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this was lovely! <3  definitely gave me some positive thoughts. i especially like that post you included about allowing yourself to give up on goals and pick them back up without being harsh with yourself. thanks for this!

good job! and thanks for playing! :D

thank you! i'm glad you liked it <3

very nice! my one suggestion is adding captions to the presets-- i couldn't quite tell which was which apart from mario/celeste!

Hi there! It's an unfinished prototype which is why it's a bit confusing. The idea was to have different screens with various situations with some interactivity! I'm not sure I'll get back to this though heh

thank you for your kind words, and all ways of understanding are just as right! <3

thank you so much for playing! <3

glad you liked it <3

hope you liked playing it, thank you for checking it out! <3

aw i'm sorry the game isn't working right for you! what's the issue you're having? to get past the first screen, you have to click on the character's eyes!

thank you so much!! <3

thank you so much, i'm glad you loved it so much! appreciate you for playing <3

wow thank you! <3


thank you, i definitely did, and i hope you did too <3

thank you for playing! :)

i'm really glad to hear my little game made you feel less alone! thank you for the kind words <3

thank you! <3

Thank you for the kind feedback, and I'm glad it resonated with you! :)


do you mean the long-haired character? it's a hyper-realistic wind effect.

thank you for sharing, this is looking really interesting! hope development is going well! 

thank you, this is really nice to read! <3


thank you!

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thank you for your contribution! :) and good luck with the rest of development.

<3 thank you

this is so wonderful. <3

thank you for your kind words. <3

i'm really glad you enjoyed your experience with the simulator!!

thank you! <3

thank you for playing, i'm glad you enjoyed it! <3 the alternating buttons for P1/P2 are on purpose btw, so someone who gets really good playing as P1 can challenge themselves by switching to P2 :) my testing of the game involved a lot of solo mashing buttons as well :')

thanks so much! <3 On a Sunbeam is so amazing, both storyline and graphics-wise!!

thank you!! <3  you can download the song from my soundcloud: :)

thank you for playing, i'm glad you enjoyed it <3


this was so good!! I loved the use of repetition, and the textures in the second half of the game are so pleasant to look at! i like the nuance of this, how something that seems habitual/healthy can turn out to not be due to how it was approached.

I really liked this quote: "and ideally we find a way to not just spin our tires in the snow"

looking forward to further bitsy experiences by you 😎

thanks so much! this project was a really good way to get back to bitsy, as i felt supported by the story, it was already there & i just needed to illustrate it :) your game is amazing, #BarSKcrew! :D

thank you! it was super fun to explore a different genre :)

thanks Sarah! I wanted to make sure to leave hints that would cause an "oh" moment at the reveal in the end :D