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I haven't played the update yet, but I wanted to congratulate you on your development journey. It went pretty exemplary IMO, from prototyping the game with the PICO-8, to building a fully-fledged and polished (no pun intended ;) ) version, to supporting the game further with consequent updates.

I don't believe you could have pushed the concept further, and I was even surprised that you implemented some mod support!

Wish you the best for your future projects!

For some reason, the pointer position is updated only when I click, not when I move it. (web version, on Firefox 101)

Interesting style you came up with. Although I believe it would be better not to include the scanlines directly into the pictures, so they could be animated.

I wonder though, how close do these portraits match your ideas?

As for not hurting the planet, I'm afraid that any energy used for computers will indirectly hurt her.

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Thank you for playing (and releasing cool looking assets)!

Could have been handy, indeed.

Interesting idea, although I didn't get used to the controls, spent much time on my back, and was not able to pass over the second toxic pit.

The flat pixel style is pretty nice, but the pixellated font is barely legible. Sound very quiet but seems to fit with the overall minimalistic style.

Good job!

Quite a disturbing game. But it manage to tell its story pretty well, and the gameplay works like a charm.

The retor aestehtic and sound effects are nice, and the world feels alive. This seems to have been a lots of work, so well done!

The movement of planets was quite relaxing to watch while hearing the ambient music. I'm not sure I've found everything we can simulate with it. Object size didn't seem to change much in the gravity so maybe I did something wrong...

Nice mini-games, although quite punishing with only one life. The retro aesthetic is charming, but the music gets repetitive pretty fast. The game selection screen is super awesome with all these animations to discover.

Nice mini-games, although quite punishing with only one life. The retro aesthetic is charming, but the music gets repetitive pretty fast. The game selection screen is super awesome with all these animations to discover.

"Howdy Traveler, welcome to the hamlet of Buttreek!"

Such a tool could be handy, could be fun to integrate it with a fantasy map generator.

Nice game, even though I have the skill of a Jellyfish. You've really pushed the concepts with levels, skins and a tutorial. The visual and audio works very well together. Great job!

Thank you.

Thank you!

Fun game. It was quite unexpected to mix zombie shooting with parkour/skating tricks but could be fun. The tutorial level is a nice thing to help player understand the controls, maybe text written on the walls could be a little bigger, because I didn't notice them immediately.

Thank you for playing. Range gets indeed pretty powerful when you get a large army.

Nice concept. The graphics are minimal and cohesive which helps with readability. The sound feed back is cool and the soothing music is quite surprising for a bullet hell game, but works pretty well in the end.

Awesome job!

So it was gravity pulling my ship down. I was confused about my ship's trajectory.

This pixel world is really charming with all it's wildlife and roaming characters. The world generation seems to work pretty well, although I was very confused with theses "cliffs", not understanding the one I can cross and the ones I cannot.

I didn't really want to fight those cute and peaceful animals, befriending them would have been nice, but I didn't manage to do so (it seems I hit them with mushrooms instead >.<).

Congrats for the work you put in there!

I like your concept, but I didn't have a domino set to play with...

How do you intend to rotate through the tables? First domino you use 1 to 6, second domino 7 to 12, etc. ?

I like the images you used to illustrate it.

Great western atmosphere with the music, sounds, and graphics. Playing with a keyboard was not so comfortable though. I didn't get the benefits I had for holstering my gun. I've seen a snake moving through the ground.

Great job overall! I hope we'll see more emblematic western movies locations like saloon, train, rocky mountains, ghost town, etc.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you.

Indeed, balancing is totally off at the moment.

I've tried before, I didn't recall for the presets though... Worth giving it a try again, thanks!

Thank you, your sprites helped a lot!

Fun clicking frenzy game, the art and sounds are very cute!

Well done, it works quite smoothly and seems to be a well laid out base for a more ambitious game.

Well done, it works quite smoothly and seems to be a well laid out base for a more ambitious game.

Very satisfying to watch and hear these battles. Although, game ran pretty slow on my laptop, and I barely see vehicle move at all. :(

Maybe icon size can adapt to the zoom level, so we'll be able to see which units types are in the opponent's side while placing our own.

Thank you. All art comes from assets (listed in the credits). If you know a good pack of 8-bit sounds from I'll be all ears.

Yes indeed, balancing is off at the moment. I discovered that it needs some dedicated time to it. XD

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Thank you for making this demo free, it really helped me for Finally Finish Something 2021 Jam:

Very nice kit, with many options.

I used it for a jam:

Nice collection already, I used them for a jam:

Thank you very much!

Quite fun, that's awesome you manage to made it in 72 hours!

Thank you.