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Escape with the Ring of Erdna

A topic by Fengol created Mar 05, 2019 Views: 96 Replies: 3
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This is my second challenge (here's my first from 2018) but I'm sticking with a 2D top-down view this year.

Sorry I'm only finding this message board now but I have been working on my entry since 2 March.

My idea is to let you explore the dungeon backwards. i.e. You already have the MacGuffin that you were originally questing for and now you are at the bottom of the dungeon and need to make your way up.

This means that I can put all the nest/coolest monsters, items and other mechanics in the "first level" the player interacts with; rather than trying to build up to it; and I think most players (at least, my friends who don't often play rogue-likes) can see what's at the bottom of a dungeon. The end screen shows how much was explored and anything interesting the player might have missed.

As of writing, the player can navigate and escape the 10-level dungeon and get the end screen. There are also hidden tiles and fog-of-war. There is a message log. There is a single, un-acting monster type which the player can damage and kill and healing potions which are automatically picked up but cannot be used.

I'm currently implementing a scheduling system so the monsters can move and attack back.

Major setback today as I had built the player movement and interaction without much thought the scheduling of the monster movement and interactions. Combat was also one-way and not re-usable for monsters.

I did some reading and thinking and I've got a solution. Unfortunately it means stripping nearly all the Unity components out and rebuilding them from scratch. The good news is the prefabs (except for their components) and UI remains unaltered along with most of the classes I wrote that were not in Unity.

I'm actually taking this as an exercise in how to build Unity project with separation-of-concern with the logic of the game. I expect I'll only lose ~12 hours to the rewrite but the net result will be a lot more extendable for the rest of the jam.

Sorry no pictures tonight 😥


Bummer about the setback. I'm rooting for you pal. Best of luck!

I was massively held back implementing a scheduling system for the monsters but it's now in (although not the way I described) and I've implemented the dungeon generation I wanted (I was using just a square room while testing a bunch of mechanics).

Combat is in and you can kill and be killed by enemies.

It's now just past 00:00 on Saturday and I'm going to catch some sleep before implementing items. Unfortunately I having guest over for a braai (think barbecue 🥩 but in South Africa) today so I don't know how much further I'll get with everything I was hoping to implement.

If you're reading this, thank you for your support!