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thank you!

Hey, this is extremely cool! Is there any chance of getting another upload of the source code? I'd love to play around with this a bit if possible. Thanks!

Simple game, but I liked the music and art. Also worked perfectly on my pixel 2. Great work!

Ah of course - got it now. Was playing on xbox controller and mixing up pressing X instead of A

Well, its certainly quite pretty already. Not really playable at the minute, but I look forward to seeing a future version of it!

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This is fantastic - potentially a really useful tool! I could definitely see myself using this in the future. It's also quite fun to play around with :)

I had a couple of requests though (maybe these are already in and I missed them):

  • Batch processing options (e.g. apply a filter you've created to all images in a folder)
  • Automatically create an input node for things like numbers when you drag from an input onto an empty space
  • How do you delete a node?

WTFFFFFF did I just play :D

Honestly I don't know how you managed to make something that is both so stupid and so terrifying. All I can say is that I now hate shrek. Seriously, fuck shrek.

Couldn't launch this one - seems like you've missed the Data folder from your Unity build

Sorry, I couldn't get this one working - after installing the launcher and then chapter 1, the game still tells me that chapter 1 isn't installed.

Visual novels aren't really my bag - but great job on the artwork, it is really very well done!

Nice work! I really liked the on-stage joke mechanic, testing out jokes on your manager and then on stage for real.

And yes, you totally got me with the antonym game, lol

This is really well made, but it is *tough*.  I played through the tutorial but then it feels like you've skipped about 10 other training levels and are thrust into the final level :)

I think you need time as a new player to play around with new abilities as you discover them, and maybe some "puzzle" levels where you get to play around with all the different sequence permutations, without the time constraint.

Very good job though!

This is amazingly well executed - but how do I get out of the first room?!?

This is a really cool concept!

I'd definitely like mouse controls, and after getting the coin and shooting the enemy I wasn't sure what to do.

Its also a bit frustrating when you need to move and draw nothing but turn cards, or vice versa. Maybe the player could have some sort of indirect control - like maybe there's a move deck and an action deck and you can choose how you want to draw from those decks?

Very cool - but man, I could not get that ramp up to the zeppelin skillshot at all! I managed to get it once and the ball flew off the ramp and ended up rolling down the side of the board XD. Think I saw everything else though - great job!


I've added a comment above explaining the rules a bit more clearly (and updated the page description). Hopefully that should clear things up!

Thanks for playing!


The clues at the bottom are "horizontal", they deal with things being next to one another (or not) and the ones on the right are "vertical" they deal with things being in the same column. It's a convention from the original Sherlock, but it is sort of arbitrary, so maybe it's not needed!

I've added a comment above giving a more thorough explanation of the rules - I should have included this from the start, so it's no wonder everyone is a bit confused by it. Hopefully it's a bit easier to understand now :)

Thanks for playing!

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I've added updated the description on the game's page outlining the basic rules of the puzzle:

  • Each icon has one correct location in the puzzle
  • Each column represents a person at the party
  • There are up to 6 pieces of info about each person (what they looked like, what they ate, what hat they wore etc.)
  • Each person has only one correct answer for each row

p.s. if Orange is NOT in the same column as Baby, then you *must* know where Orange is to eliminate baby, and vice versa...

That's great, the tiles are really clear now. I've updated my score!

Wow, this is a really nicely executed game, great graphics and audio.

Gameplay-wise I thought it all felt a bit slow (tank movement, and transitions between levels), and painting a whole level without the radar dish is a bit tedious. I think either movement is too slow, or the levels are too big for my tastes.

p.s. thanks for organising this awesome jam!

Great job! Very nicely executed

Nicely made Mahjong game, great job getting it finished! Some quick feedback from my playthrough:

  • Love the music and tileset
  • A background would be nice
  • Its not always easy to see which tiles are on top of the others - maybe some shadows or panning the camera a little would make it clearer?

Also - I was wondering if this always generates solvable arrangements of tiles, or if its random?

Maybe it would be interesting if you could move things around, but to keep it challenging there are 2 suits, and you either have to stack up the same suit, or stack them alternately?

I didn't like not being able to move cards between stacks... doesn't quite feel like a solitaire game without that, and its frustrating to not ever be able to fix a mistake.  I wasn't sure whether or not there was a lose condition, but apart from that I think you're onto something good here! It has that same satisfying appeal of Threes/2048.

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Thanks for playing! I've uploaded a fix now that will prevent the "puzzle solved" popup showing repeatedly.

I'm pretty sure the clues are accurate - but perhaps their description is confusing... let me know if you play again and see a specific clue that didn't make sense.

Wow, I thought I knew my one-hit-wonders, but this game is *tough*! I never made it past round 3. We probably have different charts in mind, since I'm in the UK.

It looks like your rounds/high scores are screwed somehow. I would sometimes start a new game in the same round as the last one I'd played. And in the 2010's category I got the first answer wrong and ended up with -563 points.

Anyway, good work getting this finished, now get started on your next game!

Man this is cool! Considering how amazingly well done every other part of this entry is, I think the gameplay could be a little tighter. 

Feels like the bombs should probably block you and enemies walking past, and they should get placed on the grid so you know exactly where they're going to go and how far the blast will reach. Falling of platforms and ladders also somehow feels wrong, like you're able to slide around horizontally in a way that you wouldn't have in something like donkey kong.

Honestly this is a few tweaks away from being perfect, Great work!

Nice little shmup! I think the controls would be better if either the shooting direction is inverted from what it is now, or if the ship didn't move while you held down the shoot button. Also think it would be more satisfying if your bullet moved in a bigger arc and killed multiple enemies. Great work!

Wowsers, this sure is pretty! Great work on the audio too.

FPS platforming is always a tricky one, would have preferred more shooting and less jumping, but great work overall.

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Thanks for playing. Yeah you can play more than one card if they're face up or in your hand (at least with the rules I play by). One feature I probably haven't done a good job communicating is that if you have say 3 fours then clicking the first plays 1 of them, the second plays 2 etc.

Thanks! Should be fixed in the latest update.

Honestly, yes it really was! :) I wanted to make something super simple and easy to finish. I might end up repurposing what I have here into something larger at some point, by building a metagame around it.

Wow, I loved this. Seriously cool, and very alien environments.

Reworked how construction is handled. Now, farms and houses are permanent objects, built on the map, and will remain there if the population flee.

Farms are built just by spending time on plains or steppe, houses require wood. Elites can build pyramids, but require wood and stone.

Forest, plains, steppe and farms now all generate food based on the season.

Optimised several issues that were worsening endgame performance.


My original prototype, built for Ludum Dare 36 (Ancient Technology):