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In the future there will be more parameterization/customization options, but at the moment I have no plans to add forests.

Nope, currently there is no way to paint or upload land shapes.

Not an algorithm, but the idea: the main difference with this generator is that its output contains elements of "local symmetry". This is supposed to make a dungeon look human-made, like there was a purpose or a plan for it.

That's quite a lot, I appreciate it :)

Well, then probably it's just that: your maps are too large. You can try a different browser though.

Does the Arcana version of it work for you?

It's easy to implement a mixed forest, but I doubt it will improve the resulting look as it won't be a realistic forest consisting of different types of trees, but just a chaos of cones and ellipsoids :)

Implementing elevation is trickier. I tried this before, but there were too many issues. Probably I'll try again when I finally decide to remake this whole thing using some more modern technology.

There are no roundhouses in the generator and I've never considered them as I aim for the style(s) associated with later ages. In theory, I could implement roundhouses as another "roof type", but I don't think that lining the same roads with circular shapes would look like anything historically accurate :)

Calling these maps regional is my deliberate choice: I don't want to bother with different climate zones and similar things that need to be considered when generating maps of a continent scale. However, the scale is not specified here, so you can generate an island and treat it as a continent. The density of settlements is based on the fact that each map is made of hexes and I can't allow towns to be placed closer than 2-3 hexes from each other.

What happens when you try? Does this happen to all your JSONs or just a particular one? Do the sample settlements (the ones that load when press Enter) work normally?

You can use images created by the generator as you like... Attribution is appreciated, but not required...

"Export as SVG" in the context menu.

It's an interesting idea, but it seems a bit too niche to implement it as a standard option. However, someone could create a standalone tool for translating an exported JSON into this kind of description.

Well, as I said, there is no easy way to superpose PNG and JSON, especially in the case of cities. Maybe it would be more straightforward with SVG, but I can't guarantee it without checking the code - this is implemented differently in my different generators. I have no idea how trivial it is to load/manipulate/render SVG in Unity though.

Feel free to ignore the following if you think I'm too slow: To be honest, I still don't understand why it's needed, I might be missing something. This is how I see it: the DM selects a map by browsing PNGs and after that a corresponding JSON is loaded. The JSON data (and only JSON data!) is used to build a 3D scene and that scene is used both for presenting it to players in all its 3D glory AND for as a workspace for DM for adding/editing/removing stuff. In this scenario PNGs are only used as previews and no superposing is needed. Isn't it?

I get the idea, but to be honest, I doubt I my implementation of this functionality would be any more convenient than using any generic graphics editor with different types of brushes and stuff and, more importantly, the ability to save, restore and update the mask layer.

I'll consider something like this👍

I don't know, maybe. But the current version occasionally spawns larger church-like buildings, sometimes more than one.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "sparse", but the Warp tool is the only means of editing anything here, and you can't really add new elements with it, only distort existing ones. Nice toponyms btw!


Thank you!

How do you see this in practice? Would you like each building to have its number written on the top?

Such a feature may be added one day, but I have no concrete plans for it at the moment.

I have a question: why do you need a PNG? How are you going to use it? Why do you need to superpose PNG and JSON?

In VG, when a user requests a map of a specific size, the generator builds a map a bit larger. In JSON the whole generated map is exported, in PNG - only its visible (requested) part. The point with coordinates (0, 0) in the JSON file will be at the centre of the PNG image.

In MFCG, it's more complicated because the generator exports a map (in PNG and SVG) in such a way that the content (buildings) fills the whole image more or less.

You can not - this generator is not open source.

Thanks! I used to consider some kind of integration, but with the recently added District view ( I think it doesn't make much sense anymore. Also this:

The thing is that the compass position is not updated explicitly when a map is rotated.

  • If the compass wasn't moved manually before the rotation, it gets repositioned automatically. In most cases it looks like it is rotated along with the map, but sometimes it is moved somewhere else. This is not a bug, however I'll probably change this behaviour.
  • If the compass was moved manually before the rotation, it remains exactly at the the same unrotated position. If the map is not square, the compass may even disappear completely, and this needs to be fixed.

Oh, this is interesting! Unfortunately, I still can't reproduce this glitch to see it with my own eyes, but at least I can recommend it to others to try. Cheers!

No news on this front, sorry.

With the current algorithms it's not possible. However, people ask about this surprisingly often, so guess I need to think about it...

Not a solution, but:

  1. Almanac is a list of labelled map features. If you don't want a specific city (wood, mountain range etc) to have a label on the map, "remove it from the almanac". In the same way you can add a map feature to the almanac.
  2. Toponyms are unreliable, sometime they get rerolled when they shouldn't it. It's a bug, but at the moment it is as it is. Changing the Style settings do not get toponyms rerolled though.
  3. Same as the previous point.
  4. Saving any custom changes (custom names, added settlements etc) is a more complex task than it may seem. I don't think this will be implemented anytime soon, but I do hope to fix permalinks.

Uncheck the "Random" checkbox in the "Generate" window. If you don't need a castle, uncheck the "Citadel" checkbox there.

Currently it is not possible to specify  the required number of districts. There is no hard minimum, but the larger the city, the more district are spawned.

You mean the Tags window is too large for a mobile screen?

I hope to find a way to implement this kind of customization, but for now I don't know how to do it "gracefully", because each room type is not just a name, but also its average size, how regularly shaped it should be, how many windows it requires etc...

I think that with shanty towns (which really should be renamed "sprawl" or something like that) 500k is achievable, but 1m is not. This is not what one would expect from a *medieval* city generator anyway :)

(1 edit)
  • I don't feel like there are too many triangular buildings. They were a scourge of early versions of the generator, but now most of the buildings are more or less rectangular. Weird shapes still happen in difficult locations (e.g. around towers) and some of them get filtered out. I'm afraid more "aggressive" filtering will lead to noticeable holes in the pattern of buildings. You can try choosing Display mode: Complex to turn most triangular shapes into smaller "polyominoes".
  • I think that introducing an additional size parameter will make it more confusing. Also, it might cause a situation when a requested "village size" is too large for a requested "map size" (I guess the opposite is not a big problem). In addition to the map size, there are also population density tags sparse and dense which affect the number of buildings in the village (but not its area/radius).
  • Yes, palisades are still on my list. Actually, they will be the next big feature I'm going to try implementing in the village generator.


I can't offer a solution because I don't get what the problem is:) What do you mean by "unable to get the coordinates"? You can't locate them within a file?