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I streamed making this game live on Twitch, although with Hungarian commentary. Here’s the archived footage if anyone’s interested.

Congrats on the first rank, well deserved! :)

Thanks for the kinds words and taking time to try the game! :)

Hi there Nathan! You are 100% right about those UX issues. For the first two hours of development the layout indeed looked liked this:

The reason I moved those around is because I wanted to kill another bird with the same stone: using them as touch controls :)

I’m considering a post-jam update anyway, and I just added input method selection to the todo list, so I can show the logical layout and key/button overlays. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time, Jack! Potion colour mixing is an excellent idea, I’m very tempted to do a post-jam update with that!

A proper end screen would also be better indeed, although it’s possible to check the score during the game and when the game is over… for 3 seconds, which is not great UX, I agree :)

Hey, thanks for playing! The speed of the game (not just patients, but everything) indeed increases after each successful “cure” by 5% (of the original 100% speed), but for every 10th cure it decreases by 25%, so the player can breathe a little.

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It’s a really nice concept and now I have the urge to go get some freshly squeezed juice, thanks! :)

I did find the game a tad too easy to be honest (or maybe RNGesus has just blessed me this morning), $400 in and I’ve yet to have a sticky situation (pun intended, sorry), but the game is still very enjoyable (that’s the reason I managed to sell $400 worth of juice in the first place).

This is soooo satisfying! Excellent concept and great execution, really the only thing missing is the audio part.

Great job!

Surprisignly fun :)

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Even though there were no instructions, I managed to grok the concept and figure out controls in a few seconds, so I can’t say it’s not intuitive :)

The concept is pretty fun, it feels a tiny bit like gambling; some juice (few animations or particles) wouldn’t go amiss though :)

Nicely done!

Thank you for taking the time to try my game! :)

That’s a very respectable score indeed! :) thanks for playing!

Had a blast playing this (pun intended)!

Creative but fairly easy to grasp main mechanic, intuitive controls and just the right amount of juice on the minimalist graphics… nailed it!

I had a blast playing this. The humour, the crude Monthy Python-esque animations and the Baba Is You mechanics are all so awesome.

Good (proof of) concept, you should definitely do a post-jam update with a “win” ending and a few sounds. Puzzles like this are big on mobile too!

Dangerously addictive already, this is mobile game gold. Just add a crapton of juice and people won’t be able to put this down!

Really nicely done! :)

Had a laugh! :)

Great and straightforward concept and good execution, this could also make turn into a great mobile game too. Once thing I noticed is that sometimes newly spawned items already overlap existing ones and cause trouble, but there a lot of ways to fix that.

If you plan to add anything later, it would be awesome if the player could shake the container a little bit, so stuff inside would “compress” a little (at the risk of big items on top flying out).

The concept is top notch and the execution is perfect, controls are very intuitive. The only thing I’m missing is some nice elevator music and maybe a few sound effects (dings, door sounds, et cetera).

I’m wondering if this would work well on mobile. It would definitely play well on a tablet though.

Do you have plans to continue development post-jam?

Nice and simple, 100% intuitive game, nicely done.

If you plan on updating it later, adding a few sound effects and increasing the “viewing distance” (so stuff can be spotted sooner) would make this game even better.

Awesome concept, great execution, and holy crap that page with the design docs / notes… who needs a proper devlog anyway? :)

Great job folks!

Good feedback, thanks! I’m quite nervous usually about balancing difficulty and I might have made it too hard too soon indeed. Which control scheme have you tried? Because there are four, mouse is definitely the hardest, gamepad is probably the easiest if you know the A/B/X/Y button colors by heart.

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It’s a very interesting idea, if you have more time to spend on development, I think you should. Starting with fixing the issues list and making a short tutorial would go a long way, as the main mechanics are not super intuitive, but I’m sure they will be graspable after some clarification.

Enjoyable, super intuitive controls and mechanics, a good experience overall.

The only think I could think of that would make this even better if there was a score that would increase with time and/or maybe by picking up fuel or shooting asteroids.

Very cool submission!

Nice and simple mechanic, although I’m not sure if it’s possible to lose. Which is not a big issue, but maybe you could’ve added a timer so players can compare high scores somehow.

Still, good job submitting!

Holy crap, this is awesome!

Thanks for this, Mikal!

Awesome, thanks!

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Hey Mikal! So far I’m absolutely loving this addon. I’m trying to build a super simple first person 3D platformer template and I’m using the Set velocity action for moving the player around on the X/Y plane but I don’t want to set the Z velocity with this action. (My plan is to use Z impulses for jumping later).

Can you please add expressions for the Canon3DPhysics behaviour that just return the object’s current X/Y/Z velocity? Because then I could just set the Z velocity in this action to Self.Canon3DPhysics.VelocityZ to leave it as it is.

Or alternatively three different actions to set the only the X, only the Y or only the Z velocity separately would also work perfectly.

Thanks a bunch!

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Thank you so much! :) Also thanks for notifying us, we had no idea the results were in :D

Holy crap guys. This is freaking amazing. I only finished two levels so far (by myself), I’m going to show this to Tibor who is a huge fan of Ibb & Obb and hopefully we’ll figure out the rest of the levels.

Also. The music. The art. The controls. The narrative. The polish. Everything is perfect.

That was intense! Super cool graphics, easy to grasp mechanics and a very fun game loop. I just wish the map was a bit larger and the camera zoomed out as the character grew bigger. Staying alive in size 6 was quite a challenge :)

A simple idea very nicely executed. I loved the art and the layered adaptive music was a very nice touch too.

I also had to face the fact that my reflexes are not very good, my high score topped out at a measly 70 :)

What a wholesome little experience. Nicely done, folks.

Awesome graphics and audio, very fun gameplay. You nailed the difficulty / learning curve too, early game is quite forgiving, but as the squad grows the player has to focus more and more and try out different strategies to survive.

Now that’s a very respectable score :) thanks for playing!

That’s f*cking amazing especially considering the time frame. The textures, models, level design and lighting are all pages of a love letter to boomer shooters written in blood and and the gunplay is crunchier than the bottom of a mass grave. Loved the music too.

At first I found the starting map a little too dark and I was trying to reach for a flashlight… turned out that the double shotguns are the flashlight :)

I hope you feel proud, because you really should.

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Thanks for your time! Actually you can press Shift (or the right trigger on the first gamepad) to speed up everything (it changes the timescale), I just forgot to mention that anywhere in-game or on the page. I initially put it in to speed up playtesting but then decided to leave it in because as you said sometime the centipede feels too to slow.

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Wacky and fun! This is basically the Flappy Bird of bridge building games. Really nicely done, folks.

One teeny-tiny nitpick: the instructional sentence (and I love the fact this it’s only one sentence) could be even more clear if it used “hold space” instead of “press space”. Maybe I wasn’t at the top of my mental capabilities when I tried the game the first time (right after the jam), but it took me about 3 instant deaths to figure out that if I’m only quickly tapping space, I’m gonna have a bad time :)

Well that was a lot of fun and only slightly disturbing! :)

Really nicely done guys, I especially loved the music.

(: ¡ʇsıʍʇ ɐ ʇɐɥʍ ’osן∀