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Nice and simple! Looks good too

Cool! I'd like the ninja to automatically move and progress down a level, but this is a good start!

Nice and soothing gameplay

Interesting haha

Nice animations and explosions!

Cool! Got 24 pts

This is pretty neat!

Nice!! the beat was really good for a rhythm game.. I got 732

This is a really interesting idea! I like the color detection

Cool! Where's the sword? :)

Really interesting, good use of the box art

Nice and simple and fits well with the box art... good job

This is very interesting.... I like the music and strange gameplay

This is really cool... I like the art style a lot.. Fits in with the box art nicely too

This is really cool and creepy, The art and music totally fits the theme of the box art... I'd like it to get harder!!

Really nice, polished game!

I love the graphics and the timelapse creation video... really cool thanks for that

Really beautiful graphics, the gameplay was a little hard though, it seemed i had to press both z+x to jump?

Cool concept, I like the flashlight graphics... hard to tell what is going on though

Nice job! the levels and art were nice, and the music was good too!

This was cool, the bullet-hell boss was pretty hard though!

The world is really nice, i like the pixel people animations/behaviors... nice start

This was really nice. The graphics were awesome and it felt pretty good to play, good job.

Fun! and pretty addicting, i like how quick it is

It looks pretty good for the resolution ... nice start

Cool concept and star animations

Really cool, game felt very nice and polished

This was really fun... music was good, animations and gameplay felt good

I really like the way it looks, the animations are awesome. The movement was way too fast and I wasn't sure where to go, but it was really fun and good music

I didnt really understand what to do, and the movement made it it hard to get the white dot then it kept saying give up?

I like the intro screen and graphics. the movement is kinda annoying but it works nicely

Love it

Really nice, I'd love to see your source code for the map screen transitions (i used Phaser as well)

Looks really nice

Cool, i love horror games...

This is great!