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There are 30 levels.


Thank you very much!

Fun game. You said that you plan to expand this game. That's just great! I'll be waiting new expanded version. Thanks for the instructions below by the way. It wasn't too obvious for me that blue guys were my allies.

Thanks everyone for feedback! This jam was really fun. I hope that we'll meet again the next year :)

Judging from the screenshots it's an impressive game. However I couldn't play it.

I tried it on Chrome, but after title fades nothing happens. All I can see is a crosshair in the center of a black screen. Controls don't respond as if the game wasn't in focus even in the fullscreen.

Cool artwork and UI with dices. All this game needs is music and a restart button on the game over screen.

Music is good. Game would be much better if it was more fast-paced though.

Good job with graphics and music! My best score is 233.

Interesting game. I like the art style. However there are two things that I didn't like. First: it's not very enjoyable to backtrack all the way to your cauldron. Second: some music and sound effects would be very appreciated.

Very impressive entry! It's just a brilliant game with original combat system, nice graphics and atmospheric soundtrack! My favorite jam entry so far.

I'd recommend to lower spiders' movement speed due to the tiny area of view. It's too easy to accidentally run into a bunch of spiders and die in a second. Also it would be better to reduce collision boxes of the water tiles. Overall I liked it, the gameplay is fun and fast-paced.

Very cool character design and animations. Music sounds great. This game definitely has very grim atmosphere. Impressive work! During my second playthrough I realized that I can kill mage before the transformation. And it was the most unexpected and my favorite feature.

It's a pity that you haven't finished it. I'd like to play finished version in the future.

Great game! I had much fun playing it. Graphics and music are very cool. Hard candies must all burn in the sugar hell XD

However it seems that the resolution is bigger than 64x64.

Interesting concept, but the game lacks option to play vs AI.

I played it at last! It runs well on my home PC. Pretty good roguelike. I ran into a two small bugs. Music plays only when I die (cool melody btw), bur not during the gameplay. And when the enemy stands on the cave entrance, you will enter the cave instead of fighting.

Fun and addictive game. Good job!

Not bad game. I like combat system. Would be much better with more content (enemies, textures, etc). You should develop it further. I'll be looking forward to post-jam enhanced version.

Interesting mechanic with shield transformation. Liked it.

This is an angry game indeed. I raged XD

Good concept. The game itself needs more polishing though.

Fun, cute and quick game. I wish there was some kind of catchy melody.

Nice atmosphere. I traveled for a while in one direction and had to restart a game because it would take too long to come back. Indicators on the edges of playable area would be much appreciated. I noticed that character sprite flickers a lot while moving on Chrome.

Very good UI design and nice sound effects. Atmosphere is not bad too. Would be better camera were in the center of the screen. It scrolls only if I approach the edge, therefore sometimes I can't even see enemies who attack me.

Fun and very crazy game! Interesting concept along with nice visuals and audio. Good job indeed!

Very nice Zelda-like game! I'm impressed. One of my favorite jam entries so far.

This is a very solid game! Challenging and very dynamic. Tons of explosions, cone of view mechanics... Wow! Good job on this one.

Challenging game with cool music and nice graphics.

I love the music and the Zelda feeling of this game. I'll be waiting for a big post-jam version of Ariadne :

Fun game with great music. Unfortunately I ran into few bugs. During my first playthrough money income stopped after I built a wall. During my second playthrough I couldn't build any buildings after archer barracks. I'll be looking forward a patched version. Keep up the good work!

This game is hilarious! I'd like to play it on my phone. You should consider creating a mobile version.

Great graphics and music, smooth controls and convenient UI. There's one trouble though: sprites are too big for comfortable gameplay at resolution 64x64.

Cool graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics! Good job!

Cool concept! I had enjoyed it a lot. This game should be ported to mobile devices.

Funny and weird game. I like the lemming-style ending :D

Could be much better with a little bit more explanation. Also sometimes this game crashes after I kill the monster. Needs lot of polishing.

Looks great on the screenshots. But I couldn't run it because I have only one gamepad. And I can't skip "Please connect one more gamepad" screen.

I hate the part with the red button, boxes and pool of acid :)

Nice music and adorable graphics. Sea battles become repetitive really fast. Platformer levels are much better.