Project been going?
Decided to step back from other projects and work on something with much smaller scope. I've just been working on this through January

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Very interesting twist on the game - I'm just not sure I understood the rules. It would allow me to put more than one card in a few situations? Other than this, it was a fun game. I could see myself immersed on this for a long long time =)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing. Yeah you can play more than one card if they're face up or in your hand (at least with the rules I play by). One feature I probably haven't done a good job communicating is that if you have say 3 fours then clicking the first plays 1 of them, the second plays 2 etc.


So if you play exceptionally poorly you wind up with a hand that runs off the right side of the screen and you are unable to pick any of the higher cards.  


Thanks! Should be fixed in the latest update.


Wow, loved this.  Used to play this at school every day, and still a classic.  Really nice implementation of the rules as well, all works and is solid.  I appreciated the chance to switch up the cards, as English East Coast rules say the 4 is invisible.  Would love to play against 3 other computer players (unless I missed a way to do that?).  Also my only small complaint is that the fullscreen didn't work so well.


That looks pretty good but it's an overly big screen size and it didn't center (horizontally) when it went fullscreen. Other than that, good job.


Nice, the gameplay is rather simple, but was development actually as easy?


Honestly, yes it really was! :) I wanted to make something super simple and easy to finish. I might end up repurposing what I have here into something larger at some point, by building a metagame around it.