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Okay, this makes sense. Thank you!

Hello, your pack looks super nice, and you're being a hero by willing to let it free of copyrights by licensing it with CC0.

But I'm wondering how this license cope with the paid versions that you offer as well (especially the sources). If it is CC0, wouldn't somebody that bought it be technically authorized to resell it? Maybe making two (or three) different packages from your assets and using different licenses could make more sense?

Well done! Haikus are hard to master!

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Funny game, concept is good, obstacles mix in a diabolic way. I hope nobody is going to include pop ups in their game!

When is the sequel planned: fix the bugs!

Well done, simple concept, fits the theme, good execution!

Je suis curieux de voir ce que cela va donner, et si tu va conserver les mêmes techniques.

Tu raffine la formule. C'est effectivement malsain, heureusement que les gros pixels floutent les scènes. D'ailleurs il y a un bon travail sur la composition dans les scènes (et leur enchaînement). Bonne maîtrise de la répétition dans la narration, qui fait ressortir une structure dans une histoire très absurde... enfin je crois... j'espère?
Bonne continuation en tout cas!

Je n'ai pas lu la nouvelle de Truman Capote, alors ça a été une découverte totale. Le contexte suffisamment flou permet de toujours laisser planer le doute sur la suite des événements.

Les images "subliminales" avec des gros pixels marchent bien pour accentuer ce doute: on n'est même pas sûr de ce que l'on voit mais on ressent leur importance dans le récit.

Le son porte tout cela à merveille avec des bruits et des ambiances qui collent parfaitement au récit.

La petite pique d'humour dans la voiture a fait mouche, et enrichir le récit avec un détour par un genre différent est plutôt bienvenue je trouve.

Mais du coup, est-ce que je viens de lire la nouvelle de Truman Capote?

Thank you for all the suggestions. These features could prove handy indeed, and Diner Dash seems to be a good inspiration.

Indeed, there's not much feedback for the user at the moment. Thank you for the encouragement!

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Both suggestions would be very needed of course, thank you for taking the time to comment this prototype of a game.

It seems there is other restaurant type games indeed. My inspiration was Bed and Breakfast (also available on CarzyGames), but Penguin Diner seems a good one too.

Thank you for your kind words. Indeed there is not much of a game at the moment. The assets are all provided by the awesome Open Game Art contributors, so mad props to them!

Good looking assets. The screens really convey the game's concept.

Funny little hat guys. I love how you manage to convey their expressions with so few pixels. Great tileset overall!

Nice aesthetics and a surprising concept. Good job!

Looks cool.

Life bar is quite big in the UI. Would be a better place to put character sheet or actions.

Well done anyway!

Super cute game. Graphics, and music included.

Alas, the generation of the map seems to be the most determining factor if you're going to have an easy win or a fast lose.

I did not get the meaning of the second sentence. But that's cool! B)

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Looks cool! Is it me, or are these normal maps in a different scale that your sprite? The shadows seems smoother than your pixel art.

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You have normal maps as well? I somehow missed that info, very nice feature!

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I also believe you should resist the urge to redo stuff and work on completing your set. There are many 2d top down kits on, and the most popular ones seem to have huge amount of content.

The modern firearms may be fitting the clothes styles you have done so far, and they may prove useful for a zombie game.

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I'm not sure I'll find time for this, but probably that you can post this proposition on the Phaser (2D engine for browser games) Discord forum:

I hope it'll work out for you. 

Good job so far!

I was one of the people having the issue. The little trick for missing files totally solved it.

Thank you very much!

Okay, I will send you a screenshot on Discord. Thank you for for quick reply.

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Hello Leo,

thank you for putting this pack for free, as well as all your other packs. It seems to be a big amount of work and the result looks pretty good!

Although, I have an issue when I'm importing the FBX back in blender, the materials show gradients in incorrect colors. I'm pretty n00b in Blender (and 3D in general), what I did was Import > Import .FBX, then when I saw the missing textures, I did External Data > Find Missing Files in the folder of your pack (folder containing the FBX, Images, and Textures subfolders).

Do you know what is going on?

Many thanks.

Thank you. The creator of these sprites has done a more complete version of it you want to check it out:

I've listened to your Sound Cloud, great tunes there! I really liked the Vice Control album! Good vibes and varied atmosphere.

That is indeed a classic mechanic. I don't feel it would mix well with "you go straight until you hit something" since it would be very limiting the level design. "Less than X moves" would be the way to go then.

Thank you for your interest in this little prototype. I'm not sure I will find the time and energy to continue it, but never say never.

Thank you for playing and commenting!

Merci! Ca fait un moment que j'ai publié ce prototype, mais je ne pense pas le continuer. J'ai eu pas mal de manque d'imagination pour créer les niveaux, et c'est assez difficile de jauger la difficulté.

Hum... there seems to be a consensus about more levels and a move counter, I need to take note of that.

Thank you for playing anyway!

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Thank you for the remainder, there is indeed an asset that is CC-BY-3.0 (other are CC0). If you scroll down the page the assets with their licenses are listed, do you think that it is enough or should this information be present inside the game as well? (And you can count that there are six assets total, all from OGA)

Thank you very much. There are many more improvements I could think pf, but indeed more levels is the most obvious one!

I never thought I'd be emotional for rolling cubes. IMO level 1 music was  in the right mood, more than level 2.

I found level 2 to be harder than 3.

Well done overall!

Neat classic TD, we don't see so many of them these days. The quantity of maps is nice and the low poly aesthetic works pretty well.

The health bar rotate with the enemies, which makes them not so readable in front angle. Maybe the towers menu (upgrade/sell) could automatically close when you click somewhere else.

So 'summoning' just means placing them on the map?


Thank you, levels are indeed lacking. (Beautiful avatar btw)