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How can I say no to that? Let me implement that for you ASAP

If you get the latest version and Press M you’ll get a map. I’m working on adding an always on mini-map

I love the boardgame feel of the game. It's just very dark, please can you add some gamma controls so I can see what's going on?

Are you going to add some camera controls so I can pivot around the player?

I love it! It has a Papers, Please analysis vibe although I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do about the gridbugs?

The error messages are gone for me as well, but I also still cannot rate games :(

I was hoping to start rating some games but I get the message "You are unable to rate this project because you have not submitted your own entry. You can leave a comment below though." but I have submitted a game.

When I go to my own game it says "This is your own project, you are not allowed to rate it. Other participants of the jam will be able to rate your project here."

Any ideas?

Jam Submission version uploaded. You can hit and kill monsters now.

Unfortunately I didn't spend enough time on my entry during the jam period.

I plan to continue working on this prototype post jam.

My first attempt at #7DRL. A fairly simple FPS in the style of Dungeon Hack or Legend of Grimrock.

Project page


Love the game. Please can you show how much the upgrades cost

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  • Redesign of the UI.
  • Directed walkers disabled because of slowdowns.

Would it be possible to have a fixed-size-per-cell spritesheet export option?

This is fantastic!

Is there any chance you'll include other shapes like you have for pitched roofs or castle towers?