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art game created for LOWREZJAM 2016/Ludum Dare 35
Submitted by ooku (@ookuorg) — 3 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Aesthetic (sound and visual)#1173.5883.588
64x64 Authenticity (was it truly lowrez?)#1524.3534.353
Overall Enjoyment#1742.8242.824
Game Feel (playability and control)#1822.8242.824

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really neat creatures! I included it in my compilation video series of the Low Rez Jam games, if you would like to take a look :)


Absolutely beautiful. The way you use the small aspect ratio to do that radar-thing... And the music... I'm very happy to have played this.

A beautiful, relaxing experience. This was just the thing I wanted to play on an early Saturday.

Nice atmosphere. I traveled for a while in one direction and had to restart a game because it would take too long to come back. Indicators on the edges of playable area would be much appreciated. I noticed that character sprite flickers a lot while moving on Chrome.


Really nice music and sound ambience. I liked the exploration aspect and the subtle hints as well.
In my first playthrough I wandered far in one direction and then I decided to restart the game since I was too far to move back :) Maybe a slight indication that I am going too far away would be good. Maybe just darkening the screen and a little trick to stop moving the player when going too far in the game world (while still animating the sprite) would keep the player close to the playing area.
Also props for the chosen approach to the ending :)

Technical: in Firefox (at least in version 44) the visuals (pixels) are blurry due to the wrong scaling method picked by the browser, I guess, since it works fine in Chrome.


Interesting concept and visuals but it didn't have a lasting effect nor induced a will to see it through. Guess it's more akin to an experience than anything else.


Same opinions about the controls, but very appreciated to play something so original and with the cozy ambience


thank you all for the feedback!

My idea with the controls was to have beat-sync movement. but then I noticed there was too much music. so now there is sometimes no music and I hadn't time to chanage the controlls.

I'll fix that in a post-jam version


wow. the sound direction was amazing and really enhanced the feel of the game! the gameplay was a bit confusing at first and i am not sure whether it is possible to get a good end, but I found it very interesting and enjoyable. :)


As it has already been said, the controls feels really slow and sluggish... The glowing effects also feels weirs with the pixels being cut off so harshly sometimes (the echolocator echo effect).

Otherwise, quite an interesting and nice entry!


Now... this is an interesting one! Loving the atmosphere, the music, the sounds. The gameplay is simple, yet satisfying. It has a charm. I had no problem with not having instructions. The good thing was to explore and figure out the things.

My only complaint is the character's movement. Something more fluid would have been fitting. Just float around, maybe a minimal acceleration / deceleration. That's my only complaint. Other than that, it's really awesome!


Delightful little game. I didn't realise that the "X" meant that I could now press X to echolocate. The controls feel very sluggish; a single keypress often doesn't appear to do anything, and holding down a direction moves in what feels a very jerky way. But the aesthetic is lovely. I didn't realise for ages that the echolocator can do more than just locate (avoiding spoilers).


@zsoloman: thanks for playing! there is an echo locator if you press X (maybe the feedback is not clear enough...)


The progression and gameplay are simply satisfying. I do wish there was an indicator, or maybe an echo locator, to help find things. Otherwise a charming minimalist exploration game.