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Cannot vote?

A topic by Fengol created Mar 13, 2018 Views: 331 Replies: 7
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I was hoping to start rating some games but I get the message "You are unable to rate this project because you have not submitted your own entry. You can leave a comment below though." but I have submitted a game.

When I go to my own game it says "This is your own project, you are not allowed to rate it. Other participants of the jam will be able to rate your project here."

Any ideas?


Same here.

Me too, hoping we get a response from the admins soon on this!

I encountered the same issue. Now messages are gone, yet I still can't rate games.

The error messages are gone for me as well, but I also still cannot rate games :(


Voting requires you to register as a Juror, see

Do you have to have participated to register to be a Juror? That google doc doesn't mention that as a requirement (unless I missed it), but based off the other comments in this thread, it sounds like you might have had to? 

I'll definitely be leaving comments on the games as I play them, regardless.

Also, it would be nice if 7DRL rating/scoring, didn't conflict with star rating. I imagine that's a limiation of the platform, though?