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We have a much work in here, and everything so well explained, the camera movements to show goals, the shop, the superfun rum effect. Big congrats!

Nice use of sound for gameplay feedback!

what a cozy, welcoming little game! Love the setting, music and aesthetics a lot!

Love the bullet-hellness! Controls feel good, and enemy and bullet paths are smooth. As an improvement, I would look for a less intrusive way of showing remaining lives, they hide my avatar! Overall very enjoyable :)

I missed some kind of indication to where the portal opens; the game feels good though!

I just loved every single bit of it, congrats! 5 stars

Superb difficult, would have liked the pad (and ball) to move slower, and then progressively increase their speed. But great concept!

the skull has a lot of character! Wish it weren't so punishing, I can't play for more than 10 seconds - but then I'm clumsy. Very nice for a 'beginner', keep doing great things!

Woah super deep, impressed how you fit all that in 66kb

@greysonp thanks for playing and the feedback! We wanted to keep it a 1-button game so it could be played in mobile with no extra screen space needed for controls. Also, a true leader is expected to react quickly to any challenges! ;P

Same here, cannot start, could you provide an alternative link?

Superb clear, though the gold number could have easily been 1-2 pixels bigger to make it easier to read - lot of work here, congrats!

I like the 'narrative twist' for selecting the difficulty - killing enemies with just one shot would make it more addictive, it's so hard to hit them many times!

Game updated, the 'newsbreak bug' (hopefully) fixed!

Difficult to get, and way too much walking, but the world is cute and the day-night cycle feels great

Didn't work on the game page, but could play on the alternate address - nice particle fx and enemy trajectories!

Love the concept, gonna play it at work ;)

low-res wireframe graphics, how not to like it? I got hit a lot of times, but never died - anyway, feels good!

Congrats for finishing your first game! Neat concept, have you tried with faster walking speeds? And maybe some inertia? Good work!

Rocket physics + gravity last! Seriously, I really liked the concept, a lot :)

Super interesting idea, would like to see it evolving!!

same for me, screen goes red...left me intrigued!

good one! great intro and end 'cutscenes', funny sound, lots of levels... Some feedback when the exit is open (and pointing to the actual door, as others have suggested) would be nice improvements.

Very pleasant color palette, if you could win, lose or at least have a score counter, and varying rain paces, you would have a nice little gem!

Nice one, lots of attention to detail, didn't finish it though... is there a slippery ice zone? ;) Good luck!

5 stars! Played till the end, nice level design, good ramping up of difficulty, music, graphics, controls, even a boss battle... congrats!

@jumbledevs to overcome the news break you have to be in the 'open mouth' state (see the first screenshot on the left!) Thanks for playing!

Nice original concept!

Very nice graphic-adventure engine you have! Missing some background sound to set the tone and make it more immersive, but the art is superb, congrats!

yay for the atari 2600 feel! Would have liked the option to control it with mouse/keyboard

The concept was there, but if you keep mashing Z and X there is no way to lose - a bit more polish adjusting the controls, the rate of enemies appearing etc. and this could become much more enjoyable

Simple and addictive, well done!

great, sarcastic and mocking the player... love it!

I want to play this on my mobile device, and pay for it! Congrats!

So well executed in every single area, impressive! The game feels really good and the controls are satisfying

Lovely intro music, lovely tiny action, keep working on it!

Really loved this one, the mix of skill (inertia feels good), memorization of the circuit and coin collecting, and especially the super-short levels with only seconds to find the exit. Good work!

Interesting aesthetics, the puzzles made it feel kind of a lo-fi the witness (and that's a compliment!) Cheers!

When a local multiplayer game is fun even playing alone, it must be special! Very interesting and easy to grasp mechanic, like a lot that there's different maps and each has its own music, very well done!

Waiting as a core mechanic can be nice, but some atmosphere would have made it more enjoyable (wind or birds sound, some environment animations, etc.) Upgrading prices should be lower to hook you earlier into mid-term goals.