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this is so wonderful. <3

thank you for your kind words. <3

i'm really glad you enjoyed your experience with the simulator!!

thank you! <3

thank you for playing, i'm glad you enjoyed it! <3 the alternating buttons for P1/P2 are on purpose btw, so someone who gets really good playing as P1 can challenge themselves by switching to P2 :) my testing of the game involved a lot of solo mashing buttons as well :')

thanks so much! <3 On a Sunbeam is so amazing, both storyline and graphics-wise!!

thank you!! <3  you can download the song from my soundcloud: :)

thank you for playing, i'm glad you enjoyed it <3


this was so good!! I loved the use of repetition, and the textures in the second half of the game are so pleasant to look at! i like the nuance of this, how something that seems habitual/healthy can turn out to not be due to how it was approached.

I really liked this quote: "and ideally we find a way to not just spin our tires in the snow"

looking forward to further bitsy experiences by you 😎

thanks so much! this project was a really good way to get back to bitsy, as i felt supported by the story, it was already there & i just needed to illustrate it :) your game is amazing, #BarSKcrew! :D

thank you! it was super fun to explore a different genre :)

thanks Sarah! I wanted to make sure to leave hints that would cause an "oh" moment at the reveal in the end :D

thanks onion <3 i wanted to give it an eerie feel!

thank you! it was really fun to work on the pixel art, bitsy makes it so rewarding!

thank you so much! it's really fun to work with an 8x8 tile limit, makes you think about how to best represent something in very few pixels :)

there was no sound indeed (i believe sound support is not yet available natively in the bitsy editor, only through hacks)

hahaha, if i remember correctly, i made it that way because a sleepy me would probably make weird mistakes like this-- i definitely put the cereal in first on my more awake days! :D thank you!

thank you! yes, i like to do some lo-fi music writing & recording from time to time :)  was going to link my soundcloud but i see you've followed me there already, hehe. thanks! :D

agreed! i'm glad you liked playing through the game, thanks for checking it out. :) 

Haha, good to know-- I believe Courtney wrote the song after visiting a property there during a period in her life that was quite dark, hence the sad portrayal of the city :') Thank you!!

Thank you for your kind words. <3 That's exactly what I was going for in the bed scenes, we internalise the worst & piece the worst possible scenarios together, and it has a long-lasting impact on our perception of what is allowed/of ourselves.

it sucks. 

it's really weird playing it back, as it's one of the first games i made, but has defined the direction i took in what i make-- small personal games.

I added the clock element quite late into the game, when I realised that players needed a visual aid to understand the game mechanic-- it then made me realise the game was really focused on the anxiety of time passing!

she's so good isn't she! only recently discovered her and i'm really glad i did!

Thanks for your comment, this means a lot to me. <3 You're definitely not alone & it really sucks to have a self-perpetuating loop of low self-esteem/anxiety/impostor syndrome, but there's also so many healthy coping mechanisms out there, and they take forever to internalise & start having an effect but it's so worth it. #unsolicitedAdvice oops

Hope you feel better soon. :)

it took a while for me to understand why the colours were changing. i do think the black doesn't fit with the rest of the palette, it's too strong. the game is very relaxing, though; you forget you're playing it. nice one! :)

music really sets the tone. i think it was a good idea to go for horror, as the limited line of sight really creates the right feelings for this. nice! :)

nice graphics! i did find the movement a bit hectic - it was hard to locate yourself after making a few steps. still, it was interesting to see a 64x64 fps work. :)

the graphics are amazing and i find it impressive that you made an inventory system and diverse weapons. however, the character was a bit hard to control and didn't animate properly. the music change worked very well!

i really like the art direction & camera movement (though sometimes the camera was a bit off). the bosses were enjoyable to fight and even though the character had a limited amount of actions, the gameplay was rewarding. i did find it a bit too easy, though. also,nice music! :)

wow. the sound direction was amazing and really enhanced the feel of the game! the gameplay was a bit confusing at first and i am not sure whether it is possible to get a good end, but I found it very interesting and enjoyable. :)

unusual mechanic that feels good and relaxing. the graphics look great! <3

Loved it! A very nice writing style and a good sense of humour.


thank you! <3

thank you!

thank you. <3

thanks a bunch, Seth. means a lot :)

That book is so insightful and diverse, good recommendation! <3

Hi! Hope this helps. The C2 forums are super helpful, so I'd definitely recommend looking through them/asking for advice. :)