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Hope you'll like them.

Thanks a lot and, of course, thanks for playing!

thank you ^_^

Not bad. It was enjoyable experience. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I'll check your game today.

Glad that you enjoyed Knightin'!

You missed a shield on the second floor, but you did well without it anyway :D

I'll narrow a gap between pillars near the boss door. Thanks for pointing that out.

I don't think that it's possible.

Thanks a lot! I enjoyed your video very much!

Hello! Glad that you're interested in Knightin' :)

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You're almost right. Coin values are correct but drop chance looks like table below.

Enemy coin drop rate
No coins50%
1 small coin16.75%
2 small coins13.25%
1 medium coin10%
1 medium and 1 small coin6.75%
1 large coin3.25%

You're right. I consider Knightin' a somewhat easy game after you get used to it. I did a couple of no damage runs too while testing it. New types of enemies and traps in Knightin'+ won't make player's life so easy in later dungeons.

Good job on beating the most challenging room in the whole dungeon so fast!

I don't think that I'm going to update this game soon. But I'm working on Knightin'+ right now. It will be a really extended version (or sequel, or remake :D) of this game with different dungeons, more content and various game modes.

File called "nw" should do the trick.

My congratulations! Well done!

Just unpack .zip file you downloaded and you're ready to go.  Or do you encounter any errors while trying to run unzipped game?

Thanks a lot!

My congratulations! It's a really impressive result!

I used Construct 2 engine and Paint.NET to draw graphics. Glad that you enjoy my game :D

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Congrats on finishing the game!

I'm working on an extended version of Knightin' right now. It'll contain much more content and achievements (like 100% completion).

Thanks for playing!

Hey! I'll gladly help.

There are 2 ways to solve this puzzle. Easy one: QR code on the same floor contains solution. Hard one: look for the small square holes on the floor located in some rooms on this floor. They are hints for the right combination. If you can't progress any further buy a key from the merchant or look for the key you might've missed on the previous floor.

Anyway if this comment won't help you let me know. I'll give you a solution.

Thank you for playing! Comments like this are very inspiring

Thank you very much! I've put much effort into this game :)

"You have discovered a secret to suck" - now that made me laugh out loud

Glad that you liked it ;)

There are no stick controls but it should work fine with the D-pad.  Just tested it with my controller.

Thanks a lot! I've put much effort into this game.

Soundtrack is added to the downloadable files list. Enjoy :)

Glad that you liked this small prototype. Full game will be much better

Thanks mate :)

Yeah, I guess that I'll make an extended version of Knightin' in the nearby future


Glad that you liked it

I have won business license on Construct 2030 Jam back in 2014. As far as I know you can publish games to itch.io with any edition type.

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

I used Construct 2

I'm going to make an extended version for steam

Thanks for playing my game! It was very fun to watch. And your thumbnail made my day :D

I had much fun watching your video! You keep missing a key on the first floor. It's hidden in the chest in the room with QR code (bottom left). Hope this will help.

It's a nice video you've made. Thanks! QR codes contain puzzles' solutions. But there are another hints to solve them. You need to use shield more to fight imps (cyclops) effectively ;)

Thanks for playing :)