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Like described here in "custom colors" section: create a new file, copy that code into this new file and save it. It's your "custom palette". Drag and drop it into the generator to update colors.

You still can get white background and colored buildings using a custom palette as "saturation" of a palette is determined only by its "light" color (i.e. the color of roofs). Example:

<svg width="90px" height="40px" xmlns="">
    <rect width="90" height="40"  id="paper" fill="#ffffff"/> <!-- White background -->
    <circle cx="20" cy="20" r="10" id="ink" fill="#000000"/>
    <circle cx="45" cy="20" r="10" id="medium" fill="#336699"/>
    <circle cx="70" cy="20" r="10" id="light" fill="#ffaa55"/>

What kind of advantage are you talking about? Do you think Monk and Warlock are weaker than Fighter or they are less fun to play? Because actually I think they are stronger, but also require more attention.

Hi! Sorry, I'm going to post the source code someday, but not now. It changes too fast and it would be too much work to tidy it up for publishing.

It's complicated. This generator is written in Haxe using OpenFL framework. I don't have direct access to containing HTML, I can't just add SVG to a page to display it. It's doable of course, but it's not as easy as it would be with plain JS. I'm not sure it is possible to combine OpenFL and this "pure SVG" approach, so I'll have to rewrite a lot of stuff not related directly to mapping e.g. UI. 

But it's not the main problem though. The main problem is that with the browser as a visualizer I won't be able to reuse the code for the desktop version of the generator. The native desktop application won't have a browser inside of it, won't have a reliable way to display SVG. OK, this is doable too, but I don't want to delve this deep - district names generation is more fun :)

Are you talking about "rerolling" wards? You need to shift+click them, not just click. 

Btw in my code those little circles are called "fountains", but of course it's up to you how to interpret them :)

That's true, hatching is one of the features not supported in SVG export. I never really tried to fix it because I thought I'm the only one who uses hatching :)

Yes, kind of. Districts are colored differently now. For unsaturated palettes (e.g. Default, Ink) district colors vary in brightness instead of hue. For example this map is watercolored - note that some districts are lighter and others are darker. For saturated palettes (e.g. Ancient and Color) colors didn't change much. Depending on feedback I'll probably revert to the previous method.

I'll try to fix the issue a bit later as we described here.

Thank you (and sorry for not replying earlier)!

That's probably hard to believe but I honestly thought that "myst" was a real word (like an archaic form of "mist" or something). If they come for me I'll rename it - it's just a gamejam entry without much text and story :)

In the next update "wards" will be replaced with "districts". Each district will have a proper name (such as Old Ward, Lightford, Raven Mill etc). Initially I was going to include renaming but now I think to postpone it a little cause currently it's kind of glitchy .

I'll try to do it when I get back to this generator (although it's a bit harder than it probably seems). Meanwhile for me personally the easiest way to place a rose on a map it to switch to the a b/w palette and set the blending mode of the layer to "multiply" (or similar).

No, what you are saving is a link to the generator, not a generated map. Currently the only way to save a map is to copy and save a link in the non-itch version of the generator. For example this link is a link to a specific map (Wibount Hamlet, 3 roads, a castle at the south edge).


In medieval cities buildings almost always were placed very densely (as the space within city walls was limited). In spite of this in the next update in some districts buildings will be spaced out a little for the sake of "visual diversity".

They are much rarer now than they used to be in earlier versions, but I can't eliminate them completely.  I'm still working on it.


Could fields generation be optional, please?

They are optional: Options > Layout > Farm fields

could there be and export option which would export separated images - just river, just walls, just houses...

Yes, I thought about it and it will be implemented eventually this way or another:

Well, I hoped to have an initial desktop version in April, but it's now obvious it's not going to happen that soon.  Currently beginning of June seems more realistic and I don't know how many of "advanced" features will be included. Terrain editor is my priority.

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As ortish said you can do it through the context menu. I will probably implement export to PNG (in high resolution) and/or SVG later.

You may need to click the generator window first (to let it get the input focus).

Some of these things are beyond my scope as this is still a "generator", not an "editor/creator", but I'm working on adding customization features. There definitely will be a way to  shape a coast.

I'm going to remake it with slightly nicer visuals and without that "tie bug" :)


Nope, sorry


What OS and browser are you using? Have you tried

I will probably expand palettes beyond current 4 colours (after all), so it will be possible to change the road colour independently of the rest.

Thank you!

You are right, for every generated city there is an underlying mesh and every cell of that mesh can be assigned a "content" value - a district, a water area, a farm etc (this is a pretty serious limitation of the generator btw). And yes, I'm working on feature more or less like you described: :)

I post updates on Twitter and reddit.

I hope to implement it eventually, it's quite a popular feature request :)

I actually thought about adding PSD as an option for export and placing different elements of a map into different layers there. That's what you are asking about more or less, right? I don't  know though how complex this file format is - I wouldn't want to spent more time on implementing this than on the generator itself.

But is it that hard to remove the background and water areas from an svg? Each of them is contained within its own group which effectively should work as Photoshop layers (just a guess really).

It is Archivo Narrow

You can prevent the generator from spawning waterbodies by first uncheking the "Random" item in the "Layout submenu" and then unchecking the "Coast" and/or "River" items.

Right now you can reroll a city name (i.e. request another randomly generated name) by shift+clicking it. In the next update it will become possibly to actually rename the city. Wards are more tricky, because they are not just text labels, but it eventually I'll implement some kind of district customization.

Hey! Currently there is no way to do it and later there probably  won't be types at all.

I honestly don't know. I'll have to check how much they charge for similar applications if there are any.


I consider Pixel Dungeon a finished game and I'm not planning to add any new content or features to it. I still update it occasionally, because the game is pretty old and I need to make changes just to keep it working on newer systems, but that's it. I'm definitely going to create Pixel Dungeon 2 or something like that someday, the only question is whether it will be my next next or it will happen in ten years...

Yeah, I'm going to keep updating the web version, although no big changes/additions are planned for it at this moment.

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When you select an island which has a shipyard, the "Build flotilla" button is displayed. Click it to build a "flotilla". Once the flotilla is ready, you can transfer people from this island to another island (to colonize an empty one or to capture an enemy one). After that the flotilla is exhausted and you'll need to build a new one. There is a tiny ship shown next to an island which has a flotilla ready.

It's just a jam game, a week is barely enough to make it work, let alone to implement a tutorial :)


You can specify the seed in the standalone version ( in the url (seed parameter). Or you can just copy the whole url and paste it later. On I can't access the url, so it doesn't work here, but I will probably implement an input field later.

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I hope to release the initial desktop version within 2-3 months. It will be rewritten  from scratch, but it won't include too many new features. After that if everything is all right I'll start adding new functionality.