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Très chouette. Bonne idée pour les mécaniques et une exécution plutôt propre, surtout pour une jam. J'ai vraiment eu du mal avec la partie plateforme, certains sauts sont facilement bloqués par les plateformes d'au-dessus, et j'ai abandonné au dernier niveau par frustration.

Bien joué.

Cool game. but I didn't really understand the advantages of being a big slime when you can just climb any wall that is too high.

Really nice. Charming little details everywhere. I'm not to big about the music though, a bit too noisy for a relaxation kind of game. Nice work still!

The colony report seems super useful. Nice job pushing it into the cartridge tiny space.

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That was a big game changer for me too! And prosperous and rich world seems to count a lot in score (plus the fact that you have high happiness), though the highest cashflow gap is between unstatisfied and satisfied world, you better take care of each world you colonize!

On a side note, I've never seen prosperous or rich tourism/luwury world (because they don't supply anything). I tend to rely on them a lot at first, but after it seems that going for oversupplied worlds gave me good amount of money and happiness, plus I still had more resources to connect to other world that way...

Can't resist to publish that pic... Didn't even need fancy tech as infraspace or starbirth... I'll stop playing now ('til PC version!)

Wow, I didn't expect to find a 4X style game (well... maybe only 3X) all done in PICO-8!

The base gameplay is simple but yet still manage to keep me entertained, and with the score challenge and the different technos to make each game a little different I was really hooked. Now that I made 8757 on 'tough' difficulty I don't believe I would go further with it. :p

But good job, and I hope your little project will grow into a more ambitious game.

Fun game, seems simple but the push-box-killl-enemy and activate-triggers-with-weapons adds a little more interaction than I first thaught. Well done.

Tried git reset --hard after game over but it didn't help. Nice little game.

Pretty nice game. Beating the score is very motivating and the music/graphics are really appealing.

A nice start. The colony building sim seems to be quite popular thiese days but with your 3 dimensional approach I believe your game could somehow find its place.

At the moment it's quite a struggle to place the buildings in three dimensions. I'd like at least to see the connecting conduit as a blueprint when trying to place the building because I tend to misplace them quite often. Moving the view can get quite sluggish also, maybe we could use an option to lock it on a building and spin around it, so we will always have our colony in sight.

I wasn't able to complete the third objective in the first mission, having place almost one of every building before increase of population (also beware that the building to place is called "mining bay" when there is no building of a such name).

Deleting building let the conduits in place, which prevents from building another one this spot later on.

I hope you'll manage to grow your project where you'd like, I'll probably check the changes on later versions. 

Cela m'a fait réfléchir sur la notion profonde de l'existence. Je pense que je serai dorénavant un bien meilleur américain!

Nice game, I liked to meet with the inhabitants.

I have Firefox 57.0.1 for Ubuntu 64bits, with adblock and ghostery extensions.

Tiny, but well made with charming graphics. Good job!

Cool game! I had a bug though:

'TypeError: b is undefined' in the console. Call stack: "next, onEnter, cc.Class.extend/e.value</<, _performRecursive, setNextScene, drawScene, mainLoop, b"

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Well done. Pretty basic but with good potential for expanding gameplay, and catchy to the eye.

Nice idea and pretty well done.

Nice little game, feels good to grow your pack, become laggy when you reach big sizes. I had some fishes that doesn't upgrade properly, then skipped a tier. I had some that weren't able reach reach max tier.

Thank you! Maybe you've noticed already but I'll say it nevertheless: It's a Ludum Dare (game jam) entry, if you consider rating it on it's ludum dare submission page (link at the top of the page) we would greatly appreciate it. :)

Really nice game, good optimization challenge with a cozy pace and nice atmospheric music. Too bad I can't save my score...

Oh yeah, there's probably room for triggers and moving elements. Indeed the lack of proper graphics hurts the read-ability badly, color combination could be a thing, maybe there could be also orange, purple and yellow platforms...

I believe you mean 4th and 5th level, since the third is pretty straightforward and serve only to expose the teleporting mechanic (between world bounds). They're not particularly well crafted, and I only differentiated them in difficulty because the 5th presents more pathes than the 4th.

Thank you playing my humble contribution and hosting the jam in the first place!

Making the levels was far harder that I believed. There seems to be so little space between dead end levels and shortcut-able ones. I would have needed a dedicated time to understand it but I needed mechanical modifications until the end of the jam.

