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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! This version's pretty short because it was for a game jam, but I definitely want to expand it in the future~

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I've been quietly working on a game for the past week, which has quickly turned into a monster:

It was supposed to be a small strategy game, which in hindsight was probably not possible. It's playable, though, so I can most likely get a demo of sorts by tomorrow. (and then finally get back to working on my thesis...)

This might sound a bit strange, but my self-imposed challenge was to make a plot-driven game in less than 100 words, to go along with the spirit of a low-res game. I'm normally a very verbose writer, to the point that I've made bullet hells in the past with >1000 word plots, so I wanted to make something where every word counted.

(In the end, I think there was just a tad over 100 words in the game's script, though in my defense, a few of them are for instructions.)

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it :)

I believe that shuffling games in jams is an existing feature, though it's up to the jam organizers to actually set the feature and have the entries page shuffle. I've seen other jams that do shuffle the entries.

Has anyone contacted the jam organizers about this?

...so against all reason I decided to enter this jam incredibly last minute, and made something short and simple over the last few days. I'd actually heard about the jam itself a few days after it started, and it just kept sticking in my brain until I felt like I had to do something for it.

You can find it here: https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam2016/rate/62192

And some screenshots. It felt good to do some pixel art again after several months (years???) of not pixeling, as well.

Hi, had a little silly idea for Itch-o-matic (and wanted to draw some block letters), so here's my contribution: