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Let's make fake splash screens for itch! (desktop app)

A topic by Amos created Dec 09, 2015 Views: 3,049 Replies: 17
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So I was looking for a better name for the desktop app than "the desktop app"

...after much discussion, I'm probably going to go with just "itch", however they were some very cool suggestions like:

  • Joystream
  • Electric Toybox
  • Itchomatic
  • Itchy's Delivery Service
  • Witch
  • Lazy Susan
  • Shelf

Some of these remind me of visuals I'd see in something like.. Bioshock Infinite? that kind of futuristic old-fashioned feel. Think old, big-talk ads like "The finest money can buy" or "The absolute latest in shaving technology", not sure if that helps conjures up images!

Anyway I really can't draw so if anyone feels extra inspired by any of these name & wants to have a go at a splash screen with some imaginary brand, I'll happily include them in the client. For fun!

It doesn't have to be one of the options above, anything cute/playful/humorous/refreshing you feel like drawing is up for consideration. (ideally transparent PNG w/a color scheme so that I can include it in a way that accommodates different aspect ratios)

P.S: If someone brings up the name "scratch" again I'll quit a second time

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Also, 100% honesty time: I'm conflicted about this thread — technically the client is open-source and whatnot, but it's very much specific and I hate it when companies ask for free labor :(

So please, please only do it if you have like a half hour to kill & one of them really jumps at you. In theory I'd love to have them be actual commissions? If you'd like to do one "right" as a commission, send me your info + rate + sample work? Thanks!

That sounds fun! Would you mind giving us an example of a splash art though?

i mean i know what a splash art is but i'm not sure how i should approach this XD

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Well, for example, here's what grunt-electron-installer's default install spinner looks like:

But that's boring, right? When I mentioned Bioshock Infinite / Old-timey ads I had stuff like that in mind:


It "feels" old-timey and it has some charm to it. (Then again I fully realize BI is a big game with a top notch art direction and a big dedicated team behind it, so it's kind of unfair to ask that level of quality for an inside joke from the community — but I'd really like to show a little bit of fun and showcase some of the awesome folks we have here. Ahh well we'll see how it pans out.)

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Okay, I REALLY like the name Shelf for something like this, so I threw this together quickly.


Whoops, just saw that you were going with the name Itch, so here's the Itch variant.


ah I was unclear in the post: the idea was to have splash screens / loading screens with the rejected names, as a joke — the shelf version was perfect :) thanks!


ah jeeze that's so good, thanks a million! exactly the kind of stuff I'm out for. Is there any chance you could export the background separately? (if it's based on a smaller image I can apply a blur filter in CSS)

Of course! Happy to help out Itch in my own small way.

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I fell in love with Witch! It's a shame I'm really on a tight schedule but I made this really quick 5 min doodle to illustrate my idea

anyone can feel free to use the idea as a base for their art own, if they so witch XD

(its really ugly )


I really like the concept! with some more polish I'd be happy to include it.


Hi, had a little silly idea for Itch-o-matic (and wanted to draw some block letters), so here's my contribution:


ahhh love this one!


Sketch with colour background

The trasparent image


Not sure if you're still after these, but felt like doing one anyway since it seemed like fun. :-)

Electric Toybox


Hahaha I love this one! We need to use this one as actual ads somewhere


Please do if that's ever useful. Consider yourself to have permission to do whatever you like with it.


Actually, I've been looking for an installer gif for a while too. I've just added it, although static, it works beautifully there! It'll be in the 0.12.x branch.