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it took a while for me to understand why the colours were changing. i do think the black doesn't fit with the rest of the palette, it's too strong. the game is very relaxing, though; you forget you're playing it. nice one! :)

music really sets the tone. i think it was a good idea to go for horror, as the limited line of sight really creates the right feelings for this. nice! :)

nice graphics! i did find the movement a bit hectic - it was hard to locate yourself after making a few steps. still, it was interesting to see a 64x64 fps work. :)

the graphics are amazing and i find it impressive that you made an inventory system and diverse weapons. however, the character was a bit hard to control and didn't animate properly. the music change worked very well!

i really like the art direction & camera movement (though sometimes the camera was a bit off). the bosses were enjoyable to fight and even though the character had a limited amount of actions, the gameplay was rewarding. i did find it a bit too easy, though. also,nice music! :)

wow. the sound direction was amazing and really enhanced the feel of the game! the gameplay was a bit confusing at first and i am not sure whether it is possible to get a good end, but I found it very interesting and enjoyable. :)

unusual mechanic that feels good and relaxing. the graphics look great! <3

Loved it! A very nice writing style and a good sense of humour.

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thank you! <3

thank you!

thank you. <3

thanks a bunch, Seth. means a lot :)

That book is so insightful and diverse, good recommendation! <3

Hi! http://imgur.com/a/jwsqb Hope this helps. The C2 forums are super helpful, so I'd definitely recommend looking through them/asking for advice. :)

glad you liked it! :)

the resemblance is uncanny. :p

glad to hear the game helped! :) there's lots of interesting things being done with songs in games - i'd definitely recommend checking out Too Late to Love You that played in Kentucky Route Zero, if you haven't already. :)

happy to hear! :)

glad you enjoyed it. the breathing exercise at the end must have helped! :p

Yes, I'm definitely looking into making longer games - if done right, they can have a huge emotional impact on you (Life is Strange comes to mind!) I'm really glad you liked it. I'm at @underskinnyhrt on twitter and all my other social media are on my website, vaida.me :)

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Hehe! Thank you, I am glad you liked it. One of the most interesting things about interactive fiction is the limitations you have & how small things (such as the cycling text) can be used to evoke different emotions.

great to see that the game can be a fun experience even when played solo :DD good job!

thanks for checking it out! your score is impressive, given that the game has terrible collision boxes. :')

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Thank you! Your support means a lot to me. :)

Thanks a bunch. I am pretty happy with the way it works; I haven't really built many gameplay-oriented games after that though. It was mostly inspired by Nuclear Throne and alike!

glad to hear! yeah, it is one of my first games and was mostly for me to learn programming and familiarise myself with the engine. it's pretty terrible. :D

I am glad you enjoyed it! Also, I am probably more awkward, so no need to feel shy when coming up to me :')

thanks Miguel :)

thanks! you are very most welcome :)

thank you! glad you liked it :)

there's so many great resources out there. :)

feel free to contact me about anything specific relating to these types of games!

thank you for the kind words! glad we share a passion for Steven Universe :p The comic I have is the one by Jeremy Sorese & Coleman Engle.

I'm glad to hear you found it interesting! Let me know if you make something/ want to discuss ideas. :)

oh my, this quote fits the game really well. thanks for sharing!

too much candy, maybe? :p

it was a gamble to exaggerate the audio effects and visuals that much - some people think it reinforces the meaning, some others think it's too much. looking back at it, i would have toned it down and added more diversity in the effects instead.

the gradual fading into a reindeer was indeed meant to represent having to adjust yourself to your family and present as the ideal version of you they have in their minds. :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts. :p

Nice article on the Telegraph about personal games, called Personal issues: Inside the fascinating world of interactive biography!

I've done it for all of 2015, and I can tell you that it feels great to have one extra experiment on your itch profile every month. :) Good luck!

I think it would be limiting to define personal games too tightly - if you feel that it's one, then it is :) I checked Imaginal out, I love how it gives players a space to reflect in; the gameplay isn't really that important imo, it's just there to give you something to do while you think about the questions that pop up. I'd say it's definitely personal. Thanks for the heads-up! :)