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Edwin DeNicholas

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Very nice, plays well. Glad there's continues, "Keep it Hard!" Yeeeeah!

Pretty fantastic! Amazing!

Dude! This is a hell of a lot of fun!

Sometimes you just gotta sacrifice one of your babies for another. This is really great!

That's pretty cool little tool/proto. Have you tried making all moves complete in the same amount of time as the player movement?

Ace puzzle platformer, looking forward to an expansion!

Wow, this is great! Plays really well with the controller. Fun and challenging. Excellent job to all involved!

Created a new topic Crash bug
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I hate to be the bearer of bugs again, but I've been playing a bunch and well, every 20-30 minutes or so (haven't actually timed it) the tab the game is running in will crash. This seems to happen regardless of what I'm doing in the game, even just idling it will happen. I've been saving my progress often so it's not the worst thing. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10. On the plus side, I'm making good progress tracking down my brother, just need to find a .lnk to a particular server...

Very cool. I really like how the different weapons change up the gameplay and aren't just math choices. It's a nice quick play, the movement feels snappy. The hit reactions feel pretty good as well, with a nice pause for effect and crunch sound.

I really like the web effect and navigation. Game is very challenging.

Awesome! It seems fixed for me now, thanks!

KeyDown = 8

KeyPress = - (blank?)

KeyUp = 8

Space is no longer causing the scroll down, however backspace is still causing the browser to navigate back. It is much more playable now with the space key blocked :) I wonder why we see such different behavior. Oh the joys of web game development I suppose!

I've been clicking in the window area to try to give it focus, but I'm still finding that the space and backspace keys get caught by the browser. Space causes the window to scroll, and backspace navigates to the previous web page, completely killing any game progress. Any ideas how to get around this?

Game is cool btw!