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Thank you. In the post I said that these features are harder to implement, but they definitely will be added in the future, probably in the next update.

It would be pretty easy to implement custom "water maps".  User-defined main roads are harder but also feasible. Actually, there are more things that could be customized, e.g. elevation, population density etc. Probably some of these options will be added in the future, but not until generated stuff is stable enough.



Yeah, I think I'll have to implement something like that in the future. Adding a palisade and (optionally) a simple keep shouldn't be too hard.

Everybody likes it: :)

On my next iteration I'll remake gatehouses properly. This 3-boxes thing is copied from Toy Town. It was more or less my first 3D app ever, I can do a bit better now.

First of all, this render of yours is VERY cool! Can I share it on my Twitter (with credits of course)?

About those issues - that's how the viewer works. I don't have many tools for procedural mesh generation (in Away3D), so, for example, a gatehouse is just three boxes combined without trying to clip anything. I probably can (and should) fixes gatehouses, but walls are harder. If you take a look at exported mansions you'll know it can be much worse :)

There is a pretty large number of algorithms in play for different aspects of the generator. The roads are based on "Parish-Müller's approach".  Try googling these two names together, this should give links to a number of their papers.

How do you mean? Is it about fields not hugging roads or trails crossing fields or something else?

Thanks! What features of VG do you miss in MFCG?

Yeah, tree coverage depends on where fields are, so I just reroll trees when they are toggled. It is possible to keep forest shapes constant and just apply additional "thinning" by fields, but it seemed too much work to bother.

Thanks for the report! I've uploaded a version which should fix (hopefully) this bug.


I'll comment on this in the post on Patreon (which is coming soon).

  1. I know nothing about Unreal.
  2. I know roughly the same amount of nothing about Unity, but at least I have it installed. Indeed, it looks like all the normals are wrong (flipped). Probably Unity expects a different vertex order or axes are supposed to be oriented differently? Anyway, you'll need to flip the normals of your model, but I have no idea how to do it in Unity.

The generator runs in your browser. Click the tank to set focus on it, then press Enter to generate another one.

Got it. So could you check the browser console? Does anything appear there when you try to export?

(It is weird, especially for JSON which shouldn't be affected by the legend at all)

  1. How do you export it? As PNG, SVG, JSON?
  2. What do you mean by "would not export"? You choose one of those formats (or choose "Export as PNG" in the context menu) and nothing happens?
  3. Does it happen with any map and landmarks or only with specific ones?

Yeah, I agree, but I didn't want to add too many controls because the panel was already crowded. I'm planning to rework it in the future. I skipped this specific parameter as it seemed to be the least important of them.

You don't need to install it, it runs in your browser.

This will probably be implemented in the future. What will definitely be implemented in the next update is an ability to edit location names.

Apparently this is another consequence of a known bug which will be fixed in the next update. For now to make labels appear you need to change the font size (Style > Elements > Font size) to anything.

I think this is related to your suggestion.

That's weird. Could you check your browser console? Are there any messages about errors or something?

Town icons are procedurally generated (they all are slightly different), so they are not like real assets. I would recommend just moving/copying them to places where you need in an image editor if you are not happy with generated locations.

People use it for generating dungeons for their tabletop games.


Settlement > Export as > JSON

Hi. For me it works normally. Also I haven't updated this generator since last October, so it's not like a broken version was uploaded recently or something. Doesn't "New dungeon" item in the context menu work for you?

There is no way to save/load a village, sorry. In the next update it will become possible to get a seed of a village to regenerate it later.

Ok, here is a clarification: that option is in the city generator :) 

The problem is with the export, not with the import. City Viewer is all right.

It does, it just is not labeled. The last item on the Buildings tab, a "combo box" with values "Block", "Off", "Simple" and "Complex".


Sorry that it took me so long to reply to your detailed description of the problem. As I said, I don't specify normals explicitly in obj, they are derived from the vertex order. Yes, I can add an option to reverse that order. Or I can specify vertex normals and that will also allow me to implement smooth surfaces. I'll try both options next time I update City Viewer or Procgen mansion. Maybe I should buy TTS, it's not expensive...

To place a bridge is harder than it seems. Initially the generator could place several bridges over a river, but it often produced weird configurations with a road changing sides back and forth. With two rivers I will have to allow multiple bridges again and there will be even more opportunities for the generator to build something silly.

I planned to release a desktop version with saving/loading in March, but got distracted by more interesting stuff.

Buildings? You means town icons? But why would you need them, they are just squares and triangles!

These dungeons can be exported as json, but as far as I know only a couple of editors can import them.

Thank you! 

I think that the trick with switching rooms is overpowered and maybe I should apply a penalty for using it. For example, I could reduce progress for reentering a room.  This won't make the game much harder, just a little to discourage abusing this "feature".

I'll try to implement something like this in the next update.

I've found what causes this problem and it will be fixed in the next update. Until then, you can make the export work by choosing any value in Style > Buildings > Shape (Block/Off/Simple/Complex).