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Currently there are 2 types of roads: main roads (running from the city center to the edge of the map) and regular streets within wards. In the future the main roads will be editable, but not the regular streets. The only thing you can do with streets is rerolling them by shift-clicking the ward.

I'm working on something like that:

Ok, I'll consider adding "easy mode" with AI enemies nerfed.

Multiple rings of walls (and not only rings) is a popular request. It's not possible with the current algorithm, but I hope to fix it later. Meanwhile here is an image as a recognition of the fact that people need more walls: link :)

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No worries at all. Here are a couple of my comments on what a gate ward is: link1, link2 (people ask about it a lot). So it may contain some... guards-related buildings (barracks, armories, a gatehouse itself etc), but definitely not only them. Like with the most of other ward types the name of this one is supposed to be treated as a hint, not as a literal explanation what is there. Also I'm planning to replace them all with something more subtle in the future.

Thanks for the feedback.

In the last update I've added an option to change the font size of annotations, it should help a little. In theory I could implement a smarter algorithm to place them, but to be honest I always considered labels to be a feature of little importance. As far as I can judge people don't use them much. When there will be more interesting generated neighborhood names I'll try to do something to fix the situation, maybe I'll add map legend as an option.

That's on my to-do list.

What's wrong with gate wards?

I'm working on something like that:

How exactly it doesn't work? Blank "screen"? 

I don't know how you combine them (do you make a large city of several smaller ones, create a region map with several separate cities or something else?), but it's seems to me that such things are easier to do with svg export - no quality loss and also all svg's come in the same scale.


Instead of a map orientation I can try to implement a rotation tool as a part of the "warp" tool. It should do the trick if I understand correctly: generate a city with features you need and then just rotate it to have the coast on the north or wherever you like. Am I right?

Some of the features you request are not hard to implement as such but they require further complication of already too complex menu system (castle and coast location, districts customization). Right now it's not possible to have more than 1 layer of walls, as a large part of the generation process depends on a binary state of each map region "inside/outside city walls", but I hope to fix it later. 

What does "move wall to edge" mean?


I'm considering remaking the whole rivers system to enable a wider variety of water features including tributaries, islands etc.

I'm considering remaking the whole rivers system to enable a wider variety of water features including tributaries, islands etc. For now the only mean of achieving such things is Photoshop :)

Mines? Within a city? o_O

To be honest I don't see how a mountain range would affect a city. A city needs to be really large (like a modern metropolis) to be "distorted" by such big landscape features as mountain ranges.

Sorry, I don't know how I missed this. I doubt you still need the answer, but just in case here it is: the generator exports taking into account the currently selected palette (and most other options), so you just need to switch to b&w palette before exporting.

Thanks! Names are just chosen randomly from a relatively small vocabulary. The original idea was to query them from WordNet (or similar database), but that would be too much work :)

What would be the point that to submit it to PROCJAM otherwise? :)

Once a card of the current deck (of 78 cards) is generated it stays the same. To get a new deck refresh the page or press 1, 2, 3, 4 or ~.

I started early and I did it because I'm on a trip exactly for the duration of the jam :)

It was my initial plan, but I failed

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Click an attacker and then click an enemy to attack.

Every district has a set of parameters affecting its layout - how regular is the grid of its alleys, how big are the buildings etc. This way different parts of a city has visibly different layouts. But in some cases it may look wrong, for example on one side of a street buildings are tiny and on the opposite side buildings are huge . When the "Continuous" option is checked, the generator tries to change these parameters across districts gradually to avoid abrupt shifts.

Yes, there is: link.  But is it that bad for you now? On my decent, but pretty old MacBook  Pro (2013, 8Gb) it never takes longer than a fraction of second to generate even a large city. There may be some memory leaks though depending on a browser...

Currently there is no way to do it. Later Toy Town will become a part of MFCG and it will be possible just to switch view modes - Map/3D.

Thanks for support!

Using arbitrary font styles (changing the on the fly) is harder than it seems. But if all you need is a nice final image, you can export a map into SVG and change font settings there.

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It is possible in the non-itch version:

I'm like 95% sure it's Microsoft Edge.

Initially there were only craftsmen, merchant and market (or something like that). Then I've found a link to that RPG book I cited and borrowed some section names from there (e.g. Patriciate) for the sake of variety. I can't find it now and I only have that piece of text because I answered the same question before :) It was some non-dnd book (or a excerpt from a book) about medieval city life. Actually I'm planning to rework this ward system and maybe I'll even remove them completely - multiple "craftsmen" placed side by side don't make much sense on a map.

Изначально я накидал тех заклинаний, которые мне сразу пришли в голову еще до тестирования и балансировки. Потом я заменил Экзекьют на Вэниш и теперь действительно Рест - самое бесполезное заклинание на данный момент, но придет и его черед :)

Да, в правом нижнем углу есть кнопка фулскрина, она должна помочь (в полноэкранном режиме игра  пытается подстроиться под то разрешение, которое ей дают, в том числе на андроидах). "Сообщения" могут действительно не влезать, но настоящие подсказки отображаются по шифт-клику и с ними должно быть все нормально.

Both sfx and "music" are reused from my old games :)

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions, probably I should add the answer to the description... Here is a text from some RPG book:

Gate wards are a bustling part of town, where traders line up to enter the city, sellers hawk their goods, and vendors sell various foods on a stick. Gate wards are second only to market wards in activity. In order to have a gate ward, communities must have gates, or designated areas where people must enter the city. At these areas of entry, some level of inspection, inquiry, or taxation of merchants usually takes place.

Спасибо, оба бага уже исправлены в моей рабочей версии (не на 100% процентов уверен насчет второго), скоро выложу. Прирученных мобов все равно собираюсь переделать, там как-то неинтуитивно сейчас.

I'm planning to merge Toy Town and MFCG at some point in future (probably soon) so it will be possible to toggle map view/3d view, but for now there is no way to do it, sorry.

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Are you talking about things like a number of enemies killed, cards revealed, food eaten or just a score? The former doesn't have much meaning in the current version of the game (imo) and the latter is not implemented. But I'm considering ways to expand it and a bigger game will definitely need something like this.