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I figure I never replied to this; I think for unique seeds it's healthy to extract some from harvested fruits and keep them in a safe place; I don't think we are ensuring all unique seeds are being generated tho, that's something we should look into.

This has been fixed for v0.2.16+

Hello there! we were just discussing this yesterday in the discord :)

You can get at you'd just have to delete the old one and leave this one.

Please let me know if that works!

it seems to be an issue with the underlying "JSRL" infrastructure code so likely shared with Emerald Woods as well.. ?  LIkely to be fixed there first (if it exists there) and then backported into this and others..... I've actually seen a worse bug with direction keys being "stuck", that might prompt a complete replacement in any case.

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Thanks for reporting this! this is kind of a known issue but I think we should up the priority to fix it; for now, the workaround is to till all the ground that is encircled by the fence. 

hello, I'm interested with thanks!

The timer is for the rating period for peer reviews. It should be accurate.

This game doesn't appear to be turn-based? please update your submission to indicate that, thanks!

Note that the "rated by x people" message in the game submission page refers to peer reviews; the jurors don't interact with itch.  I'll double check if there's been CANT_RUN reports by the jurors and let them know they can retry now.

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Original 7DRL Version

Post Jam Versions

These retain the base scope of the 7DRL version, adding just aesthetics, accessibility and stability improvements

  • March 13, 2023: 7DRL PJ1 Version
    • Fix overworld ambiance
    • Improve combat flow with sliding animations
  • March 14, 2023: 7DRL PJ2 Version
    • Add smooth map scrolling
    • Add missing music tracks
    • Add maps for towns 
  • March 16, 2023: 7DRL PJ3
    • Fix Crash when returning to boss lair
    • Center viewport correctly vertically
    • Only consider enemies as active if within the visible part of the viewport (not the scrolling border)
    • Locate big enemy sprites correctly
    • Display gold value of treasures
    • Improve display of item effects in inventory
    • Make aguardiente dangerous for your health 
    • Buff guts recovery from items
    • Nerf patasola and bracamonte attack
  • March 17, 2023: 7DRL PJ3b+c
    • Add Super Gameboy-like frame
    • Improve onboarding for exploration and combat
  • March 18, 2023: 7DRL PJ4
    • Fix timing issues with dialogs
    • Improve procgen caves appearance 
  • March 19, 2023: 7DRL PJ5
    • Fix critical issue with game hanging after entering locations
  • March 19, 2023: 7DRL PJ6
    • First version with mobile browser support
  • March 20, 2023: 7DRL PJ6a
    • Fix issue with prompts for mobile
  • March 22, 2023: 7DRL PJ7
    • Spanish localization
    • Save/Load games
    • Low-res cutscene mode for mobile mode
  • March 23, 2023: 7DRL PJ7a
    • Fix issue preventing the game from running in the app
    • Spanish localization fixes (townspeople)
    • Add Daniel and Alejandro NPCs
    • Add follow behavior for kids and chicks (pollitos).
  • March 24, 2023: 7DRL PJ7b
    • Fix bug with lair and grotto maps crashing the game

I almost missed 90% of the game because I didn't know you could scroll the scenes by hovering the mouse at the borders :D

Very cute art and the minigames were spot on. I feel it's a bit too stretched out to play the seven days so I couldn't reach the ending, sadly.

Through this simple exercise, I was able to feel a bit of being there with your grandmother, so congrats for achieving that :)

Very surreal journey. I felt like there was not a lot of interactivity and wish I could have seen more real-world events unfolding in parallel, or a bit more of an explanation of elements that appear (like the princess' necklace)

Completed the recipe at the 3 time periods, the touch about the pasta on modern times was fun. I liked the photobook format to tell the story and the pixel art (especially for the prepared food) was superb. Congrats!

Very beautiful game! played all the way through completion (ends in a black screen with just heartbeat?) and it was very interesting to see the "neural network" thing forming and gaining life after every level. I didn't get to learn much about Sal Fandale and their story, or their work, but it was a good experience nonetheless! 

@Flyce_9998 if there was a technical issue during exporting preventing your game to be played, you can submit the fix (just point out it is the original submission, just with that technical fix). You can do this on the same game page.

@SaitoInteractive Just make sure there's a way to play the original submission from the game page you submitted as part of the challenge; it can be a link to an external website or a link to another page (although that second option might get confusing for the reviewers)

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You can modify the cover image, no problem.