You're right, the different segments overlapping perfectly is a problem, a bit of transparency may fix this...

Thanks for the feedback, I've played these levels so much while testing that I can't figure out their difficulty. :p

Nice physics, kinda laggy on my laptop but it's working.

Nice idea for a speedrunning game, but I fear the birds is a bit too useful even if he can't cross waterfalls, or maybe that's just that level that allow it to rush the end.

Funny watching this little folks jumping around. Well done.

It has the full bases of a roguelike game, well done! Has your making it with frameworks not focused on game development, I wonder what it could have implied to use an ASCII display. Would it be easier?

Nice game, but I wouldn't mind to be able to see the font in the menu screen. :p

Really nice game, a bit slow at start and you have to be lucky to finally spot the boss, but enjoyable overall. Good job!

Cool game! Nice art, clean UI, simple yet addictive gameplay. Although the way houses are allocated to water/work/shopping is very frustrating at times. It's good that you think on expanding the game, the most immediately useful features would be a range indicator for non-housing buildings in my opinion. Good work, and good luck for the jam!

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Just played the demo, seems promising. I had a hard time finding a good balance between all production ratios, which I believe is good to keep the player entertained. Balance-wise, each farm tend to overflow the factories and I feel that three destinations limit too much arbitrary. This is specially true when it comes to cities and I fear it will reduce the impact of warehouses.

The UI gives me the more trouble, pop-up windows that covers the center of the screen, that I have to drag around to place the harvesters were very annoying, and having to manually close each of them after use was very tiedous. Repeating the factory symbol on each of the factory types in the factory sub-menu felt useless and more confusing that anything else. Also I don't really like having my building cost tracked on my financial report, because it gives me a hard time to know how my industry is really going.

A lot of the tasks where repetitives, which is to be expected at some point in management games ofc, but I felt I needed too often to repeat the exact same factory configuration in a row. I think that the game would benefit greatly of user presets to save some time in doing such manipulations. Also I would greatly appreciate the ability to change color of my buildings to visually keep track of which factory is building what.

Anyway, that's already a very good job that you did and the features you wish to add are really appealing. I wish you a good alpha launch!

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Cool game, neat concept and awesome minimalistic graphics. Too bad it doesn't run when on another window. I like how the candidates stay on the level the whole time. Good job!

Lovely peaceful game, congrats!

Awesome game, very frustrating at times though, like when your new recruit don't reach the building before the night and then get out of the map. I found power allocation to be quite buggy, like when a new dynamill or tent create a general shortage. I didn't try the whole building possibilities, because I felt all I need was a ****load of tower supplied by a ****load of mills (with a few big houses). I love the graphics and that day & night cycle on a 1-bit graphic style very well done. Goood job!

Nice game. The math seems a bit biased though. If you made some savings to get the next engine tier you suddenly make a big leap steamrolling 10+ levels. Reaching lightspeed still feels satisfying.

Nice game, I like how you can automate anything and also deactivate it when you wish. Specially useful for the potions, although I felt I like I always needed a higher tier than what I was able to afford, but I didn't make much savings... Good job!

Neat idea for a simplistic clicker. Right now it's a little too straightforward: the more non-miner items you buy, the more bonus you get. I'd love to see this idea expanded in a little more complex game, but nice entry anyway!

I used it very recently, the syntax is:

yourActor.tileMapRenderer.getTileMap().getTileAt(layer, x, y);

Did you write it all? (I used to forget the ".getTileMap()" method)


a quite similar topic was discussed here. What are you trying to do, by the way?

I'm gonna hijack this topic for my own TileMap collision related question:

Is there any way to change an aracadeBody 2D in the middle of the game?

I'm trying to build a wall breaker clone at the moment, and I used a Michael Seyne's Sokoban-like way for handling the bricks (they're in a specific layer of a TileMap), but I used an arcadeBody2D for handling collisions (which is quite easy to use in this scenario). But I didn't find any code to change the TileMapAsset of that arcadeBody2D so I can't change levels by changing the TileMap (I will have the new tilemap correctly rendered but the arcadeBody2D won't match).

The only way I could change the arcadeBody2D is by loading a new scene, which means building a scene by level, an that seems to be more and more impractical as the level number goes up.