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Interesting little game. I like the usage of shifting view. Mirrors are nice too, like that little puzzle with using the mirror image of the main character. Visually nice, Even if the main character sprite is simple, it has charm to it. Collision is weird at points but I know it's the engine's fault.

Good stuff!

Now, this is Qute! Family friendly version with... heads falling down and red blocks representing blood or internal organs... Really loving it! I'm surprised it's using original mdl format models! I was sure it's md5 or iqm or something else.

My new record!!! Still VERY far from perfect...


Getting better and better... 

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Very good, sexy game! Definitely had some innuendos there... hehe
Sadly my time was over 25 minutes, realizing some things a bit late. Will re-run later.
2nd run: 8:18.113

Hmm, what? It's a really good game, physics are reliable and doesn't break. Work as intended.

The game is breathtaking! I love how it has some kind of puzzle elements in it and it's not just about killing and dodging bullets but you have to use the environment to beat the game. But also it's a bit of a trial and error. Cool stuff! We need more!

A bit early to review but my thoughts so far:
The game is pretty damn good! Creepy, atmospheric, dark, abstract, evil.
Story is interesting so far. Beat the first boss, it was fun! 
Visually the game is interesting. The glitch effects + chromatic aberration adds to it a lot! Sprites are detailed, backgrounds are fantastic!

Music is pretty good in overall, but I have one complaint what ruins the immersion for me a bit: when you die, the music restarts. Since there is no death screen, you restart immediately, it would be much, much better to keep the music playing, not restarting. It's easy to die again and again so the constant music resets kinda ruins it.

It's clear there was a lot of work in this game! Other than the music issue, it can be really immersing. It has some OFF / Yume Nikki vibes sometimes, it's a dark version of Super Meat Boy somewhat (probably reminds me of it because of the quick dead, retry mechanism... idk)...
Controls are perfect! The puzzles are really well done. The escalation is great! It starts easy, it makes the player understand the mechanics in a safer environment, then it gets more complicated, harder, more complex. Interesting combination of darkness, horror, abstract, platforming and puzzles. Wasn't sure it'll work together when I started playing. But it definitely does! I'm enjoying this a lot and I'm happy with the purchase! Not flawless, minor improvements could help.

So my criticism is: restarting music and maybe the clones should have a visible timer on themselves too along with the HUD. Of course, in a stylish way.

Money well spent! Great job!

Thank you Jupiter_Hadley ! I'll check it out!

RnK, Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah, sadly I got to know about the jam late and also I didn't have enough time to add more. I'm continuously working on the game, will adding a little story, more abilities, a big map to explore, different enemies and bosses. A lot to do with it. I also added a few selectable palettes if you don't like the default green one. I also modified the tiles and many other things already.

I included this game in the 2nd part of my #LOWREZJAM summary.

I included this game in the 2nd part of my #LOWREZJAM summary.

I included this game in the part 2 of my #LOWREZJAM summary.

Ah, the sounds and soundtrack definitely adds a lot to the game!

Still my personal favorite after playing almost all thethe entries. Should have finished a lot higher with sound. I really enjoyed it!

Well deserved first place!

Thanks for give me a chance to try it out!

Impressive stuff! Looks great, I really love how you didn't over detailed the things which wouldn't do a good job at this resolution in my opinion. Instead, everything is clear what it is, the space is nice, loving the planets and the Fantastic Drive effect is cool! I really hope it'll have more stuffs later. It really needs some ambience sound, gameplay goals, or even just some mini tasks. It would be so much fun to fly over more alien planets, maybe deliver stuffs from planet A to planet B while avoiding an asteroid field. It has potential!

In overall it's a really good experience.

Couldn't make it run. Tried on latest Firefox and Opera.
Specs: Intel Pentium G860, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 750, Windows 7 Professional x64

I just see four white dots, basically the crosshair. Nothing else happens. Really wanted to test and rate it!

Wow, very short game! Loving the music and the art style, the controls are good too! I wish it was longer with an adventure to find the missing child.

Really fun game. Control layout should be different, but it's OK. Very nice artwork, good sounds, enjoyable gameplay!

Really cool game! The vehicle physics are fun! Especially with low traction. The upgrades are very efficient, the progress is fast. Even one upgrade made a huge different. I liked it! The lighting and day-night cycle is pretty good, also the camera handling is very nice and give a good viewing distance forward. It was fun collecting stuffs for a while, but it became a little bit monotonous after a long time. But I really hope this project will be improved, because it's already pretty good!

This is really adorable! Nice artwork! Such a cute minigame!

Probably the BIG update will come after the jam.
Will include a lot more zombie types, weapon statistics screen, boss fight, some bug fixes, maybe more weapons. Also I listened to some feedbacks so I already fixed the mouse lock issues, and the tree shadows cast only by the flashlight.

I'll make the shoots more powerful, there will be some screen shaking, mini explosions on some type of bullets, and many other things.

And thanks everyone for the feedbacks, it means a lot to me, I already learnt a lot from this jam!

I really love the character and the animation! Really cute! Loving the facial expressions!

Simple fun game! One thing confused me: when you need multiple of the same ingredients, it's the same color and sometimes it's possible to misjudge the number of them. Maybe some soft checker pattern would help next to the needed ingredients indicator. Like every from bottom to top, a dark grey - light grey pattern. Every second pixel would be light grey. And it would make it more clear how much pixel / ingredients needed.

A really addictive rage game... well, sometimes it made me angry. But I like the concept and it's well done!

Fun game! The last one was a little bit difficult to get. Nice game!

The last level made me insane!!! But I completed it! It kinda reminded me of Meatboy. I liked the death effect and that it leaves trace on those spiky wheels. Also it was good to use different music for the final level.

995 points / 4 achievement on my first try. Hmm, this game is intense!

Pretty good! I just don't know why the death music is so upbeat. :D

92 points on 4th try. First try I had absolutely no idea what to do. I'm glad I kept trying!

The biggest difficulty here is to memorize what you saw in the current game. Especially if you play multiple times in a row... "Awesome!"

Really beautiful game! Nice artwork, I loved the narrative, the music is really nice. I couldn't find 2 starts though... I was wandering around for like 15 minutes.

I wish it had keyboard controls and the zoom button was in bad place sometimes.

Great job in overall, thanks for the experience!

It's very difficult to read the texts! Some hard pixel fonts could work better. Antialiased / filtered fonts are not the best for low resolution. The controls are decent, but i miss the possibility to use keyboard + mouse.

Died at 920... I think the game start very slowly and after 900 point, it suddently speeds up a lot making it almost impossible!

Interesting concept! I wish the screen was bigger, I had to zoom in within my browser. Also for some reason I thought at the beginning the rope movement will give momentum to the building piece. Maybe it could be a nice thing so the play should think about where it'll land.

Interesting and fun concept. I like that is!s a little bit different than the usual games of this genre.

Kinda creepy game. Don't know what was the aim exactly, but I should probably added some deeper, sound loop as BGM, maybe headlights, and some creepy hallucinations simulating a stressful, tiring long driving where the driver is nearly went insane. I liked the smooth controls, By adding more things to it, it could be a more creepy experience.

It's very hard! Sometimes it feels unfair, there is no gap to move between them. This is one thing to fix I think, give the player a more fair challenge, other than that, fun game!

Also I agree with ScorpyX on the button thing.

3579 - I'm bad at this game.

I like how different the two characters handle.