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Thanks for comment and I agree, the "move" was a bit hard to do, especially when considering the facing that is very important as well. I wanted to use this opportunity to try out side representation of such systems and while it's "manageable", it's far from perfect indeed.

....and no, it's not meant to be called "intense" using some weird net speech :)

It's meant to be literally "Intents", as meaning to the planning of actions, tactical decision and commitement to it, without guarantee of positive execution (since die are rolled and are important in actual resolution).

Wild west Iron Man repulsor platformer? Why not, works well and the graphics are perfect.

Using keyboard, it's a bit weird to get used to the guns shooting when you release the keys and not when you press them but that's ok.

Very fun and the secret passage with the weird eye thing at the end was nice. Good one!

I hate puzzle adventure games so I'm not a good customer on this but I have to say, as a fan of Lovecraft, this nails what I imagine the mood, visuals and setting for such a game. Very, very nicely done!

As others have said, simple walk sounds, pages turning, clock ticking and whatnot would add a LOT I think to what is already an impressive work.

Not my style of games but I totally respect your work, kudos! One of the best entries I've check so far.

Hmm, game main page loads up but Z doesn't do anything nor apparently any other key. :/

Not really sure how it's meant to be played either. I went on the dot, music played non stop and dot never moved. If I moved one pixel, dot dissappeared completely and "give up" appeared, placing the dot nearby again.

I probably missed something...

Pretty cool though just couldn't beat level 14 (or was is i 15?).

Sound effects are ok but for puzzle games like this, I highly recommend allowing to disable music as it gets repetitive very fast and annoying in the long run.

Otherwise, kudos :)

Concept is interesting and it seems to respect the 64x but there's something odd with it, pacing I think. Overall I didn't really feel you can do good or bad, nor that my input at the proper time or another mattered. Maybe make it more QTE like, or more Beat them all, but the simple inbetween's not doing it for me for now.

Either way, done in time, goes with lowrez and is finished for what it wants to be. Kudos for that :)

Like the concept but the visuals make it very, very rough to see proper and actually comprehend what you're seeing/react to it. Think it could have gained from being either a bit less zoomed out (so everything's bigger) or totally more zoomed out (so that everything's just a pixel and you use only color to differentiate.

I understand that part of your challenge was to design for some kind of handhelp on top of just lowrez but man, on keyboard, that didn't play well/smooth, at least for me, mainly because of the chosen key positions.

Other than that, pretty good (and pretty hard).


Interesting concept and visuals but it didn't have a lasting effect nor induced a will to see it through. Guess it's more akin to an experience than anything else.

Not sure I understood it proper.

Up/down arrows to make lightning closer to earth? That seemed to stun people?

I guess right clan with clubs are enemies?

Weird, or just unfinished :/