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The engine sound fits just in. Glad you left it as is. :)

Hey! Thanks for playing and also for the feedback!

I just sat down to make some music for it. :)

This game... Is getting over it in a car. :D The engine sound is so annoying I started to love it. :D

I get the idea, but forst of all, this way it takes a lot of time to get to the top. Also, there will be fully filled rows where this tactic just won't cut it and some triangles could easily delfect the balls. My record is around 18 on Hc. I would love to see a vid if you can beat it with this technique. :)

Thanks for playing and also for the feedback! Could you record and show a video of the exploitation?

Thanks for playing! The ball damage is 3, 2 or 1, when you choose it in the 3 steps of the turns. Also, there was an idea that the movement/aim/dmg would have a countback from 3, 2, 1 but we ran out of time. :/

This game is quite good. As mentioned before, a better indicator of your "jump stat" would be neat. I wish you made more maps and the only thing that annoyed me a lot is the background shift. 

Good experience overall. Thanks! :)

Hi there! Thanks for trying! We didn't want to make the game too easy. But yeah. Maybe that should be changed.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! The plan is to make the gameplay a bit deeper with upgrades on the level up not just for the ball count. :) Drop a follow and get the updates. :)

This wasn't my worst dream or the most unrealistic. :D

Over all, the game felt quite all right. The mini games were cool too.

Well, shooting and killing the enemies feels incredibly stiffing! Also, the camera following the mouse feels great. Good job there. 

The animations look really good. And the sound effects are great as well. I also really liked the color change in the archers.

The movement feels a bit lacking with the jump height, and movement speed. It is way to easy to get pinned to the wall by an archer. (And if it is a water one, you can't even kill it without getting damaged as well)

Thank you very much!

Hey, thanks!

Thank you NoahRussell!

Hello there MegaFuze!

I'm glad you liked it and thank you for the feedback! The movement (and the whole mechanics) needs some touchups. We had ideas for making the game not so easy but had no time to do them.

Thank you!

Hi there Bsix!
Thank you for trying our game and sharing your thoughts.  Glad you like it.

Thanks for trying and sharing your experience. You should try the Fruity Tower. that game has JUICE

The animation of the main character is super fun and the gameplay is snappy. The one thing that could add some more juice to it is some BASS to the gun sound. :)

This is quite a ride. The power that the player can change direction of the dash is great! I wish, we did it the same way. The time slow down on it could be a bit stronger and the character could leave a trail like a comet or something. I smiled when discovered the double jump AND the dash gets you to places unreachable.

The level design is ok, but there are some places where it looks like the character could get trough but can't. So it needs a bit more polish. (As does a lot of games - like ours - on these jams)

I suck at this game. But the idea is fine. :)

The weapon knockback is cool, but the camera is glued to the player. I makes the game feel a bit laggy when you shoot. You could do some smooth camera follow.

Also, the cone of the bullets could be controlled by the distance of the mouse from the player. If close, the projectiles could be spread out and if far then the cone could be more narrow.

This is quite a good one. I really liked that the fast pluck has some sparks going on. The glass break is nice as well and the whole thing is quite solid over all. The ones who said that the enemy is too strong... well, they are a bit right. :D

Nice job! Keep it up!

The idea is pretty neat. I would trade the high end graphics to a bit more cartoonish style, so less horsepower is needed for playing.

And a thing that I would love in this kind of a game is a minimap. I just got disoriented. :)

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The idea that with every powerup you get some drawback as well was on our list but we didn't have time to implement it. Nice one there.

Also, a pause or a time slowdown would be nice when the cards pop up. :)

Yeah, this is the way usually on jams. Everything needs more time than you anticipate and half of the ideas won't get in to the game. :)

Keep up the good work!

The idea is quite ok.

Don't stop working on it just because the jam is over.

Give it some sound, try adjusting the bullet per minute, for the player and the enemies as well.

Try stuff like hiding places and reloading. Maybe ammo pickup from the hunters, so the player has to gather stuff. Lot of potential in it.

Of course, something went wrong and I lost all my bits. :(

The good news is my addiction is over. :)

The look of judgement on the face of the characters... :D Also... The jokes are great. :)

The trident has a very neat animation.

Feels nice. Gets addictive. I'm bad at it. Gets annoying. Have to try again. Gets addictive... :D

This game is just... I... the... The only thing I would change is the orientation of the maps. The always from left to right gets boring. But this is just a nitpick.  The game is SOLID!

This reminds me of the game "Upgrade Complete". Well executed and full of fun jokes. The great thing is, that I can run it while trying out the others. :)

As many said it before me, it gets addictive. :)

I'm glad you liked it. (I'm not a fan of the movement, but seems like I'm just bad at it.)  

The balance is off the rails at this point, but we in the works of making it feel more demanding.

This game is a blast. If you step on a mine. :D

Also,the music is fire! Thanks for the soundcloud upload and link!

Thanks for trying it and commenting! :)

Thank you for taking a look and sharing your thoughts!

The end of the jam just came too soon and had no quality time to balance the enemies and make more. But will do in the future.

I don't know what the rider is or where is that hand from, but this silly style is just fantastic. The secondary attack... :D You can slap the like button with that. Great thing that the player can shoot out the enemy projectiles. I quite it.

I don't want to judge the movement. I never rod a hand before, so it could be realistic, but it didn't feel snappy.

The animations are great. The hurt hand with the bandages is neat. :)

Oh, yeah. The music. It can stuck into your head. pretty neat.


The way the tempo increases. The shots. The small fov. The snappy movement. This is just a great game overall.