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Using Chrome browser I had to enable "WebGL Draft Extensions" in chrome://flags/ to get the game to run.

Started Sunday 6pm PST.


General Gist: big bold movements combined with attacks!

it's cool that you learned alot! Congrats on completion!

Very nicely polished look and feel. Great music too.

Creepy sounds and nice art. I managed to escape!

I could see this being in an arcade back in the early 80's. Nice!

Shame you didn't finish, would be nice to see where you were going with the bloodstream concept. The map generation works pretty good though, and looks like the ai pathing is decent.

Interesting concept, cheers for trying something very different! I would probably like a slightly slower version of the game to start off at and get accustomed to the gameplay, but it's fine. I did also find that once I had only one green left, that it was pretty easy at that point to play forever.

Nice challenge in the later boards. I almost missed that there is more than 1 board to play on though. for those that follow, press left/right arrow to change boards.

Really like the art, nicely done! Getting heartbroken seems inevitable... message received :)

This is the most obscure idle game I've played recently. It took a while to figure out what to do, and I really like that about it!

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thanks i will fix it!

edit: should be fixed, let me know if the problem persists and thanks for reporting this issue :)

I'm live streaming my jam dev, and you should too!

WHY?  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

noooo, all my babbies dieded!

this part of the game... the whole time i was fearful of a cameo from goatse!

The first thing is the concept of catharsis. Prior to playing Dujanah I had only understood it from contextual usage. I understood it to mean a sort of release when experiencing or reliving certain scenes. Like, "Watching the hero beat up a bunch of baddies can be a cathartic experience". 

I'm not great at critical analysis, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper before playing the game, so I spent some time doing research on the concept for a bit before getting into the game proper. I jotted down the following question to answer as I played through: "Who’s catharsis are we experiencing? The developer’s? Dujanah’s? My own?"  Some of my answers:

  • Dujanah:  example... The Sisters scenario, which i felt was executed perfectly (puns...) I love how its subverted. I really was worried about what direction Dujanah would take if/when she learned the truth.
  • Dev: some off the beaten path details like inclusion of an long bit of speech from a certain orangeman, wow! Or that short film, my goodness.
  • The various npc's that share their tragic stories with you. I read about this concept of social catharsis, where people share negative emotions to seek cathartic relief and to bond. 
    • It's an interesting way to cast the typical console style rpg npc. Very often in games like this we walk up to an npc in a town and press the interact button.  Most of the time, the npc responds to some unheard question. What did the player's character say to get such a response? Maybe nothing, maybe the npc just needed to vent to someone who would listen!

It's late and I've got to go to bed... maybe more later.


Copied from my rating: "Sublime blend of tragedy and comedy. Full of surprises that delight or terrify or disturb.  I found the music to be particularly enjoyable, and was delighted at how well the randomized parts sounded. I have at least a page full of notes to go through as I process this experience. Well done!"

Very nice, plays well. Glad there's continues, "Keep it Hard!" Yeeeeah!

Pretty fantastic! Amazing!

Dude! This is a hell of a lot of fun!

Sometimes you just gotta sacrifice one of your babies for another. This is really great!

That's pretty cool little tool/proto. Have you tried making all moves complete in the same amount of time as the player movement?

Ace puzzle platformer, looking forward to an expansion!

Wow, this is great! Plays really well with the controller. Fun and challenging. Excellent job to all involved!

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I hate to be the bearer of bugs again, but I've been playing a bunch and well, every 20-30 minutes or so (haven't actually timed it) the tab the game is running in will crash. This seems to happen regardless of what I'm doing in the game, even just idling it will happen. I've been saving my progress often so it's not the worst thing. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10. On the plus side, I'm making good progress tracking down my brother, just need to find a .lnk to a particular server...

Very cool. I really like how the different weapons change up the gameplay and aren't just math choices. It's a nice quick play, the movement feels snappy. The hit reactions feel pretty good as well, with a nice pause for effect and crunch sound.

I really like the web effect and navigation. Game is very challenging.

Awesome! It seems fixed for me now, thanks!

KeyDown = 8

KeyPress = - (blank?)

KeyUp = 8

Space is no longer causing the scroll down, however backspace is still causing the browser to navigate back. It is much more playable now with the space key blocked :) I wonder why we see such different behavior. Oh the joys of web game development I suppose!

I've been clicking in the window area to try to give it focus, but I'm still finding that the space and backspace keys get caught by the browser. Space causes the window to scroll, and backspace navigates to the previous web page, completely killing any game progress. Any ideas how to get around this?

Game is cool btw!