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OK, this means I imagined it correctly :) I still don't understand how could it happen, so I would really appreciate a screenshot if something like this happens again. Since the generator works with hexes, such borders are not hard to implement, but it wouldn't make maps automatically "stitchable", because there wouldn't be continuity of terrain.

No, I think you are doing it wrong. 

  1. Open the Armoria website.
  2. Make sure that the Armoria editor is open: there should be one large coat of arms, not a whole page full of small ones.
  3. Edit that coat of arms as needed.
  4. In the top menu choose Save > Copy COA string. The code for you coat of arms will copied into the clipboard.
  5. In the Emblem window of the city generator paste that string into input field (replacing the previous value).
  6. Press OK.

No additional files need to be involved, everything works via the clipboard. Unless you want to save your design for later - in notepad or whatever.

Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. I mean, there is no such feature, but I am not sure if I understand you correctly. Could you send me a screenshot if encounter this effect again?

I've got only two reports (incl. yours) and no detailed information unfortunately, so there was no fix for it.

OK, now I see it too. This didn't happen in the native (non-web) version and it looks like it is caused by needles (too many individual shapes?). I'll try to investigate this.

There are technical issues which prevent me from adding it. I hope they will be resolved eventually, but for now you may want to enable the "Thin lines" option (in the Style window).

Open the "Village tags" dialog ("Tags..." in the context menu) and select the "island" tag.

Not a game.

Hi! I've been planning to overhaul water in this generator for a long time to allow more diverse configurations incl. river forks (but also islands, ponds etc.). Maybe I'll dedicate the next update to this subject.

Hi! Thanks for your message and offer of help, but I'm not planning to add other languages at the moment. I mean, yeah, it would be nice to have support for translations, that would make the generator more accessible I guess. But to do it right, it would require a lot of work and it's not exactly the kind of work I like. Also some parts of the generator (specifically, text generation) are much harder to localize.

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Yes it can. Unless the commercial project consists more or less entirely of maps generated here (e.g. "50 maps for your D&D campaign" or some similar crap).

Just to double check: you're entering names of google fonts installed on your computer, right? Because you can use any fonts (not just google fonts) but they need to be installed locally. 

That's one of the very few rewards exclusive to my patrons. Didn't build native versions for a while though, since nobody reminded me...

That's on my list. However, apart from figuring how to draw clouds consisting of dark and dead trees, there are some other issues to resolve. For example, what should I do with areas consisting of different types of tree? Mostly likely I will choose the simplest solution whatever it will be :)

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No plans for a special winter mode because effects like that are supposed to be achieved using style options, here is an example:

With other biomes the idea is the same: for example, if you need a desert map, I suggest to change the "earth" colour to something yellowish or whatever seems appropriate. More style options are planned to be added in the future to make all this more flexible.

Nope, sorry. In the future I'll probably try to reimplement hatching ("properly" vs. how it used to be implemented), but for now it is only possible to approximate hatching with b&w styles.

On the left side toolbar click the third button (Plugins) to display the Plugins pane. One of the plugins is "Import One Page Dungeon | Watabou".

OK, now I understand what the problem is - I forgot that the flags get outlined with the background colour to make them more distinguishable. In the next update I will make them (flags) optional.

I've heard of Obsidian, but never used it. I am afraid I'm not familiar enough with the whole idea to create plugins for it, I don't even know what integrating would mean in this case.

The outline color of the whole icon? You can set it in the Style dialog. 

Maybe I will add the option to hide flags, although it's very easy to erase them manually in any graphics software (which you'll need to extract individual icons from a sheet anyway).

I doubt I'll be able to express so many nuances on rather small icons, but we'll see :)

People ask about it a lot, so yeah, it will be implemented somehow.

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Elevation is not taken into account in this generator because elevation rarely affects the geometry of a city. For the same reason normallyrelief indicators (hachures, contours) are uncommon on real life city maps.

I doubt it. Have you tried this fix

It would be unclear how to return to purely random generation (without tags). You can "minimize" the tags window by clicking its title. This way it won't obscure much of the map and at the same time you will be able to use Enter for generating caves with chosen tags.

Yeah, I considered that. Both isometric and especially side-view maps would be interesting tasks to work on, but it doesn't look like many people need them.

I don't know about other settings, but the cave/forest one will be added to permalinks in the future.

By all means!

To make the "size" work you need to type in you value (in "cells", e.g. 100) there and press Enter while the cursor is in that input field. More info here: link.

Commercially in something, like an RPG adventure or in a fiction book - definitely 👍

Doors will be added eventually. 

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You can try setting "base height" to 1 (effectively creating an additional floor without windows) and optionally increasing "floor height" for a more castle-like look.


This json is "geojson-like" but it is not actual geojson and it breaks some conventions of the original format. If regular buildings are missing when you load your exported city in the City Viewer, then it means you encounter a bug described here.

It is not possible to set the aspect ratio of a city, but when it is exported (PNG/SVG), the aspect ratio of the resulting image matches the aspect ratio of the city. As a result, exported maps usually look better.

I doubt it will ever be possible to place buildings manually, but I can implement rerolling buildings without affecting existing roads.

  • You are right about notes. Fixed that in the post 👍
  • Secrets here are rooms separated from the rest of the dungeon by a "half-wall". They are not rare and here is a link to map with one: (a small room close to the entrance).  Please note, that "secrets visibility" is a persistent setting, so if you switched it off (e.g. accidentally) secret rooms won't be shown on any maps even after reloading the generator - check "View > Secret rooms" in the context menu.
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Sure: Settlement > Export > JSON

(It's common problem, I'll have to add svg and json export items right to the context menu...)

No, sorry. That happens sometimes with new updates (so it's good I don't update this often).

Yeah, I broke the json export in the last update, but it's fixed already.

It's not off the table since editing is not impossible in this generator (unlike for example in Village or Dungeon generators). No concrete plans for that at the moment though.