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Left/Right Arrow/A/D - Move
Up Arrow/W/Z/Space - Jump

D-pad left/D-pad right/Left Stick - Move
A - Jump

Congratulations on beating One Fine Day! I'm very happy that you had fun :)

There are hundreds of references in the internet. Find the one you like and draw your tilemap. If you're not good at drawing look for a pre-made asset. Even here on there are plenty of nice and usually free tilemaps in the assets section.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you had fun :)

Thanks a lot! Glad that you liked it :)

You can scan the code to get a solution. Or you can look for a hint that is engraved on the floor in one of the rooms on the same floor. Also there were lots of walkthrough videos on YouTube recorded when the game came out.

Plumber man is in a middle of the existencial crisis. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Glad that you had fun :)

It's my custom sprite font. I used some free font as a reference. Don't recall the name.

Thank you very much!

Press Esc to pause the game. Then select "Restart Level" option. That's all assistance that you can expect from me in this situation. And let's hope that it won't happen to you again

Hi, hold shift to run and jump farther. You can also turn always run mode on in the options.

Hi! My game was stolen (not for the first time!) and published on the Xbox Store under the name that you mentioned. It was removed after my DMCA claim. Sorry to hear that you paid some frauds to play this free game on your console. Here's more info if you're interested:

It is similar to poker. You draw cards. Then you can replace few of them if you want. After that you and your opponent show your cards. Player with better combination wins.

You figured out my own strategy :D

Yes, you can walk through spikes. They can only kill you if they strike you from beneath or if you land on them. Without this feature the game would be almost unbeatable.

It's weird. Everything works fine in both Firefox and Chrome on my PC. Thanks for letting me know.


Yeah, that's the funny story. Guys from Cool Math Games worried that my non-commercial fan-game could provoke a copyright claim from Nintendo (you never can be too cautious I guess). That's why they asked me to change the main character's sprite and the name (because it didn't make sense without Mario reference) before publishing this game on their website. They mentioned that it's a reskin of 1985 in the description on their website but people rarely read those. Should've put the disclaimer inside the reskinned version itself xD

PS: the funniest part were the people who accused me for stealing Another Gentleman's Adventure. Yet they somehow didn't notice all the other Mario references that left in the game like mushroom that makes you big, green pipes, enemy design, etc. Usually I pointed out that to end any pointless arguing about which game was the original.

Thanks for the feedback. I have plans to make an extended version of this game with additional mechanics.

Thanks for playing ^^


Some of my older games had only browser versions. Maybe I'll create desktop versions one day. But I don't have much time for this at the moment. There is war in my country right now.


Thanks for playing :)

Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)

as it supposed to be ;)

Thanks for the feedback! This game is finished and I don't have time to support it anymore. But I plan to make an extended version or a remaster of it. Checkpoints will be there for sure.

Thanks for playing and for your support!

Localization is very important. But this particular game has less than 100 words of text, half of which are default UI things like "play" or "quit". So in my opinion Nymphiad won't suffer from the lack of supported languages. And by the way it is a free game at the moment. I know 3 languages and therefore translated it to them. I won't mind if some fans would provide me with the translation to their languages (there is not much text anyway). I'll be happy to add those!

PS: for example my other game Knightin'+ has Chinese translation but it was stolen too just like this one. So I doubt that the lack of translation is the reason.

Thanks for playing and for your support!


This puzzle resembles dungeon floor. In some rooms there are little faces engraved on the floor and in some there are none.

And thank you very much for playing :3

Thanks for sharing!

I really enjoyed art style and music. Puzzles weren't too hard either. The only thing I'd like to improve is to add a little delay before the barrier starts to close. Something around 0.5 sec delay after the button is released. Few levels were frustrating a bit because of the very tight timing. But overall it's a very fun game. Keep up the good work!

Fun lil' game. I liked the music despite some tiny bugs (some tunes weren't looped at all and some started from the beginning every time I finished the level). And puzzle difficulty was just alright. Not too hard and not too simple. Keep up the good work!

Very atmospheric game with nice pixel art. I enjoyed it a lot!