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The Gameplay video or trailer field on the Edit project page is a different story.

Reposted topic in the correct subcategory.

[repost of because of]

As a free and open source game development cult I'd really rather not use YouTube or Vimeo, and would prefer to host on LBRY/Odysee or PeerTube instead. Support for other sites - like Rumble - would also be nice to see.

The Ideas & Feedback link on the Support & contact page links to instead of; wrong number. It effectively points to the Questions & Support subcategory.

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I hadn't thought of that and that's nice to know. Still I'd like the Gameplay video or trailer field on the Edit project page to accept it too, so it's neatly listed above the screenshots and in the hover pop-up of search result.

Absolutely. It seems the link I followed from the Support & contact page points to the wrong number.

As a free and open source game development cult I'd really rather not use YouTube or Vimeo, and would prefer to host on LBRY/Odysee or PeerTube instead. Support for other sites - like Rumble - would also be nice to see.

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But of course!

Authors: Modanung (model­ing) & David Revoy (design)
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0
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No, I'm afraid stasiware is not actively supported, or planned to be. But whether it's installing Linux, or compiling for Windows: You can do it!

Btw, note that the animations list contains four "walking" animations; Sneak, Walk, Jog and Sprint. The animation called Walk will be for use with slower movement than the (existing) Jog. Of course you can rename things as you like, if you're not using the other animations. But in most games you'd want your character to at least jog, despite calling it the walking animation.

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Yes, I got carried away a little with the animation to-do list and got distracted by other projects. They're sorted by priority though, so I'll get to those first going down the list. The perspectives and directions isn't what adds most work. You may also be interested to see the repository with CI rendering.

How did you render the images with a transparent background in blender?

In Cycles that's under Render -> Film -> Transparent, with Blender Render it's over at Render -> Shading -> Alpha (Transparent). And make sure your Render -> Output has an alpha channel, which I believe it has by default.

Multifunctional. ;)

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Btw, feel free to suggest animations that you might use, but are not yet in this list:

  • Jog ✅
  • Idle 🚧
  • Jump & Fall
  • Ladder
  • Sprint
  • Walk
  • Crawl
  • Wall cling
  • Swim
  • Sneak
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Thanks! Glad you like 'em. I initially made the model for an STK kart, and refined it over the past week. This is my first time using Blender's freestyle functionality "in production" and the first time I'm using CI for rendering. Just added sidescroller perspective, new artifact should be up in an hour.

...and call me Modanung. ;)

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Did you know that on itch you can set a project's license under MetadataRelease info? That way it will show up on the project page under More information.

And feel free to come aboard the Colourship. It currently has a forum and chat aspect where you can ask for support and share results, or just socialize.

If you'd like to, Edddy can be used to create more maps.


That OST gif took me counterclockwise from the frontman, then cracked me up. ツ

Awesome! ツ

Which method did you use in the end, the script or QtCreator?

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Could you try the newly added script from the repository?

EDIT: Hm, it seems to run a lot slower on my machine when built through that script...

For now it remains a mystery to me as to why this is, but - if the same is true for you - it should run smoother if you build using QtCreator (sudo apt-get install qtcreator). The contents of the build script could help you achieve this.

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That seems pretty vague... is it OK if I sketched a bit of ASCII art for inspiration and concept development?

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Indeed the controls are part of the challenge, but more than that they are misunderstood. :)

Spamming the move keys like you are doing is only beneficial at top speed. To speed up timing is important. After you've gained some speed you can easily out-swim a jellyfish. Hopefully this video will make it more clear:

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What if I decide to release my entry as open source under a free license, say a GPL?

No bonus star for using an in-house open source Blender add-on and multi-purpose level editor? ;)

Since sound is currently the main thing through which you get feedback on the accuracy of your timing, playing without makes it harder to win.

The best moment to hit a key is when you are about 3/4 on the way to a square, once for each sqaure that you move. The swimming animation will more clearly hint at this moment in future versions.

After many tries I made it past the bombers...

And then the game introduces you to the submarines. :)

Fun game with maximum spam factor. You will need all your fingers on the keyboard to win this one. Sometimes it's hard to see what number goes with your target. It would be nice to have a HUD in the bottom of the screen showing your target, maybe leaving out the numbers of the rest of the screen entirely.

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Glad it works and that you like it!
I think the music will be more fitting when time limits and multiplayer have been implemented. You will really have to spam to win. I hope that doesn't burst your bubble. ;)

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The web version has been updated! Could you see if it works now?
You may still have to click a second time for the element to attain focus and respond to input.

The forced fullscreen option seems to create this problem. Adding this was a quick fix to prevent bits of the level from falling over the edge of the screen. We're working on a better solution.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

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That's unfortunate. So it runs but is unresponsive to input?
Arrow keys and enter should be what navigates the menu. Have you tried in another browser or looking for a setting in Chrome that might block input locking?

Could you dry this demo and see if it does work?

Good idea! I added some more instructions to the game's page. :)

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It's a bit like those dance games in that timing is important. Admittedly hinting of the perfect moment to hit a key could be improved. The pitch of the plop tells you how well your timing was.

Technically speaking you need to press a key just before you reach the center of a square.

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An error message is all I see.

EDIT: Works now! :)

Of course you are also expected to try and judge the results of the other contestants during this time.

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Even during the voting it should be ok to develop your game further, btw. As long as you do so in a seperate branch without modifying any of the binaries (executables) on your project page. As long as judging is in progress people should (be able to) judge the game based on the version of the moment of the deadline.

Collision detection functional; hazards on the move!

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It is common for jam entries to be judged on the state they're in at the time of the deadline. After the judgement there's nothing stopping you from developing your game further.

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There you go...

This is cool! How are you incorporating the theme?


Finishing levels fast (enough) will require spamming the move buttons.