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Well, it's obviously not supposed to work like this. Nobody complained about this issue before. I guess that your browser couldn't load all of the game's data. You may try to load the game with the adblock turned off or play it in another browser or download the desktop version. Nice 3 options...

Thank you very much! A lot of effort was put into this game. I'm very glad that you enjoyed paying it!

Thanks for playing Nymphiad! I enjoyed your video a lot :D
Nice platforming skills! You've almost made it to the end by the way. There are 15 levels total.

I didn't forget about him. He wasn't active around here for a while, so I decided to ping when everything will be ready.

I saw that you followed my group and sent you a couple of messages. Perhaps you haven't noticed them. Just sent you the friend request.

Dat facebook's crappy search engine... Yeah, send me a request. It'll make things much easier.

Oh, I'll mention you in the special thanks section in the release version for sure ^_^

I don't want to upset you, but Knightin'+ won't be free. But it will be cheap and have free demo. You'll have access to the full game anyway. So don't worry :)

Well, I found a couple of accounts named Henry Henry. Is this yours?

You can PM me here:

Congrats! That's great news!

Sorry for not responding in a while. I had personal issues this month and hadn't time to  work on Knightin'+ during the last 3 weeks :(

But I have good news too. I'm going to make a closed beta test and you're invited! If everything will be fine I'll be able to start it next week. I haven't found any means to send private messages on itch.  Therefore send me your contacts (e.g. email) please so I'll be able to send you a beta key when it's out.  Below is the list of my contacts. Choose the most convenient option for you.

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)

Thank you.

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Thanks for the video! Glad that you liked Nymphiad.

You can use Shift, Z or J for running. Also you can turn always run mode in options. In this case holding run buttons will make you walk instead. Guess it will be more convenient for you.

PS: game's title is made up from 2 words "nymph" and "Iliad" (Greek mythology references). So it should sound something like [nɪmfiəd] :)

Glad to see you again :)

I recommend to hold any of these buttons. Then you'll be able to run and jump further. Also you can turn on "always run" mode in options.

Thanks a lot! There are only 15 levels in this game. So it shouldn't take you long to finish it. Hope you'll like the ending :)

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for your support :)

Thank you very much!

Well, you got stuck inside the box. It's almost like a telefrag. Or not :D

You weren't supposed to get up there. That's it! I'll reduce jump height xD


Yes, that's weird. I checked my notification feed here and I can't see your previous comment.


It's not difficult at all, but I'm one of that lazy devs :D

Small glitches like that are possible. In-game physics are not perfect. I keep improving them with every update.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, it actually happened on Gamejolt. Lol

Yes, you did. I remember replying to your comment. Where did it go?

I tried jumping on level 8 but couldn't reproduce this bug. If you encounter this bug again restart level by pressing R or in the pause menu.

Thanks :)


March. This time for sure :D

Wow, I didn't know about this issue. This information will be useful for me as well.

Thanks a lot! Your donation is really appreciated :)

Wow! Thanks for this amazing feedback. Quantum physics, different paradoxes and hypothesises fascinate me. It's an infinite pool of inspiration and I'm really glad that my creation gave you this kind of vibe.

Thank you very much :D

Yep, something like that.

Nice video you made here! Thanks for playing and I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game :)

Hello my fellow gamers and developers!

Originally I made this game for Pixel Day 2019 and now I'm proud to publish it on itch.

Nymphiad is a puzzle-platformer with a unique twist - each camera movement shifts the world itself.

Somewhere in the dark mazes beneath the temple of Tithonus a lost nymph seeks the way back to the world of daylight. However this journey won't be easy. Nobody can be sure that the chosen path is right in this cursed place.

Hope you'll like it :)

Grats! Mine will be in 5 days. Knightin'+ is going fine. I finally removed a very big old chunk of buggy code in enemy behavior. And I made 2 new floors in the final dungeon (4 left). Frankly speaking I hate level design, it's the most boring part for me. That's why I feel kinda burned out and make new levels a bit slowly. Anyway I'm going to make a trailer soon. A little more patience please.

Thanks for playing my games! I can't promise Nymphiad 2 right now, but sequel to Knightin' is on the way :)

I don't keep my age in secret. But I won't tell for the sake of a joke XD