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Maybe I'll do some polishing in the future, but the core will stay the same I guess. I'm more interested in starting a new project ;)

I don't have planed a downloadable version of oOku. I can play it on chrome without crashes. If you can send me the error logs or the exact spots where it crashes, then I can try to fix it. 

it's the same ;) 

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TR33 is an upcoming explorative music game. 
A short narrative about depression and mindfulness.

The alpha is now downloadable for PC and Mac:
It would be really helpful to get critical feedback on improvements you'd like to see (or hear) in the game. 

Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy the emotional journey ♡♡♡

thanks for the feedback. would be cool to hear some more about the things you didn't like. 
I posted the feedback to your game directly in the jam-entry. 

I liked the experience in general.
some details in random order:
- a replay button would be nice
- for my intuition the movement in the air should be a bit slower than on the ground
- music could be more action/arcade-like for my taste  

Hey everyone!

For my masters thesis in game design I'm exploring low skill music mechanics in the context of indie adventure games. 

it would be very helpful if you could test my first short prototype and fill out the survey. 

This takes about 15min altogether. 


password: HelloTR33 


thank you very very much ♥♥♥ 

helping someone to accomplish something with their lives is also a good feeling.

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I think the embedding doesn't work in all browsers.
does the space button work with this link?

nice graphics. more content would be cool.

Really enjoyed this one.

Nice mood. simple but engaging

Nice style, very nostalgic!

Works nice!

the volume of the sfx spoil a little bit the music

Very promising. Hope to see more.

Like the board-flip-animation a lot

Funny concept and nice graphics!

nice spooky atmosphere.

I wished it had more clues about where to go.

is there a way to skip the intro?

very nice atmosphere.

loved the boss music.

slash sound was a bit annoying.

nice concept and graphics!

1live and restarting from the beginning was a little frustrating

nice atmosphere!

the combat could be a bit faster for my taste

very nice overal - classic but very well crafted

very nice graphics and atmosphere.

with fitting sound it would be perfect.

the explanation-screen wasn't clear for me at the first try. But then I got and was super bad ;)

loved the sound-fx

thank you all for the feedback!

My idea with the controls was to have beat-sync movement. but then I noticed there was too much music. so now there is sometimes no music and I hadn't time to chanage the controlls.

I'll fix that in a post-jam version

really enjoyed the aesthetics and the feel of the game.

exploring and puzzling felt satisfying

very beautiful, but is there some kind of interaction? I had the urge to blow on the screen :)

awesome game but too hard for me :P

great entry! very atmospheric

@zsoloman: thanks for playing! there is an echo locator if you press X (maybe the feedback is not clear enough...)

very neat entry :)

thanks for this

yay great experience! thank you!

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the universe's first interactive balkan-dada-dub experience

save the world from it's fishlessness by simplifying the horse

and maybe you are brave enough to become the most experienced

cat exploder

featuring the song simplify this horse by extrafish

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Our sound guy andi bissig played in a band called 'exis'. unfortunately the band doesn't exist any more and the album was never released because of lack of money. The sound for this game was made with recording material from this album.

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Hi, thanks for playing. The Fullscreen button was the one provided by itch itself. But just now I've implemented my own, so now the button disapears if you are in fullscreen.

The framework is