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I cringed so much watching others play it so fast. It wasn't that fast for me. In hind sight I didn't lock down the frame rate or limit the speed in anyway, so it runs as fast as possible. Thanks for the feedback!  ^-^ feelsgoodman .

I'm so honored by your time and praise.

I left a more complete reply and thanks on Youtube.

Pro content buddy.

Thanks again!

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I really enjoyed how easy it was to pick up and the weight of the story. 

At the same time the combat has a depth that will take time to master.

Agree with Lachlan, this is a complete experience.

Nice work.

I enjoyed the spooky vibe of the game.

The enemies were crazy looking and the lighting effects were a nice.

I wished I could see a little further, or maybe everything could be a little smaller so there was more room to move. Sometimes I felt like I had no time to react to enemies.

Overall the game ran smoothly and set the right tone for this type of game.

This is a really neat concept!

And the story is compelling to boot.

I must have my revenge!

Fastest mouse in the browser 0.078ms. 

Love that skull animation *mmm crunchy souls

Its really nice to get a read out of decisions before making them.

Also, there is something relaxing about having to maintain paths.


I enjoyed how every move feels like it matters.

Although the learning curve is steep and I didn't get very far, the game play is rich in its simplicity.

Well made!

Hey, I made a strictly pacifist game too. I liked your concept, kind of like crawling between legs in a cinematic bar fight. My browser kept running out of memory, I think it was when I tried to move to the place another square was moving to before they took their turn?

Thanks for the response! I still wasn't able to open the game from powershell... Maybe its something specific to my system? Anyway, no worries. I took a snapshot of the powershell response for you, should you be so curious tho.

I combined a Rubber Chicken with a Pulley. Now I can bring prop comedy to a whole other level. Thanks Duck Tape Hero! 

Easy to pick up, bite sized game play. Permission to come aboard.

Just a heads up. Trying to run the .exe from v0.1 on my Win7 laptop caused dotnet to stop working momentarily. Are there any obvious  install instructions I am missing?

I really enjoy the bold minimalist aesthetic and concise satisfying game play!

Nice innovations on a classic. The timer and the random enemies add good tension. Modular 2d graphics is hilarious. Love2d was the first game engine I ever used. Made me miss it.

Wait, why hasn't this been done yet? If not just for the lolz. I think you nailed the overall design of this game, were it to exist

<--- Inspired! Cooperation, pillow controllers, dreams about eating chocolate. This game has it all!

Love the tag line and the commitment to the genre. Well made.

Stunning imagery, really sells the genre. The occult-y vibe is also well established. Would love to play with sound as well, and get those creepy chills to go along with everything you already have.

I didn't want to download any games, but that text bubble is too good!

Classic 64 bit feel to all the art and sound. Well done! And of course the concept. So simple yet can be expanded into many interesting avenues. I'm interested to see where you take it.

I read the title. I took the tutorial. And then the game started and I was completely lost. Once I figured out how to play and I immediately hated myself. lol. You should do an entire brain training suite of games in this style. Snarky and hilarious!

Eye popping graphics. Wish I could actually play like in the gif.

The theme works really nicely with this classic genre. The amount of ingredients is a little daunting to start out with. If you plan on continuing development, I'd recommend maybe starting with fewer then ramping up the difficulty.

Well developed concept and design! I can see myself obsessively trying to beat this game. A puzzle-platformer with a gravity manipulating ninja. I'm in.

The graphics do a lot with so little, and successfully convey the desperation of the landscape. Game play would improve drastically with a brief tutorial, imo. Just didn't know what to look for when the sun starting showing up. Understandably, in a jam we don't really have time for all that.

The progression and gameplay are simply satisfying. I do wish there was an indicator, or maybe an echo locator, to help find things. Otherwise a charming minimalist exploration game.