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Thank you!

Yes, we'll definitively have MacOs downloadable builds soon.

the desktop version is completely keyboard based for now. We'll eventually add mouse support but keyboard will always be there.

That's a good point! I didn't manage to put it in just because of lack of time during the challenge. I'll keep it in mind for next update.

For now, try to have as few whips as possible :)

Yeah, there's a reason why I removed them :)

That's one of the thing that triggered the resurrection of the project this year.

0.8.3 will allow 800x600 with smaller tiles :)

well thanks! I added some from there, since this is open source anyone can replace them if they feel like it.

Fixed for 0.8.3

Yup, that's actually the current solution I put in place (I was't clear on that), tho I still haven't releaed 0.8.3 so might be able to find some better voices for females and put them in.

Sounds disabled for 0.8.3, until we get some better assets.

Fixed for 0.8.3 thanks!

Thanks, fixed for v0.8.3

Try this one:

Just place it in the directory and then run `java -jar cvrl.jar sgfx slash-barrett_800x600_64x64.ui`

It may look a bit cramped; I tried setting up one with smaller icons however the engine is currently hardcoded to a 64x64 grid size; might change that in a future version.

Maybe I should upload it here for historical reasons, but the newer version is much better in all aspects I think.

Ha, yeah, if you check 1.73, I think their voices where still there. The problem was they were not very fitting. Need to find new ones (or replace them altogether with a "damage" SFX)

I'm sure there are some good foundations for a game there, looking forward to it happening eventually!

Maybe I made it too hard :D let me know if you cannot make it thru!

Thank you for playing! was very useful to come up with some improvement ideas :)

Thank you for the gameplay! I just pushed a version which fixes the audio loading issue and includes some improvements based on your run :)

You can upload bug fixes, just keep the original 7DRL version accessible somewhere for jurors and for people who is curious about what is possible in 7 days, and make sure to state in your page (and in-game) that it is an updated 7drl++ version or similar.

hi! This game seems to be mislabeled as turn-based, can you please edit your submission? Thanks!

Glad you enjoyed it! HP and Gold are displayed in a bar at the bottom; if you missed it then it means there's a scaling bug in this codebase that I ought to fix (try zooming out a bit for now or resizing your display?)

thank you, yes! I need to create downloadables for this one as well as SpelunkyRL and Rainy Day

Day 7 - Too tried to write about it. There will be a devlog soon. I think this was a great success!

As a way to maintain the spirit of the challenge, we are asking all entries to contain elements of procedural content generation that impact gameplay in a substantial way. Advanced algorithms are not required, as long as you are providing a new experience with every run, but just placing enemies randomly in a fixed map may not cut it. 

If you are planning to build something on top of the bropotato style game that will bring it closer to roguelikes instead of just making a clone that contains some roguelike elements, it should be fine.

So, would it be removed? probably not. How much well received it would be, on the other hand, depends on how much it innovates.

  • Keep your original entry accesible to jurors, curious people, and your future self
  • 7drl++ versions with only QoL improvements and critical bugfixes are common, just NO additional content
  • You are of course free to continue developing your idea post 7drl. You might want to leave the submitted page for the original and the 7drl++ versions , and create a new one for the continued development (or just keep a link to the original)

Day 6

It’s Saturday so let’s get things done.

Added a location image for the Berkeley Manor; the artist (sirena) mentioned it’s a WIP but it looks awesome already to me.

Fixed procedural levels navigation flow so you can go back to previous level, created the Debi’s Path complex to be able to cross the Borgia mountains. Went to bed.

Next day I pushed forward with content and game completion: I added escort missions you need to do to gain gold and get things going; added maps for Veros, Aljiba, Castlevania Ruins, Yuba Lakeside, Ferryman’s cabin.

I completed the sequences required to complete the game, that is, provided combat works, speaking of which, jucarave joined the party to try and help with that. He already sent changes to migrate away from SpelunkyRLs puzzly combat system into something more traditional.

Day 5

Woke up 1am with something on my mind. The scope of the game needed to be reduced.

