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I did get it to run in the end. Also it does not work through the itch app. 

Win Installer is very broken. 
Created tones of empty folders and failed to update and install properly. 

Seems this game is not supportetd here anymore still want to give a heads up. 

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Oops forgot to update the post. Three new version since the last I think. But who is counting.

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Mayn thanks for playing! I am happy you like the talking vehicles. I will someday make a remake of this game in 3D. Maybe... I hope! :D

Great finds! I will try to fix these problems. Yeah, I did go overboard with the exits and I seem to have run into some bugs. I can't place exits on some tiles and such things. 

The ending is strange will have a look.

Thank you for your time!


The rouge ending was blocking my exits! No everything should be better.  :D

Two more rooms and some mpore tanks sitting around. Also fimprouved visibility for the northern exit in the second room. 

Another room. More Items and i tried to make a door but that didn't work out.

Added a new room and found out about that sprites can only exist once in the game :D

:D Well done!

Two new rooms today and I found out about dialogs. Nice.


I will make daily versions of my first bitsy game. I have no clue what I am doing. But here it is.

I am learning bitsy and experimenting with the limited colours. So far I really love it. 

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Nice use of the TWINE Efects. Maybe a bit to much at times but it gives the game a much more "gamey" feel. Its well written too. Only thing i am not sure is if the person on the phone would keep saying "bad". But it works for the sake of the joke.

A really great game! I love the characters  a lot.  The art has the right feel. 

The silly banter was absolutly the right thing at the right time. Had a shitty day and your story made it great. 

As a GameDev thingy myself I do have some observations:

I run across a few skips/bugs espacially in the baseball scenes. Mostly related to Min throwing. Both in uniform and in casual wear. 

The writing for the flashbacks/childhood szenes feels a bit off sometimes. Especially the  scene with min and her brother. Maybe I am off in how old they are, as I am not from the US. 

The baseball game against the other teams does stretch a bit. The pacing is a bit weaker than the rest.  It could gain a lot from more custom illsutrations. (I know, I know) Also are there ome of the head pop ups missing when they speak?

Some of the backgrounds are looking to much like thier photo references. But others look great.  I like especially the school courtyard.

That sounds negative its not! I really adore the whole thing and it made me very happy. Thank you making it.

Hi! Glad you like it. 

Unfortunatly I ran into some problematic bugs back then. So the current version is made in tyrano builder. I haven't kept up with belle's development at all. But I have several VN ideas and started some assets for them and also have made some assets for a Belle Tutorial. (You can grab them at open game art. )

I totally want to make more animations in the future. Not only for the backgrounds but also for the characters.  But it's unlikely I will  change this project. Rather make something new. 

Will check out the webcomic.

Thanks for playing and taking your time to comment. 

Howdy! Playing some MoonBase at the moment and having tremendous fun.

Some thoughts about the gameplay.

  • Coliding with craters feels very wrong, mostly because it's a hole in the ground not asomething that sticks out. Colliding with it is at a dissonance with how it looks. I would rather make it a difficult terrain that slows you down or something. maybe a bumpy screenshake when using the car.
  • I would put the suit power meter next to the oxygen meter in the same UI element that way you only need one glance to see you current state instead of spreading you gaze on every UI element on screen

A little mockup

I have some more thoughts but maybe for later.

Hi! Thank you for playing and even making a let's play. That made me incredible happy :D Mausoleum Raid was mostly a learning experience so its rather unoriginal in the gameplay. I personally am very fond of strange and weird things so I added the tall heads.

I hope you had at least as much fun playing as I had making it. Thank you for your time.

still in sketching phase so far.

Time sure flies. Finally can talk about the Star Trek Fan Game.

It's made with RPG maker and I am just the Artist. As it is a Fangame we are not even sure where or if we can release it. I will show you soem screenshots.

As you can see the characters are based on a very popular basesprite

I was new to pixelart at the time we started. Used this to get fast into producing results. For the next pixel game I will definetly make everything from scratch.

For the environments I made most of the basic tiles. But a lot of the decoration is from free sources. All Star Trek themed decorations like tables, stools and replicators etc. where made by us.

The game itself is a short story exploring an uneventfull day on board the Voyager. The game well be realeased for free.

Howdy Folks,

My Name is Alban, I am a Graphic & Communication Designer from Germany. I love testing out Game Making Enviroments and Superpowers looks really awesome so far. I am still at the very beginning of leraning to code. I hope I can improuve a lot through the collaborative workflow.

Eager to see your works on itch. cheers.

Time sure flies.

Made some progress on several fronts.

