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Clean up the Entries Page?

A topic by clemonades created Apr 19, 2016 Views: 365 Replies: 17
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I'm finding a lot of games on the entries page that don't actually have a game submitted. Can we remove those so the finished games get a better chance at being played?

Also maybe shuffle the entries order? I feel bad for people at the bottom of the list as there game will not get nearly as many plays/votes.


Shuffling is a really really necessary thing, couldn't agree more.


Shuffling added, there was a bug that was preventing it from being done.


I thought I was just doing something wrong because there were a bunch of submissions that didn't have any games uploaded.


The shuffling is really really needed. Someone else also addressed how unfair the order because of the submission order in other thread.

Perhaps you can do now is go to dashboard and use the feedback buttons. Hope the staffs implement the random order in the future.


I think random order exists already and the jam host just needs to enable it? I'm not 100% sure on that tho, maybe it's gamejolt and not itch.


I just made a test of game jam a moment ago. The shuffling option really didn't exist.

Yup, itch io needs to add it in the future.


Good to know, thanks for taking the time to test. If a bunch of us all give feedback maybe itch will add it! Thanks again =)


You're welcome.

I have used the feedback button about this issue too.

Hope it will be added in the future.

Also, a time extension for the voting of this game jam.


I can't agree more.

There is a game on the top page which got more than 30 votes, when I find a lot of projects which have not a single one vote or comment. This is a little sad.

(I'm not blaming the first game by the way, this is not its fault).

I will try the feedback button.


I believe that shuffling games in jams is an existing feature, though it's up to the jam organizers to actually set the feature and have the entries page shuffle. I've seen other jams that do shuffle the entries.

Has anyone contacted the jam organizers about this?


any idea how to contact the organizers? I was hoping they would see this post lol =/

Submitted (1 edit)

The jam provides her twitter contact:

Her last tweet is one hour ago, so she is currently active now.

Edit: I tweeted her. Waiting for the reply.


Awesome! Thanks for reaching out to her! =)


You're welcome.

Also, she finally replied.

She told me that I need to ask too.



Hey everyone, shuffling should have been on for the voting period but there was an bug that was preventing it. It's now enabled. Every time you view the page it should be randomized.


Thank you very much for the feature, leafo! :)


Thank you!!! You're the best! =D