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I love this. It gave me the push I needed to release an unfinished game from some years ago. It was originally for Mystic Western Jam. I had made really good progress... but then the evil timesuck called Overwatch came out and all my friends were playing. I decided to try just one match, and I got hooked. Sadly, it meant I abandoned my project. But now Star Shaman is out and available to play! Thanks!

It looks intriguing. I couldn't hear anything though?

Thanks for playing and commenting!

I did actually initially want them to be in order, but due to the general weirdness that is Construct's "codeless programming" style, I went with the easier (for me) solution of not requiring you to collect the data in order. Thanks, for playing!

Nice. The restriction of attacking only in a horizontal direction is a nice twist. I found the use of facing also to be an enjoyable strategic element. 

Critical bug fixes and adding a help screen is as far as I would go. Performance improvements only if they are taking the game from unplayable slow to playable. The rest sound like new features. What I've seen in the past is to keep the original 7DRL version available for evaluation/historical purposes, and then clearly indicate any new versions as "post-challenge" or "post-jam".

sometimes i run into this issue where after i ascend, my movement options are strangely limited

awwwwww. design and sprites look good though :)

I think I'm getting a crash when i press Z, then space, then Z again.

Pretty darn rad game!

Ok I'm done. Playable in browser.

These were my stated goals this year (from my design doc)


  • Incorporate one of my recent favorite activities in rpg games, team building.
  • Be 3/4 roguelike: keep permadeath, keep hunger, keep grid based dungeon crawling, ditch item id and inventory.
  • Smooth out the pain of permadeath while still keeping it as a way to keep the stakes high and give weight to the players actions.
  • Be fairly quick to play while giving room for repeat visits.

I think I got close on most of those. It's not perfect, but it is what it is.

Nice! Picked it up :D

Bummer about the setback. I'm rooting for you pal. Best of luck!

Right on :)

I like this idea a lot. The article you wrote is also very interesting. I'm ready to see what you build.

Red Dead Roguedemption! Looks great so far.

Sounds good :)

Cool! Keep up the momentum!

Don't worry about trying to proc-gen, instead work on the interesting parts of your game! Good luck!

Interesting, looking forward to playing it.

Sounds... outta this world!

Aw yeah, billiards RL! These are always fun! Good luck!

I've seen this similar concept tackled in a past 7drl. I'm definitely excited to see how you do it! It's one of my favorite concepts.

This sounds really good. Looking forward to it!

Cool, I look forward to trying it out. I tried something like this one year but did not get very far. I hope you finish!

Interesting concept. Pico-8?

Wow, this is already really cool!

Looks really clean and sounds ambitious. I'm liking it so far. Good luck!

Looking good! We seem to have a similar idea. I'm also implementing a party into my game, however our approaches to combat are very different. I wish you the best of luck!

Using Chrome browser I had to enable "WebGL Draft Extensions" in chrome://flags/ to get the game to run.

Started Sunday 6pm PST.


General Gist: big bold movements combined with attacks!

it's cool that you learned alot! Congrats on completion!

Very nicely polished look and feel. Great music too.

Creepy sounds and nice art. I managed to escape!

I could see this being in an arcade back in the early 80's. Nice!

Shame you didn't finish, would be nice to see where you were going with the bloodstream concept. The map generation works pretty good though, and looks like the ai pathing is decent.

Interesting concept, cheers for trying something very different! I would probably like a slightly slower version of the game to start off at and get accustomed to the gameplay, but it's fine. I did also find that once I had only one green left, that it was pretty easy at that point to play forever.

Nice challenge in the later boards. I almost missed that there is more than 1 board to play on though. for those that follow, press left/right arrow to change boards.

Really like the art, nicely done! Getting heartbroken seems inevitable... message received :)

This is the most obscure idle game I've played recently. It took a while to figure out what to do, and I really like that about it!