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A jam entry

Looping ZipView game page »

Loop around the track and hit the laser as many as you can.
Submitted by NeithR (@VsioS) with 22 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline


CriteriaRankScore*Raw score
Game Feel (playability and control)#104.1184.118
Overall Enjoyment#303.7653.765
Aesthetic (sound and visual)#364.1764.176
64x64 Authenticity (was it truly lowrez?)#814.6474.647

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


NeithR (View their submission) · 338 days ago


Thank you for the feedback :).

I haven't thought what difficulty to add right now except speeding up, but I will not make it similar like its (and my) origin game, Runny Square.

For now, I will add medal exclusive for NG for difficulty in the future :).

@Longest Egg Games:

Thank you! :)

Simple but addictive. Great combination :)

jernej (View their submission) · 338 days ago

Nice graphics and sound. I like the concept, but I was expecting the the difficulty to increase. Without that, the game only kept me interested for a few tries. If it would have some kind of non trivial difficulty progression that would keep me interested longer and would encourage me to retry. Mostly because I would want to see how the difficulty changes and if I am up to the challenge.

NeithR (View their submission) · 338 days ago


Thank you for keeping on playing :).


Thank you, cheers too for you ;).

Rombus (View their submission) · 338 days ago

Fun game bro, cheers :D

Nice idea, kind of hard, it makes me keep playing

NeithR (View their submission) · 339 days ago


Thank you! :)

I used to make a simple and effective game in the past :)

@Jupiter Hadley:

Thank you for playing and including my game in your video! :)

After watching the video, didn't know my game was that hard. Probably because of being played by mouse. Also, I will add more keys instead of just space key in the future update :).

@Adam Pajor:

Thank you for your feedback! :)

The final speed is maxed a moment after the start and after that no more speed up (unlike its origin game (also mine), Runny Square, which is much more nasty on speeding up). So, player can gain as many points as he/she can without increased difficulty anymore :).

NeithR (View their submission) · 339 days ago


Thank you! :)

I remember when that time I didn't add the detail when the game is in progress.


Thank you! :)

With keyboard, the difficulty can be lowered ;).


Thank you! :)

Also, thanks to the who created the music that I can make the game better ;).

@Gawain (DarkGriffin):

Thank you for your feedback! :)

About the main menu, someone else addressed it too. I guess I will probably make the play button bigger to make the GUI more intuitive in the future update :).

Personal best: 53 points.

My complaint is that it gets hard fast then it doesn't seem to get more harder. But at the final speed you can die easily. Fair enough!

I like the visuals, the music add a lot to it. The sounds are good too. And the game is addictive!

Jupiter_Hadley · 339 days ago

Fun, challenging, nice game. I included it in my compilation video series of the Low Rez Jam games, if you would like to take a look :)

Simple and very effective, nice work!

Really nice little game. Gets very hard fast, controls couldn't be simpler, and the retro graphics are cool too. The main menu took a few seconds of poking things to understand what did what. But the game itself is indeed cool, fun to play, and the graphics/music are nice as well.

Wolod (View their submission) · 341 days ago

Challenging game with cool music and nice graphics.

Wow, it seems so simple but it's incredibly challenging! Nice job! =D

Great work here. I love the attention to detail, great use of the tiny space.

NeithR (View their submission) · 342 days ago


Thank you! :)


Thank you! :)

Fun! and pretty addicting, i like how quick it is

Simple and addictive, well done!

NeithR (View their submission) · 344 days ago


Thank you for the feedback! I got inspired from "Easy to learn, hard to master" game. Also about the "started" phase, I will think about it to change it to avoid confusion in the future :).


Thank you for the rating and feedback! :)


Thank you! :)


Nice concept, nice graphic, nice game :) Four Stars average for this game :)

Simple gameplay and easy to grasp, but rather hard to master! It may be worth prohibiting space bar presses from changing direction if they're pressed after the game has "started" but before the ship has actually started moving, because a few times I hit space to start when I thought my previous press hadn't been registered, only to discover that it had been registered but the ship is slow to get started.

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