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Köszönjük szépen! :) 

Thanks, Samuel! :)

Usually I'm not into this sort of stuff, but damn, that was friggin hilarious. Especially when I drank a "cocktail" and almost lost the green flag altogether... and that detune effect... I've had a really good laugh.

Great job on the writing, the audio and the visuals as well!

It's a very interesting idea and it has a really nice minimalistic style. I've found it a bit hard to produce million dollar music hits this way, but it was a fun experiment nonetheless :)

Now that was trippy! Very nice shaders and particle effects, I especially loved the slowdown when you pick up a crystal.

The gameplay is a bit too simple, but maybe adding some narrative or a story would spice it up (eg. like in Dear Esther, which is basically just about exploring a very nice looking environment and listening to a story in parts).

Lovely art style and very cool music, especially the endgame one! I would've loved some more levels, but hey, this is a jam game - short and sweet :)

It seems that I'm stuck on the intro screen; it says "press any key to start" but I've tried pressing basically every key on my keyboard and it does not start. I'm on Windows 10 version 1809 (LTSC), Unity games usually work like a charm. Anyone else having this issue?

Chaotic, but very fun! In the beginning I've tried to delay building turrets as much as possible, but placing four basic ones at each corner was a better strategy, since I've found that enemies are not necessarily spawning at the edge (no pun intended) of the level, sometimes they appear quite close to the "base". I've had loads of fun, even though one time I've selected a machine gun turret (cost: 120 time resources) by mistake and commenced placing it even though I haven't had enough dough to afford it and.. yep, that killed me instantly :) maybe you could add a basic test for the current time resources so it's not possible for the player to screw themselves that easily :D

Anyway, I love the graphics and the audio is quite interesting as well! A bit chaotic maybe, sometimes it feels a bit async (or maybe it's just polyrhythmic? I've flunked out of music school :). The atmosphere is great, it felt a bit like playing Darwinia (which I loved). Really nice job overall!

Great concept, amazing job on both the visuals and the audio (I love that shader!), you've created a very unique atmosphere and the whole game felt really polished. I also loved the endgame music, I kept it running for quite a few minutes :)

This game is a piece of art!

That was intense! I love the minimal graphics, the core mechanics are well thought out, I really wished there were more than 2 levels, the gameplay is very enjoyable. Really nice job on the adaptive music too!

Thanks for playing! :)

Essentially you get XP when you kill an enemy; around wave 6-7 your character should probably be about level 6-7 (although the number of enemies spawned during a batch of a wave and the XP reward for a killing an enemy are both randomized slightly). You get one upgrade point when leveling up. The "Upgrades" button only shows up at the end of a wave if you have upgrade points to spend.

Thanks for taking the time, Edwin! You are right about the not-so-responsive rage system (it indeed waits for the end of the current loop intentionally), we originally wanted to start a drum fill when a player activates rage (a different one depending on how many bars are remaining until the end of the current "normal music" loop) and enable rage during the fill as well, but we didn't have time to implement it. We'll probably do an update though. We kinda lost track of time implementing the skill system so indeed the track switching between normal/rage is the only adaptive music mechanic in the game. Anyway, we've learnt a lot and will definitely update the game after the jam as well :)

This was a very interesting experience! It felt like I was strolling through the scenes of a demoscene intro compo :)

Very nice job on both audio and the visuals! I just wish it was a bit longer.

Creative and cute! Lovely concept, it would also play great on mobile I bet!

Very wacky but also very enjoyable. Kinda like a spiritual successor to Stair Dismount / Truck Dismount :) well done!

Absolutely amazing stuff. Great art style, fluid controls, perfect audio. Exceptional stuff... and this is the first game I've tried in this game jam!