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1. As far as I remember, you don't need to set up any payment if you want to publish a free game.

2. Nope, it's just a web upload of your package, if it's an executable, or a zip with an index.html if it's web

3. You don't have to but it's the preferred way, so that entries can remain in time

Since the submission process uses the normal itch.io game upload, I'd suggest you upload a test game before the 7DRL just to get the hang of the process, it's really simple.

Posted in Itch Key?

Send me a pic of your steam lib with the game on it and I'll send you an itch.io key

Loved how it became quicker as he was dying :)

Good one :) 

The ROGUE program has activated and is corrupting the characters on the AVRS system, transforming them into monsters. Our only hope is summoning the program manager to kill the process and keep the balance on the software.

Play online at https://slash.itch.io/rogue-program

Any feedback is welcome :)

Yes! I'll release a new version on all platforms soon, including the Witch class :)

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Sorry you missed your bus stop! I hope your adventure was worth it :D

I'm planning to do some tweaks and release a new version soon. Also, be brave!!! :D

I'm interested vektra! still deciding what game to make but I'll need good chiptunes regardless :)