First I made the last two characters for Star Trek Fan game. B'Elanna and Tom join the frey.

I hope we can show you more of the game shortly as I reaches completion.

For Initiation I plotted al of the story and I am now writing the branches as a "rough cut". The first mayor branch is ready for polishing. I hope I can finish this early January.

I also joined the 1Game A Month challenge.

Hope with this I will be able to finish most of my ongoing projects.

Lastly I made some Pixelart to Brainstorm another RPG Maker Game.

Thats it for now. More later.

Your Ludum Dare entry is awesome A bit hard but really cool.

Great game! Had lots of fun :D

Small update. Help a friend with a Ludum Dare 34 entry. I only made some art stuff.

Back to my own projects now :D

Thanks. I will work something out.

Was it one of these I give you 200 bucks for a flappy clone things?

Sketch with colour background

The trasparent image

Yeah, It's about cut out materials. I am asking because I have never seen a letter fomat in my life. :D Got no feelign for it. If A4 is widespread n the US I will just go with it. And ignore letter until there is demand.


Yay! Can't wait! (aka can't afford :D)

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Nice Flapthing. My thoughts so far:

  • slow down time near the ceiling, ground or obstacle surface
  • give bonus points for making close flybys on obstacles (switch to a point system :D)
  • dive is much more dangerous than flap as the colliosn area of the omegabird is doubled. I would keep one collision box.(Actually i like this change shape thing.... but I feel it makes the game harder)
  • I am bad at flappy games
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A quick question about paper formats. I assume it is ok to release print&play material in A4? Don't think I can buy US letter around here for test prints.

Yes, I think the topic is worth of its own thread.

Like in most cases its a cost/benefit problem. Is it worth to fight it? In a lot of cases no. But that is something most Indie developers will never have. Not everbody can be Vlambeer :D

I feel you, I am a graphic designer myself. I know of the ridiculuss situation. A friend of mine (a german illustrator) was notfiied some day that a few of her works where printed on pillow cases somewhere in china. Sold on the streets of shanghai.You can do nothing about it.

I dont know about but similar sites from germany. They have modular system with logo parts and put them together in 5- 10 mins. At least some of them. But they are sold mostly at 30 - 100 Euros not 5 dollar. :D

You can't fight piracy without a massive legal budget. Even then its futile if the pirat operates from somewhere remote and most artists I know don't even have the money to send a cease and desist letter.

If you see a copyright violation of your stuff you can inform websites like etsy and others to take the them down. But it is your obligation as copyright holder. Not that of the website owner(differs from country to country of course).

Glad I could be of help. I will follow you.

AAAH! Yes I know this type of game. But its not really what I had in mind. Actually it is completly different. But it looks very similar in a still sketch.

I should have elaborated more on the terms MOBA and fighting game.

MOBA (League of Legends, DOTA, Awesomenauts) meets Fighting Game (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Smash Brothers)

Game set up:

It's a local 1vs1 game. Before start of a match both players choose from a range of characters. Each character has different abilities and units at it's disposal also a unique base. The set of Units could be Melee,Ranged, Healer and a special unit (like a flyer or tunneler).

After the players chose their Hero the second can elect the stage. Stages are presented as a grid which includes a random option.

A match is has a set of 3 rounds and the player with the most wins gets the match win.

How do you win a round? You destroy the enemies base or after the timer (3-5 mins per round) is up the player whos base took less damage wins.

As you can see on the sketch The player bases are placed at the end of a map. Units spawn from it and walk lanes down to the opposite side. They attack only other minions or the enemy base. Minion can not be attack directly by heros but suffer from area damage (like throwing heroes around) The player can not Influence which units spawn (ok, maybe there are some special moves that spawn units?) Minions spawn at a set interval or certain events.

The player controls the hero directly like you would expect from a fighting game. You can walk, dash/sprint, jump and use a different attacks. Complexity is much lower than in normal fighting games to avoid overwhelming the player. As he needs to keep attention to the surrounding units.

Hero combat should avoid too much air dashing and concentrate und pins, lockdowns and area control. There should be a possibility for every hero to push, pull or guard minions.

A Hero can absorb a certian amount of damage and then is killed and will be respawned at the base after a few seconds. The respawn will ignite a blowback to enemy heroes (but not to minions).

Heros as well as Minions deal damage to bases, but minion do a lot more. They have to reach the opponents base entrance to deal it.

Problems with the Ddesign

While I think this game could be very interessting I already see some problems.

