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Nice one! first levels were a bit dull but the challenge ramped pretty nice and the overpopulation theme was fully realized :)

Nice one! I think the puzzles were well designed. There were some glitches where tiles would disappear and the solve indicator would go crazy but it's understandable! 

Cute graphics! the bunny detection felt a bit off but it worked well enough. Would be better for rabbits to "fly" off screen after being hit with the broom (however... I guess they'll come back afterward :"D)

Thank you, and the best is yet to come :)

Thank you for playing! We were planning to have this but didn't manage to include it (at least not in this initial version :))

Known issues for TriJam:

  • There's a bug in the check for distance to Hero while spawning bats, so, please avoid exploiting this if you want to experience the game as intended (don't spawn bats just next to the player)
  • Better visuals, work the contrast, and the character selection to make it more easily readable especially in the overworld.
  • In-game hints of the next location to travel to.
  • Warnings when delving into out-of-depth dungeons.
  • Kakariko Village with some shops!
  • Improved sequence for resurrection.
  • Scrollable map mode.
  • Improved ranged combat with easier to switch ranged weapon.
  • Fix bug with characters not being erased when a projectile is shot out of viewport.
  • Graphical mode with minimalistic icons?
  • Description of enemies and items.

Some roguelike fans have been pretty vocal about not liking at all the removal of permadeath; I get most of them haven't played the game to really understand the rationale behind the change: with the small pool of hit points, and a combat system that puts the player head to head with enemies, it's just too unfair on the player to completely end his run when the hearts run out. 

Removing permadeath, however, doesn't remove the "persistence of consequences" that is so important for traditional roguelikes; although your life will be spared and you will be warped to a safer location, you lose one Heart Container, and when you are down to three containers in advanced stages of the game, it just becomes non-viable to continue.

Removing permadeath also doesn't mean you can openly "save scum ", your save file still gets deleted when used, so you cannot save and reload to cheat on exploring a dangerous location or event.

In any case, the game FEELS much better now, let me know what you think :)

Thank you! hehe yeah, I guess I just have to introduce a frustrating aspect in every game I create, even on this one 😅😅

In theory, all the info you need to complete that quest is on that planet, but you have to visit all the cities there and pay a bit of attention. (but a lot of people have complained about it)

Thank you! do you recall under which situations it did freeze? I'm guessing this is from the version, where I had already removed some overly underoptimized routines, but I guess some still snuck in 😅😅.

What version of chrome is it? do other JSRL games work (see for instance )

Alright then!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

thanks! It's weird that it's not running in Chrome because that's what I use. Is there any error in the console?

Also the tutorial should only be enforced once... is this happening in the same machine? Might be an issue with local storage permissions.

Glad you liked it!

Will improve the tutorial re: bombs.

Might continue adding some more elements from Spelunky, if people is interested! (esp. Spelunky nerds :D)

Adding Manfred sounds intriguing! 😈

Thank you! :)

Thank you, always glad to have fans of Spelunky like it :)

Thank you!

Thank you :)

Thank you and thanks for the report about the typo in the tutorial. Fixed for upcoming versions!

Not sure what could be done about the bomb tho. Maybe some infinite supply :P

We did it! will write a full devlog sometime soon, for now you can play at

Day 6 now

Day 1

Day 1 was about 2 hours of work. Transformed "Rainy Day" into SpelunkyRL. Then design and data. Doing data entry from the beginning instead of last day this time.

We also worked on an awesome music track for the game, inspired by Spelunky but with the Gecko touch.

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A roguelike based on Spelunky. Not much time for detailed devlog for now, check twitterfor live updates

only if they are roguelikes! :)


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My entry this year will be a pure character-based display game, just like last year, and the year before. Don't worry about other games "overshadowing it"; just have fun and make a fun game.

I think in this case you would just be deferring the map generation to a procedure happening in the brain of different players so it is still procedural generation vs. having fixed content in the game.

Good luck! :)

We are working on an honor basis. Plus there's a curse in place if you fail to comply, you'll never produce a fun game.

Thank you! let me know when you win :)

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Hi, thank you!

You need to put the 64bit jcurses DLL in the `lib` directory, you can download it from here:

Just delete the existing libjcurses.dll from there, put the new one, and it should work!

Thank you, Jupi! :)

It's currently not possible.

Nothing is planned right now due to lack of capacity. But someday... maybe...

Hi! You need to have java installed, then double click on the .jar file.   Sorry for the lack of instructions (although I believe the manual should have some info about this)

Check them out here

The 7DRL Expo 2021 is happening March 25 at The Temple of The Roguelike via roguenet, 11 games will have a booth, and people will visit and discuss the 7DRL.

Check out the schedule if you want to meet with the exhibitors.

Hope to see you there to talk about roguelikes!