I decided we would include a single mansion, Berkeley. The game would cover all the way to the first relic of Dracula, and nothing more. This will allow us to not spread ourselves too thin, and focus on just two fun dungeons (Dabi’s path cavern as well)

Most of the little time I could invest today was design work, getting rid of all the content we won’t need, and redesigning the main questline.

I remade the overworld map with new boundaries and locations, including the broken west bridge, and the much more challenging South bridge, which is an overworld location with two exits, the player should be placed left or right of the bridge depending on what border he used to leave the bridge, and likewise should be placed depending on where he’s coming from.

Yes, you can submit more versions until the same time of the day you started on March 3, on March 10.

Day 4

Added Camilla (Carmilla?) Cemetery area with image made by Vitor.

Onboarded slashwareknight stoltverd into the project, to devise a nice unique simple fun combat system, he worked on it today, we’ll review it tomorrow.

Decided to guide the development by the “game solution”, a sequence of things that need to be done to complete the game; following that, you can now buy things from merchants

You can also use items to unlock doors.

Also using QuietGecko’s overworld theme which is pretty fantastic.

The game is just too big. I doubt I’ll be able to complete it.

Day 3

Was not very productive due to adulting, work, and general tiredness.

Continuing with my focus on data entry I organized the parameters for the procedural generators for all the “encounter” areas for the overworld regions, as well as an initial configuration of the generator for dungeons (mansions and caverns). Still a lot of tweaking to do on the latter mainly, but at least we have a first step for dungeons.

The game still doesn’t have a combat system of its own. I plan do address that tomorrow with Stoltverd.

Also looking for someone who can help fill the initial location with interesting data; looks like I’ll end up doing it myself, but it’s going to be fun.

Day 2

Past midnight, decided to push a bit more, allowing leaving maps from “the borders”, i.e. walking away instead of having to use an exit.

Next day, busy with family stuff, work, and not feeling well at all during the PM.

Some late night progress though, tweaked the title screen flow a bit, and the initial inventory, just to be able to send a first build to the audio guys so they could hear and get an idea of where we are going. Still not sure if we should just go with Jorge Fuentes amazing arrangements, or create our very own, inspired by them.

Added some messages to the gravestones, just for fun (derailed into investigating the Belmont lineage more than I should)

I also finished transcribing all the NPC texts so we can load them into the game eventually.

The biggest progress of the day, though, was adding random encounters with volatile (simple) procgen areas.

This is fine. If you want to be strict with yourself just pretend you started working March 2 in the Morning and submit by March 9 same time of the day as a 7DRL entry.  Otherwise and if it's going to be different enough than the initial entry, you can start now using it as a base, and submit by March 10 23:59.

Please create a separate page and state that you started from other entry, just for clarity of the reviewers.

I will write more about the project itself when I have some time. It's a sequel to my first 7DRL, which I thought would be fitting as my 20th anniversary entry. It's also super ambitious (bad for scope!) recreating Simon's Quest as a roguelike.

Teaming up with two illustrators and two audio guys.

Day 1

I decided to start by focusing on data entry, not so much coding, so I compiled a LOT of data from Cv2: Simons Quest

Also had some fun creating maps using rexPaint, then exporting to TXT.

Finally it was time to have some code. I cloned spelunkyrl, removed the monochrome display, and loaded map data for Belmont Manor and Overworld. Then tweaked UI a bit.

I went to bed around 2am with this progress.

Next day, night time, I created Jova town with NPCs with dialogs

Added location images when entering it.

7DRL Challenge 2024 community » Devlogs · Created a new topic CvRL:2
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A sequel to my first 7DRL, CvRL - Play online at 

Gameplay video:

Hit me up in discord, I'm `slashie` :)

Hi jarpagon, did you find a team?

Hi WoodsyT, did you find a team?

Hi Alpha97, did you find a team?

Hi! sent you a friend request via discord :)


I'm looking for an artist that can create art similar to this:

The art would be used in key parts of the game, which is going to be ASCII.

It's going to be fun :)