  • The balancing of damage dealt by heroes to minions.
  • Hard for beginners to make use of lockdowns and area control (if it is too easy lockdown could become too powerfull)
  • It is important to avoid stalemates
  • Information processing in the UI - HP for every hero, unit timer, match timer, base hp, special meter (if needed), minion hp thats all a lot of information that needs to be shown clearly.
I should have wrote this in the initial post. Thanks for making me do it.
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Pirating is not something you should worry about as you can not fight it. Nobody can. You have to accept it as part of any market. Pritating and even more so reskinning is actually only a real thing after you have succsess. Only very very few games got into trouble through pirating (Freelancer comes to mind).

I personally think tha most of my games are not yet worth to be sold. So I went the freebie way.

Thanks. Yeah you are absolutly right about the black lines. But it's hard for me to go back to an old piece. I will incorporate it into the next. (My newer sprit tests allready avoid to much blacklining.)

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Yeah its never easy. But it is also plattform specific and if you want to do any sales. A game on a iOSapp store or mobile in genreall will bem uch cheaper than its PC version. Xcom cost around 50 € at reales on PC and only 18 on the app store. (I think there was half a year between the releases, maybe more.) It's important to look at comparable games on YOUR release plattform.

If you want to use the momentum of sales for your game you should give you some wiggle room in your initial price.

I nearly forgot one of the most important rules of selling:

It' always easier to lower a price than to increase it.

Price reduction is one of your most important tools in selling your game. Use it wisley.
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I use Construct 2 (event sheet) and Blueprint in UE4 (node based). I like both systems. Can't say which one I like more. But Blueprint is very very well made. (A bit complicated as everything in UE)

Sometimes I have the feeling the authors of these systems forget that the enduser is not nessesarily a coder. Construct is much better at giving a noob friendly start.

The longer I think about it, the more I like the node based approach. The conncetion lines are extremly helpful to understand what interacts with each other. The visual feedback is more akin to my education as a graphics designer.

A lot of very usefull tools still feel designed from a coder perspective instead from a users (artists, designers). Maybe I am just an interface fanatic :D

Thank you and your team for your hard work. Cant wait to get my hands on it :)

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Good Question.

that depends on how much information you have. If you actually have an overview of your development cost than you can use it as a baseline. Like how many units would I need to sell at what price to break even.

I think in the beginning lot of people just look at other games of similar scope and style.

You could ask random people how much they would pay for your game... but that will be heartbreaking.

Still new to Pixel art. Backgrounds are really hard for me. Need much more practice.

My first pixel thing around 6 month ago.

It looks horrible. After some more reading abut hte topic i made this:

Can you believe its from the same day? :D

After that I tried to make a grass tile. Not easy

Version 1 on the left was very unsatisfying so I tried to copy the secret of mana grass. While the tiles itslef looked better now I have a strong grid look. I have no idea how to get rid of that effect.

Back to characters. Wanted to make a pixel illustration. Theme: Duck


Decided to go for no. 3

The final piece after colour correction.

After that I joined a friend on her Star Trek Voyager fang game.

I found the base sprite in an RPG maker forum. Forgot the link.

I also started on some tilesets but they are very heavy under construction I will show them later.

Latly I am on a 1 bit trip but i only found this one:

As we plan a new RPG maker game after the Voyager thing is over. I started to research and experiment different styles.This is from todays session.

Colour is even more imortant in pixelart so I will continue to work on that. Comments & critics are welcome. I would love to improve.

I used photoshop for most of them. The last 4 are made with Aseprite.

Howdy, I am Alban Voss from Germany. I am doing Indie Game Dev stuff for some years in various quality and quantity. I never really published something until itch came along and it just fit like a glove. Love the website and hope i can find a home here with my stuff and me. Most of my time I am doing Art and Game Design.

I tweet here

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This a VERY much work in progress. Please do not play it if you want a finished experience.

The contraints for this project were:

  • very fast and simple artwork
  • 3 short branches
  • kind of a fan game to the manga Blame! or Tsutomu Niheis work in general.
  • Use the Bell Visual Novel Maker

Originally I wanted to finish the game fast. Something that could be done over a weekend. Well like always I kind of struggled with tons of stuff. Run into bugs with the editor a few times.(thanks to freemind for fixing my stuff) Had to start from scratch a least once. That kind of killed my motivation. So stuff lay around fo some time sat in the bakc of my mind for way to long. A few weeks ago a had short burst of motivation and wrote the beginning of the first branch. But I had not thought out the plot enough to finish it.

Which is what I did today.

Rough plot of the game

Any comments, ideas and critics are welcome. I will try to write a bit more about the VN tool next time.