Improving the graphics is allowed as a pos-jam version which you can of course do; just make sure to keep a way for jurors and players to play the original submission as well.

yes, that's perfectly fine. It's good that you can create a downloadable;

In case it's not possible to create a downloadable, the alternative would be to host it externally and provide a link in the submission page, for jurors and curious people to be able to reach the original submission easily.

that should be fine. thanks for the heads up!

Please add screenshots and a more complete description for your submission. Thanks!

Please contact me via discord (slashie#0029)  with your game link and I can send you a submission URL 

This information is featured prominently on the jam page, not just in the forums. 

I know it's confusing, so please contact me via discord (slashie#0029)  with your game link and I can send you a submission URL 

You can update your game page after submission. Including adding screenshots and improving the description.

Submitting a few minutes after deadline is ok-ish. Next time make some time for that as well in your plans!

Post-challenge bugfix versions can be submitted, but you must keep your original submission accessible so that jurors and curious people can take a look.


March 4 to March 12, 2023 (in your timezone), you are challenged to create a complete roguelike game in 7 days, for the 19th Annual 7DRL Challenge!

Time frame

The 7DRL Challenge has special rules regarding timing, so the normal jam time counter is not accurate. 

  • You have max 7 days to work on your game, and they have to be consecutive.
  • The date you pick to start working must be between March 4 and March 12 in your local time.
  • If you start on or after March 6, you must still submit before March 12's end of the day, so you will have less than 7 days to work on your entry.

Please add screenshots!

Both are valid, just make sure it's clear that the online version is not the original 7DRL submission :)

Yes, feel free to update the page. Just don't submit bugfixes or, if you do, keep the original challenge version available.

The process for this is to post it as "incomplete" now, submit your 7DRL version (if you want!), and continue working on it :) will allow you to continue uploading new versions of the game even after the 7DRL is over (there is nothing blocking that), however, we are asking people to honor the rules of the challenge and provide a 7DRL version (especially if they mark the game as "Completed") so that both players and jurors can experience the original game.

Day 5


New cutscene illustration


  • Expanded dialog box
  • Sell treasure
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Integrate pixel art


  • Hand over work to Stoltverd so he can push changes in texts and values
  • Tweaks in descriptions and effects of items (Stoltverd)
  • Tweaks in cutscenes text (Stoltverd)
  • Configure 8 dungeon levels for the main dungeon, and 4 for a side dungeon
  • Tweaks in the overworld map to draw roads correctly (instead of flat blocks)


  • Gecko is recording tiple music


  • Decided on a name "Monte del Diablo" after much discussion

Day 4

Illustrations: Tweaks on the title screen, coloring for cutscene slide #2.

Pixel-art: I got the first WIP of the tileset from AguaHervida and started integrating it. It was helpful to have it now since we already found some incompatibilities with how the engine works, so it's always a good idea to do it early!

Coding: Inventory grid, being able to use the items in your inventory (including coding the effects on status for most of them).

Day 3

Not a lot of progress today on the dev side due to real-life. However, I'm placing the towns randomly in the overworld (shuffling them over preselected spots) and did some work in the item's model so you can pick up items. Also defined what items will be included and what's their purpose going to be in the game.

Stolverd worked on the design of the towns and what makes them unique and shared some thoughts about items and the combat system.

QuietGecko did some audio work (goblin vo, player attack and hurt, enemy hit)

I went and created an asset list for AguaHervida so he could have some guidance for his pixelart work, he's doing some good progress.

Inki also pushed ahead with the coloring of the title screen (WIP)

Day 1

  • Create a skeleton based on Broken Connections


  • Discuss design of main character and antagonist

Day 2

  • Gameboy Color Layout with sharp scaling
  • Add test overworld and town

  • Rudimentary battles
  • Integrate music and sound effects
  • Allow petting dog
  • Integrate new pixel art for building and the main character

  • Add support for high-resolution cutscenes (double canvas) and integrate two test cutscenes

  • Add simple victory condition (kill the devil)
  • Add procgen for devil's stronghold using StygianGenerator lib (Rainy Day implementation as a reference)


  • Discussing name of the game

Creating a roguelike based on the Colombian paisa mythos.

If this random placement of content affects gameplay in a substantial way, it's fine. If you are just swapping objects and the impact is minimal, you may want to reconsider if it's a roguelike.

If this was an honest mistake. It's fine. Make sure you submit it by March 10 the same time you started on March 3.

you can post two games but both should be developed within the 7drl time-frame (ending next Sunday March 12)