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Was glad to help :)

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Hey there GuldorGames! I played your game and came to give some feedback :)

First of all I'd like to mention very pleasant low-poly graphics and relaxing music. The game is really pleasant to look at! Puzzle mechanics are simple but fun. The difficulty curve is perfect.

I'd like to see the more interactive tutorial. Instead of something like "tap 3 times to build 3 houses" give player a super easy level where it's almost impossible to lose. It will make tutorial much more fun.

On some levels I got "land is full" type of game over message after completing the objective and on other not. For example my objective is to build 4 houses. I place the 4th house on the last square and get a game over. Yet on another level I need to build farms. And when I filled the last square with the farm I've won.

Next, undo and restart button when you finish or fail a level look out of place. I'd recommend to replace them with a round gray button with the white symbols on it. Similar to restart and zoom buttons you use in the bottom right corner.

I really like the tiny details like cars and boats moving around the levels. But they disappear abruptly. Perhaps fading them out will look better. Also I noticed that cars start to fall of the edge before disappearing. I find this hilarious so maybe instead of destroying or fading out vehicles just let them fall of the edge? You could even add a funny cartoon-like scream sound effect when they fall :)

And here is the last thing that I wanted to mention. There are some typos in English version like "shops work a bit differed" but it's not a big deal overall. You can always correct the text in 5 minutes or so ;)

Anyway the game is really fun and not too difficult. I had much fun playing it. Keep up the good work!

Hey there!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback. I have plans to make an extended edition of this game (going to call it Nymphiad+). And your feedback will come in very handy. There are some really neat quality of life improvements in your post :D

As for your game, I'm going to check it out this week. You can expect a very thorough review from me as well ;)


Thanks a lot! I'm really happy that you enjoyed One Fine Day :)

Thank you very much! Comments like this mean a lot to me

Thanks for playing ;)

There is a puzzle room in the bottom-left corner. The one with the shiny lights one floor.

Thanks for keeping playing and setting new impressive records! I really appreciate your efforts regarding the community.

Hey ExoticPanda! That's a really impressive time! Congratulations with a new world record!

Saw your game on Newgrounds. Very good job, my friend. Keep up the good work!

Спасибо большое! Мы с Максимом подумываем о такой возможности :)

Строим пути для птенцов ;)

Рад, что понравилось. Я тоже Леммингов люблю :)

Hello, another Linux user had found a workaround. Here is the link to the forum thread. Hope that it will work for you.

It is supposed to restart automatically after the final cutscene

Спасибо :)

Was glad to help and thanks for playing!

So you've chosen the Crimson Armor route. The first key that you can obtain is on the floor 4-3 in the room 4-1. The second one is on the floor 4-2 like you mentioned. If you collected both of them you'll have to buy the key in the shop. The boss route is pretty straightforward. You'll be able to find one key on the each floor starting from the floor 4-4 except of floors 4-6 and 4-7 (there are no keys on these two).

Thanks for the very detailed review.

You're right about the E and R keys. That's why I added the alternative push/pull controls (X) back in a day. Regarding the holding Shift key, you can toggle the always run mode in the options. I.e. you will be walking while holding Shift key.

In fact I'm working on the extended version of Nymphiad with lots of improvements, new levels and improved old ones. Definitely going to add checkpoints in the long levels there. Hope that I'll manage to finish it this year.

Hey! You don't have to restart the game. I've just replied to your email ;)

Thank you very much for playing! I'm really glad that you liked it 😊

No wonder, it's a lowrez jam version. Screen size is 64x64. Try postjam version. It's also here on itch.

In this case it's not a bug, but a feature :D

haha, hope that you enjoyed your time :)

That's bad :(

Try downloadable version, maybe it will work better for you

Those are very good questions. I've explained earlier that I won't sell the full game on itch and gamejolt because these websites support only payment systems like PayPal that are not supported in my country. As for the soundtrack I can't decide what things I can upload to GOG myself. Of course I asked their manager about the possibility to release the soundtrack and they said they will think about it.

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad that you had a One Fine Day ;)

Thanks a lot! I'm really glad that you liked Knightin'+ and sincerely hope that my future games won't disappoint you too (and will be released on Vita of course)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you liked it 😊

There was only one right number and therefore only one code. I hid it behind the * symbol to prevent bots snatching the code. Perhaps somebody has taken it already. It's a pity that that person hadn't let us know in the comments.

Wow! Thanks for the amazing review! I'll check out your video soon :)

Thanks for playing!

QR codes contain solutions to the puzzles. Both of them contain codes that consist of numbers or arrow symbols. Also you can solve puzzles without using codes. Hints are scattered on the dungeon's floor.

Very impressive game! It's always fascinating to meet a fellow Construct dev who manages to push the engine's limits to the edge. Looking forward to a full version!


Good game. Gonna buy the full version

Yep, enemies respawn so you can farm more if you wish. But if you've cleared the room once the doors stay open forever so you can skip fights with the respawned enemies if you want.

You got the second puzzle right and you had to turn off one more light to get it solved.

Had much fun watching. Thanks for playing :)

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I'd like to... Unfortunately I can't sell my games on because they make payments only via PayPal or Stripe which are not supported in my country at the moment. I either have to wait for to add more payment options or for some changes in the bank system of my country. Both options don't seem to become viable soon.

It's done. Enjoy ;)