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First, thanks for organizing this jam. I started working on this last week, but took a break for Ludum Dare. Now i'm back to it!

I was planning on kind of your standard turn based rpg battles. But then I made this grid and put drag and drop controls on the girls. Playing with that idea seems more interesting so I'm thinking that their abilities are somehow tied to the way they move on the grid. And the enemies will probably do some fixed targeting attacks instead, so you can move the girls to avoid them. We'll see! Game dev is all about iteration!

It's really cool. Works fine running linux mint in oracle virtualbox on windows 10.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the bug reports.

  1. The blood should fade away after a few seconds, is this not happening?\
  2. Yeah, that's an annoying thing I tried many times over the week to solve in various ways. Just imagine they are both about to step into the same spot but then politely back away in one of those "after you!", "no after YOU," "no i insist after you!" situations.
  3. There's no diagonal aiming, just up, down, left, right. I'm not sure what's going on with the shortcut keys. They work for me. It is the 1 and 2 keys.

The chance is a bit lower than that, but generally speaking yes!

yeah i tested it a lot on my phone while developing it. works good on the mobile web browser.

I need a printer... But I def want to try this out. I'll figure something out!

Sadly there is a somewhat rare bug where a gelcube doesnt appear dead when it should be. Going to have to track that one down another day.

And I immediately found 2 sound bugs. Fixed.

It's done! I have an hour left, will just playtest and fix anything major. But it's pretty much complete now.

(1 edit)

Just finished the first player ability. "Wait" - waits 1 turn. Abilities will have 3 charges per floor.

The wip can be played here:

It's mobile web browser friendly, so you can play it on the go :)

Nice! Get some rest! 

Wow, this is ambitious. I dig it a lot. Love the rendering. Keep going!

Nice! Keep polishing!

Getting somewhere gamey. It's growing pretty organically, I had no idea what I was making when I started, so I'm chasing whatever ideas come up as I build-test cycle. Right now its a tactical rogue with 1hp and no wait button (I hate no wait button...) I brought in the vertical screen space, planning to put inventory buttons down at the bottom. 

What if it's an extremely violent and gritty vision of Stardew Valley? 


Never mind, I want to keep that idea for myself!

I feel you on map generation. It is a pain. I totally didn't even bother with it the last few years! But what you got is looking pretty convincing so far!

Ambitious, looks so good already!

Little look and feel work, movement, and map generation.

It's 6:15 pm on Sunday night. I'm starting my ... 9th or 8th 7DRL. No Idea what I'm making yet, but I'm trying a different engine this time around. Always a good choice under strict time pressure!

Cute! ;D

Fragment Jam community · Created a new topic Great jam idea

I love this. It gave me the push I needed to release an unfinished game from some years ago. It was originally for Mystic Western Jam. I had made really good progress... but then the evil timesuck called Overwatch came out and all my friends were playing. I decided to try just one match, and I got hooked. Sadly, it meant I abandoned my project. But now Star Shaman is out and available to play! Thanks!

It looks intriguing. I couldn't hear anything though?

Thanks for playing and commenting!

I did actually initially want them to be in order, but due to the general weirdness that is Construct's "codeless programming" style, I went with the easier (for me) solution of not requiring you to collect the data in order. Thanks, for playing!

Nice. The restriction of attacking only in a horizontal direction is a nice twist. I found the use of facing also to be an enjoyable strategic element. 

Critical bug fixes and adding a help screen is as far as I would go. Performance improvements only if they are taking the game from unplayable slow to playable. The rest sound like new features. What I've seen in the past is to keep the original 7DRL version available for evaluation/historical purposes, and then clearly indicate any new versions as "post-challenge" or "post-jam".

sometimes i run into this issue where after i ascend, my movement options are strangely limited

awwwwww. design and sprites look good though :)

I think I'm getting a crash when i press Z, then space, then Z again.

Pretty darn rad game!

Ok I'm done. Playable in browser.

These were my stated goals this year (from my design doc)


  • Incorporate one of my recent favorite activities in rpg games, team building.
  • Be 3/4 roguelike: keep permadeath, keep hunger, keep grid based dungeon crawling, ditch item id and inventory.
  • Smooth out the pain of permadeath while still keeping it as a way to keep the stakes high and give weight to the players actions.
  • Be fairly quick to play while giving room for repeat visits.

I think I got close on most of those. It's not perfect, but it is what it is.

Nice! Picked it up :D

Bummer about the setback. I'm rooting for you pal. Best of luck!

Right on :)

I like this idea a lot. The article you wrote is also very interesting. I'm ready to see what you build.

Red Dead Roguedemption! Looks great so far.

Sounds good :)

Cool! Keep up the momentum!

Don't worry about trying to proc-gen, instead work on the interesting parts of your game! Good luck!