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Live life on the edge of time and don't let them reach your edge - A buggy af tower defense with adaptive music!
Submitted by SeanSecret (@TheSeanSecret), blubberbaleen (@blubberbaleen) — 13 minutes, 10 seconds before the deadline
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Implementation of adaptive music#132.4573.250

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This submission follows the optional theme "At the edge".

Description of the game
The enemies must not reach the edge... And you're always at the edge of time :3

Message from the creator(s):
Made under stressful an non ideal not very perfect circumstances

* You start with 60 time resources
* Placing turrets spends time
* Defeating enemies and surviving a wave gives you time
* Win by surviving 20 waves!

Good Luck!

Original Audio


This submission created the vast majority of the audio during the jam.

Original Art


This submission created the vast majority of the art during the jam.

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This was really fun! I've had some trouble getting the controls in the first few minutes tho, a bit confusing but once I understand I enjoyed it very much :D. Very fun gameplay and I think the visuals and music are very well suited together. One thing I would say is that I think it might be better to keep the music playing when we look away from the enemies to signal that hey, there are still enemies around.

I completed the game, and managed to get out of bounds by (I think) changing views many times. I just sinks me more and more to the ground. :>

Overall, I enjoyed this game very much! Really fun and captivating, good job!


Chaotic, but very fun! In the beginning I've tried to delay building turrets as much as possible, but placing four basic ones at each corner was a better strategy, since I've found that enemies are not necessarily spawning at the edge (no pun intended) of the level, sometimes they appear quite close to the "base". I've had loads of fun, even though one time I've selected a machine gun turret (cost: 120 time resources) by mistake and commenced placing it even though I haven't had enough dough to afford it and.. yep, that killed me instantly :) maybe you could add a basic test for the current time resources so it's not possible for the player to screw themselves that easily :D

Anyway, I love the graphics and the audio is quite interesting as well! A bit chaotic maybe, sometimes it feels a bit async (or maybe it's just polyrhythmic? I've flunked out of music school :). The atmosphere is great, it felt a bit like playing Darwinia (which I loved). Really nice job overall!


I think I had an issue playing it unfortunately. Though I did pick up the basics from your page. Exciting stuff. Reminds me a lot of a couple of retro games I loved... Here's a link to my playthrough


Just won the game!! Really felt overpowered by the end, that was fun!

The audio changing depending on the ennemies the character is seeing is cool, but it quickly becomes messy :)


You got to the end?! That's impressive! (considering all the bugs and the difficulty level haha)
Did some quick game balancing the hours before deadline, but I think it works okay.
Our audio guy wasn't super happy with the music implementation either (cuz he was new to FMOD and didn't have super much time) - but I think it works pretty well - especially when there's a lot of enemies, it's chaos and some sounds even starts disappearing :3

Thx for playing!


Haha yes! After the initial waves (where I had to put a tower just when reaching 11secs in order to survive), it becomes easier. Sometimes enemies appear very close to the edge at the beginning of waves (bug?), this made me lose a few times! :)

But after that it is possible to spam turrets as you get a lot of time, and that's when you become the Time (edge) Lord I guess!

As for the audio I guess it is really hard to make it work well, especially considering the number of enemies on screen (if they all are sources for sounds).


The audio is great. Love how it gets layered up by having all the different enemy types. Very cool.

Gameplay is pretty decent, tower defense does seem like a big feature set to try and pull off in only 8 days. Sorry to hear circumstances were not the best.

But it turned out playable in the end and I think your idea for the adaptive music implementation is pretty sound. (get it?)

I'll go now ;D


Yeah, tower defense might've been a bit ambitious - but we got so excited by the idea that we maybe forgot :3
And yeah, we didn't have the best circumstances - but that's what happens when you got different timezones and stuff!

Thanks for playing!