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Nice graphics and sound. I like the concept, but I was expecting the the difficulty to increase. Without that, the game only kept me interested for a few tries. If it would have some kind of non trivial difficulty progression that would keep me interested longer and would encourage me to retry. Mostly because I would want to see how the difficulty changes and if I am up to the challenge.

Nice little game. When I saw the screenshot it reminded me of Gunpoint :)

Cute :)

Nice pixel art, animations and cutscenes. Props for including a story. I didn't rage quit even though I missed the ring at first and had to go repeat s few levels to get it later on so I could beat vet level.

Nice SFX. The core game is fun but I like the challenge mode the most.

Nice mashup of a memory game and arcade style racing :) I really enjoyed it. Got lost in the 5th or 6th maze... even lost count :D

As pointed out by others already the steering could be faster. Maybe even just reducing the slowdown when hitting walls would help to keep the drifting and offset the steering issue?

Hilarious xD Sound effects are what makes this game extra fun.

I enjoyed playing the game. I liked the resource splitting/management aspect. The foxes are cute :)

Technical: at 180+ points the game started to lag a lot bringing the frame rate so low that it was hard to properly move. Eventually I had to give up at 300+ points.

Thanks for the feedback. Really good and valid points.

@greysonp: I would love to polish the color palettes even further and I was thinking to swap middle levels with the current end game levels (double colored squares) but for that I needed more feedback from other players (since for me the game became quite easy due to all the testing I did during the development). I want the game to ramp in difficulty as you progress through the levels, but if you experienced those problems in the first 4 levels, I have to address it.

@stuartlangridge: Yes, I think something minimalistic would do the trick. We've been thinking about that, but then decided to test how it would do without written instructions. Something to keep in mind if it turns out that many players have a problem figuring this out.

Really nice music and sound ambience. I liked the exploration aspect and the subtle hints as well.
In my first playthrough I wandered far in one direction and then I decided to restart the game since I was too far to move back :) Maybe a slight indication that I am going too far away would be good. Maybe just darkening the screen and a little trick to stop moving the player when going too far in the game world (while still animating the sprite) would keep the player close to the playing area.
Also props for the chosen approach to the ending :)

Technical: in Firefox (at least in version 44) the visuals (pixels) are blurry due to the wrong scaling method picked by the browser, I guess, since it works fine in Chrome.