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A jam submission

Edge of AxetinctionView game page

Our entry for #AdaptiveMusicJam 2021
Submitted by Lasermagnet Games (@LaserMagnet_com), Fodi, Teebor9 — 4 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Implementation of adaptive music#181.8592.200

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Does this submission follow the optional theme?


This submission follows the optional theme "At the edge".

Description of the game
Due to a botched attempt to bioengineer fast growing trees to counter deforestation, humanity is at the edge of extinction. Can one man with one axe (and some throwing axes) make a difference?

Message from the creator(s):
Our usual last minute build is probably riddled with glitches and could've used a lot more playtesting and polish, but we're still quite happy with the result. Hope you enjoy!

Original Audio


This submission created the vast majority of the audio during the jam.

Original Art


This submission created the vast majority of the art during the jam.

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I like the doom vibe you get with the heavy guitars chugging away. Would have been nice if the music adapted to the number of enemies on screen or health or something, but it was a fun run through trying to survive each wave


Hi, and thank you! The idea was (but thanks to stuff in the background it didn't happen) that you get combos for kills in a timebubble and as you rank those up the music gets heavier. Will work this part in the near future. (In combo? More XP, hp regen, maybe specials?)


Loved hacking up the Groots to the great music! Here's a link to my playthrough


Wow, we really appreciate that, Ron! Great suggestions / pointers, very constructive (and 100% justified) criticism - I was taking notes throughout, basically everything you've mentioned is going on our todo list.

Thank you for taking the time to play our so-far-quite-crappy game! ;)


So glad it was helpful... Looking forward to the update!!!


Really cool game!
Always love some hack and slash, and I love the level up system
Only made it to waves 6 or 7 or so, encountered some odd movement bug but overall was fun.
I couldn't figure out how the level up system worked, was only able to level up the stats twice.


Thanks for playing! :)

Essentially you get XP when you kill an enemy; around wave 6-7 your character should probably be about level 6-7 (although the number of enemies spawned during a batch of a wave and the XP reward for a killing an enemy are both randomized slightly). You get one upgrade point when leveling up. The "Upgrades" button only shows up at the end of a wave if you have upgrade points to spend.


I enjoyed playing this quite a bit. It's just the kind of comfy mix of grind and leveling that ends up making me forget the time. The one complaint I have is that the rage system seems to be tied to the music loop. Unless I'm missing something it seems that when I trigger rage, the game waits for the music to hit the loop point and then switches on rage mode? Was this to keep the transition between tracks smooth? I had a few sticky situations where I wanted to rage out but sadly the delay between when i hit the button and when rage actually activated was the run killer.

As for the adaptive music part, was it limited to the track switching for rage/not rage?

Anyways really cool work on this, I enjoyed what you made!


Thanks for taking the time, Edwin! You are right about the not-so-responsive rage system (it indeed waits for the end of the current loop intentionally), we originally wanted to start a drum fill when a player activates rage (a different one depending on how many bars are remaining until the end of the current "normal music" loop) and enable rage during the fill as well, but we didn't have time to implement it. We'll probably do an update though. We kinda lost track of time implementing the skill system so indeed the track switching between normal/rage is the only adaptive music mechanic in the game. Anyway, we've learnt a lot and will definitely update the game after the jam as well :)