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Please try It's set to never expire

You're free to use any theme or mechanics your heart desires. Let the judging criteria be your guide!

The board game icon set is fantasitc!

I love the "feels like work" effort in the game. I want to try use it in other games of mine.

Please try the latest version which doesn't need you to hit the ball!

Caught the boy!

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I got the bronze rod but after a couple more attempts, the game crashed :(

I also wanted to click-and-hold to cast my line rather than double click.

If I may make a suggestion, change the name of the button after the hand is calculated to Try Again instead of Deal because the next action the player takes is to decide how much to bet instead of new cards being dealt.

Left / Right arrows to move
Up Arrow to jump
Space to shoot / throw
"P" to pick up a weapon while standing over it
Click on the "1 Player" to start

You should put the instructions in the description of the game :)

I love the old CRPG style of screen and commands!

I had such fun playing this! I hope you continue to work on it and add more content as well as a bit of narrative! Fantastic!

It took me a while to figure out you have to put the cards on the symbol in the middle of the table, I kept trying to place them on the options. Sometimes there's a bit of a bug if other cards are moved up the table because then the symbol doesn't read.

I loved playing this game and figuring out how to use the traps, especially luring monsters onto some of the traps.

Would you be willing to share your code? I'm also trying to make a game using ROT.js

Thanks, I'm struggling to figure out why it's happening but as soon as I do I will release an update.

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Took me a while to figure out how to colonize a planet. A better description of the controls would be:

  • Left-click on a planet to select it.
  • To colonize: left-click on a colonized, source planet and right-click on the target planet when a line between them appears to transfer 1 population. Right-click repeatedly to transfer multiple populations.

A minor grievance I have is that some planets share the same orbit which isn't true to real life.

Thanks, I'll comment them out in the next update

Undocumented command d to drop an item from your inventory. g will also pick up something from the floor.

Aha! On another play-through one of my captures had a flint & steel. Now I might get somewhere.

How do you make a fire, collect berries or plant things? I only managed to pick up a branch which I thought I could use to kill orcs but that didn't seem to work.

Very sophisticated aesthetic. What did you make this with?

I was massively held back implementing a scheduling system for the monsters but it's now in (although not the way I described) and I've implemented the dungeon generation I wanted (I was using just a square room while testing a bunch of mechanics).

Combat is in and you can kill and be killed by enemies.

It's now just past 00:00 on Saturday and I'm going to catch some sleep before implementing items. Unfortunately I having guest over for a braai (think barbecue 🥩 but in South Africa) today so I don't know how much further I'll get with everything I was hoping to implement.

If you're reading this, thank you for your support!

Major setback today as I had built the player movement and interaction without much thought the scheduling of the monster movement and interactions. Combat was also one-way and not re-usable for monsters.

I did some reading and thinking and I've got a solution. Unfortunately it means stripping nearly all the Unity components out and rebuilding them from scratch. The good news is the prefabs (except for their components) and UI remains unaltered along with most of the classes I wrote that were not in Unity.

I'm actually taking this as an exercise in how to build Unity project with separation-of-concern with the logic of the game. I expect I'll only lose ~12 hours to the rewrite but the net result will be a lot more extendable for the rest of the jam.

Sorry no pictures tonight 😥

I want to play the prototype you'll make half way through will which just be a large torture chamber with ways to kill yourself. Your idea feels like it could be a puzzle box where you must manipulate the environment to create ever more dangerous traps to walk into.

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This is WAY too much fun! 🤣

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This is my second challenge (here's my first from 2018) but I'm sticking with a 2D top-down view this year.

Sorry I'm only finding this message board now but I have been working on my entry since 2 March.

My idea is to let you explore the dungeon backwards. i.e. You already have the MacGuffin that you were originally questing for and now you are at the bottom of the dungeon and need to make your way up.

This means that I can put all the nest/coolest monsters, items and other mechanics in the "first level" the player interacts with; rather than trying to build up to it; and I think most players (at least, my friends who don't often play rogue-likes) can see what's at the bottom of a dungeon. The end screen shows how much was explored and anything interesting the player might have missed.

As of writing, the player can navigate and escape the 10-level dungeon and get the end screen. There are also hidden tiles and fog-of-war. There is a message log. There is a single, un-acting monster type which the player can damage and kill and healing potions which are automatically picked up but cannot be used.

I'm currently implementing a scheduling system so the monsters can move and attack back.

Comfort Achieved!

I've made a playlist of all the work-in-progress videos

With you can ZIP the build directory and upload it so you don't need an installer. They even provide analytics so you can see how many downloads you gotten and some basic management so you can upload new versions without disrupting those analytics. I recommend making it easy for people to download and play in future :)

I got an exception using the installer "System.IO.IOException: An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file."

Please update your upload and un-tick Windows and Android because your build is for Mac only.

You can easily create a Windows build in Unity by changing the dropdown in the Build Settings window to Windows.

I found this frustratingly fun. I had to re-read the instructions before I got it but it was simple enough.

Maybe the falling blocks could be a little bigger?

You could also add some "juice" by making the lit-up block different, bright colours instead of just white and the landing pad match the colour before fading back to grey.

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I found the projectiles coming from the left-hand side (as supposed to the classic right-hand side) a bit confusing and they were too fast to dodge. I also discovered occasionally you didn't have to do anything to get to the end because the ground didn't change height and projectiles didn't spawn in my direction.

I'm a bit upset that the game logo didn't indicate the type of game. I thought I was going to be playing with a pixelated, burning mouse cursor :(

You need to adjust the size of your web build. My screen is 1920x1080 and I'm only seeing about half the screen. The default size for a Unity3d build is 960x600.

Please scale the main menu UI for web builds,part of the instructions are off the screen.

Also, I don't know if it's a bug or intended, but I cannot move when I catch a firefly.

I agree that adding a texture to the walls would help indicate that the player is moving. On my first try I thought I got stuck on some geometry or something because it didn't look like I was moving.