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Nice little digging game, everything works well with the rest, jetpack fuel consumption makes it for a careful planning, which is not always the case in these kind of games...

One of the best art of this jam!

I love the feeling, animation, and gameplay... I'd love to see another version with a bigger resolution this time!

Too short!

I like the bullets though :)

A custom cursor for the reloading would have avoided to not comply to the 64px rule :)

Very nice game!

I like the overall feeling, the attack is very satisfying! I'm blocked after having opened the first door though, I guess you can't open the others... yet?

Interesting idea for a survival post-apocalyptic game... Scavenging gets boring quite quickly as there's nothing more to do than opening things and eating, drinking, eating, drinking...

The character is also hard to navigate and control in tight spaces, you can turn it to a side to interact if there's no space for him to move... (turning doesn't need moving...?)

I expected to see more variety like the real cute wooden robots... but nope, unfortunately ^^

No gameplay?

The visuals are awesome though :)

Nice for a while, then long and repetitive...

Nice base idea though!

Not much of a gameplay if all we can do is wait for the cooldown to finish...

Some controls listed on the game page would have helped :) I spent five minutes bashing all the buttons trying to find the key for player 1 validating....

I like the overall aesthetic, and especially the fire transitions! The gameplay is a little cryptic at some points, but you can understand it fairly easily...

I just had a question: are you doomed to not being able to finish the game if you don't collect the first blue firefly before crossing the gate that closes behind you...? Some clue would have helped, something saying you can collect these, because they can just look like decorative flying thingies if you don't know it... :)

But overall a vey nice one!

Funny idea, although the pixel grid is not respected with the floating thingies... ^^

And interaction to blow things up would have been awesome! :)

As it has already been said, the controls feels really slow and sluggish... The glowing effects also feels weirs with the pixels being cut off so harshly sometimes (the echolocator echo effect).

Otherwise, quite an interesting and nice entry!

Funny, but short!

Very interesting mechanics! I like the idea a lot!

Interesting idea, but gets very repetitive after a few seconds...

Nice small game, I like the life gauge, nice touch :)

The headshots seems to be rather unpredictable though...

The graphics are nice, love the rum effect :)

Nice, but the way ennemies and life works is cryptic...

Nice atmosphere and idea, although there's nothing else to do than running around... A goal or incentive for the player to search more would have helped.

Almost feels like a mass multiplayer FPS :)

Liked it, although some life or score would have been nice!

Very nice entry, although the inventory management is quite cryptic and hard to get used to...

But the animations and atmosphere is very nice, enjoyed it!

Funny and enjoyable for a while. I like when the rock plays with the ball! ^^

Very creepy but interesting idea. The feeling of sinking is here... Enjoyed it, even if the subject is a little grim ^^

Good work :)

I appreciate the effort for making such a nice RPG in 64px, but the text is awfully hard to read and incomprehensible sometimes... Makes is hard to enjoy it fully!

Neat idea! The game is simple enough and enjoyable for a while. Party games are very nice :)

If this is a critique of the match-3 games and such, it is highly successful :) I like it a lot.