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HTML version is added: https://watabou.itch.io/mansion-html-version

password: html

Thanks for the comments guys!

This is what I'm going to add to the game:

  • Restart button to the both defeat and victory screens
  • Simple sound effects (bfxr ftw!)

These are small changes and I hope it's not against the rules of the challenge.

I doubt I'll be able to squeeze a tiny tutorial into it though, but maybe an overlay with labels like "Action points", "Your health" etc in the beginning of the game will be enough?

Posted in Fonts

It's my own pixel font (originally created for Myst) . I'm going to keep using it for UI and use some other more appropriate font for labelling the map.

Cheers! I mention exporting here (there is no such feature yet). The source code will be opened later (someday:))

Thanks! These are pretty cool generators. Not sure about linking, but maybe one day I'll implement my own stats (and names and all other things) :)

Thanks for a long and interesting post, sorry for not replying to it earlier! Answering to your question at the end of it: some of your suggestions can be implemented and the others... can be implemented too, but not in this life :)

First of all please note that this generator doesn't try to model a city. It just generates images which look (from afar) like maps of medieval cities. For example it was too time-consuming (for me to code, not for the generator to generate:)) to create realistic layout of small streets, so instead I used simple randomised bisecting of blocks to create an appearance of chaotic alleys. And it works if you don't look too closely. As a matter of fact there are no individual buildings, only plots of land. That's about "small castles", "noble dwellings" in slums etc. I hope to add houses to these plots later, but I don't have a clear idea how to do it yet. Then I will assign functions to all them, populate them with citizens, create biography for every citizen etc :)

  • Local temples and fountains. As I said currently there are no buildings except the main temple and the castle, but since I have the main temple, I can appoint one of larger polygons inside a ward to be a local temple with a small square in front of it and a fountain/well. It should make ward layout look more... meaningful?
  • River and canals. Yeah, I was going to place the river outside of the walls. It's an interesting note about one bank being muddier than the other. I just couldn't remember any city with a large river going through the walled area. I'm sure people will ask for such option :) Neither I remember a city with a network of canals. When I say I don't remember this or that it doesn't mean I don't believe it happens. It just mean I don't have a picture in my mind and because of that it's harder for to reproduce it with the generator.
  • Towers. I can't remove most towers, because without them the walls on the map don't look like walls :)
  • Multiple walls. That would be nice. The problem is that as far as I can judge, my cities are just too small, much smaller than real cities were. Even my "large cities" hardly have place for multiple rings of walls. I need to think what I can do about it...
  • Harbours. Yeah, I think that's how they are going to look more or less. Except walls. Were they walled at all?

I'm currently working on it. Disabling the castle is not a problem of course, adding UI for it (and all other options)  is a more serious thing

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Yeah, I guess it's possible. JSON or something...

Thanks! Implementing an editing mode is a big task though an interesting one. Maybe I'll try it later on a more stable stage of development. Same for forking: now when I add any new feature it leads to massive refactoring and maintaining open source would be a pain.

Ok, got it. Yes, you can use a map made with MFCG in the way you described. Crediting me/MFCG would be nice. Don't forget to donate if you get rich from that :)

I'm going to try it but probably it will work only in relatively large cities, we'll see

To be honest I'm not sure what are you talking about. Is it like you take a map produced by the generator, turn it into a board map and sell for a lot of money? :)

Commented here on the most frequent suggestions and mentioned smaller wall-less towns there, but I'm afraid villages need their own separate generator, because they are quite different from towns/cities. It shouldn't be too hard though, maybe I'll try it when I get tired of cities :)

Commented here some suggestions

Thanks guys! I wrote a post where I commented on some of the most frequent suggestions including the ones mentioned here: https://watabou.itch.io/mediev...

Thanks for the review! I agree about the feeling of unfairness and I'll try to fix it without just raising chances to spawn runes (I have a clever idea for that :))

This one is made with Haxe + OpenFL

Hi! For the maze generation I used this thing. It's a pretty cool algorithm, which allows building bitmaps basing on a provided pattern. In my case in the beginning I build the whole maze (11x11?) and then on each step regenerate only edge cells - both using the same code.

I see. So there is no blinking cursor next to the ">" prompt, it doesn't appear after clicking there and typing... er... doesn't produce anything on the screen, right? Sorry, I suppose it's one of Haxe's glitches (in which this thing is written), there are many of them and text is the worst. Have you tried the html version?

Does the command line work for you? Can you enter any text next to ">" sign?

Hi there!

I just published an update which should improve "energy efficiency" of the game. Also that bug you mentioned in the previous post is finally fixed too. I have uploaded the Android version here on itch.io and on Google Play the update will become available in a couple of hours.


Hi, thanks for the message!

Yeah, I'm aware of this bug. It happens when you reopen the game. Unfortunately I can't fix it because it's a bug of OpenFL (or Lime, SDL, whatever) which I use, I just hope they will fix it soon enough. Meanwhile you can get rid of the glitch by switching to landscape and back to portrait. I know it's not a real solution, but it helps :)

Thanks for the comment!

In each game there are 2 enemy tribes, so it looks like in your case one of them has been spawned on an unreachable cluster of islands, sorry. I considered such situation too unlikely to check for it, but it seems I was wrong.

Yes, there is a win condition: both your opponents have to lose all their islands (you don't need to colonize every island). You will be shown a clumsy "Victory" popup :)

Thanks! I haven't played k240 and for me Master of Orion (the first one) was the source of inspiration. But judging by the little info I could find these two have much in common.