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Sticking with only sensible (or menacing) designs wouldn't provide enough variety :)

I'm not sure about C#, but yes, Haxe code can be compiled  to C++. That's actually how building for Android and iOS works.

I only recently learned how to reproduce this bug, but now I can try to fix it.

Cool! Does it work with the latest version of MFCG? I tweaked JSON  there a little. Unfortunately, I don't know Python and I don't have it installed to check it myself.

Thank you! I'm currently working on a feature which (hopefully) should make importing maps into Roll20 easier.

The you may want to try this fix:

Has it ever worked for you?

(1 edit)

Thank you!

Making note text editable is easy, but then it would be reasonable to expect an ability to add/move/remove notes and that's a much more complex feature to implement.

If you have a specific picture in mind about required districts number, their location, shape, size etc,  it would probably be easier just to hide annotations and label districts manually in a graphics editor. "District editor" will be implemented eventually, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. It will require some significant amount of work on UI.

Hi! I'll be ready to release the source code when I'm done with project. In this sense, I'm definitely closer than I used to be, but I'm not there yet :) What part of the code are you interested in? The one about rooms/tunnels/doors?

I'll consider it when I'm done with project. Probably soon, but not yet.

I can implement it as another style. But to make it work there should be something like a station - nobody builds houses along tracks in a place where trains don't stop :) 

In the current version villages always have one main road running through them. This may change in the future.

Adding "river" and "coast" as options is easy and it will be implemented soon. Population is trickier since it's an emerging characteristic, not something explicitly chosen.

The "terrain" here includes the main road and the "potentially populated area". If they don't overlap enough, the chance of  spawning a large settlement is low.

Already done, right after @Slashie announced it :) Nice and fancy!

If only I had time for that... and fantasy... and knack for inventing puzzles... :)

Can't argue with that :)

Yes, GeoJSON coordinates are longitude and latitude in degrees and that's how I treat them in MFCG. But it doesn't really matter unless you are placing loaded data on the actual Earth sphere, so in the future I'm going to switch to much more readable values in meters.

Road width is not a coordinate, it's obviously a length value. Its unit is a length of a degree at the equator which is around 111 km. The width of major roads in MFCG is 8 meters.

A quote:

Sorry, I don't publish source code of my unfinished projects. TownGeneratorOS is there because at that moment I thought I was done with the generator.

It's about pressure of update requests, pull requests and a general burden of supporting an open source project.

Will do!

I win every time on Easy, occasionally on Medium and never on Hard. I guess it means that the difficulty selector is calibrated correctly.


Sorry, can't help you here. Normally I test svg files in Chrome (and actually it's been a long time since I changed anything in svg export),  but I've just installed the only available to me version of Illustrator (2020) to see how it work - no issues with exported maps.

It's possible to do in the new version.

OK, I think it's the same bug as this. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it, but I will keep trying.

  1. If you use the non-itch version of the generator you can refresh the page to revert a map to its "original" state (that is, the one before any changes are made to it).
  2. The font is "IM Fell Great Primer"

"England", "Italy", "Germany" etc are just names, these style are only distantly related to real regional architecture styles. For example for me "England" looks as much English as French (probably minus the rain). In the future there will be a style editor.

Yes, such layout will be added in the future.

Do you mean more palettes? I probably will, it's not much work...

Thank you. I've been planning to expand it for a long time, but other projects have higher priorities. I still hope ti will happen.

I'll make one 👍

It's an issue of Brave blocking webgl content (iirc). It's too much hassle for me to install another browser to try fixing it, sorry.

It's more complicated. The size of the square depends on the dimensions of the dungeon and it is chosen to maximize the resolution of the exported map. Since it's a popular request I think eventually I'll allow to specify the exact size of a cell.

Thanks! Are you talking about the size of the grid? It should be relatively easy to apply your own grid if you disable the built-in one first ("G").

Actually, something like that is already implemented: press Shift+ENTER to regenerate a village on the same terrain and with the same highway.

Well, it's a village generator, so I don't think it will work with larger settlements. Currently I'm planning to add port/dock areas and town squares (which can be treated as markets), but not walls.

What OS are you using? This problem was reported  on Linux, but I don't have Linux to test and I failed to reproduce it with any other OS/browser combinations. I'm planning to update the game UI, so hopefully the issue will be resolved by itself.


btw, your generator is well made. Is there a write-up for the algorithms used?

As far as I remember, there were a couple of my comments on Reddit about how it works, I'll check it. There is also the source code of some early version of the generator on GitHub.

Also, the rivers usually have 1-2 bridges. There should be more along a long river, I think.

Rivers in MFCG are pretty large, usually around 50-100 meters wide. In Middle Ages it was expensive to build a bridge over a river this wide (and probably still is nowadays). I would argue that 1-2 bridges is a reasonable number (augmented by ferries), although it could vary depending on many factors (size of the city, its prosperity level and strategic position, available materials etc). But actually I don't define the number of bridges explicitly, they are just points of intersection of large roads and the river. In some cases a single "secondary bridge" is added when it looks like there are not enough "primary" ones.

I'm not sure I get what you mean by sections, but yes, in the future there will be more means to edit and customize your city.