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Yep, something like that.

Nice video you made here! Thanks for playing and I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game :)

Hello my fellow gamers and developers!

Originally I made this game for Pixel Day 2019 and now I'm proud to publish it on itch.

Nymphiad is a puzzle-platformer with a unique twist - each camera movement shifts the world itself.

Somewhere in the dark mazes beneath the temple of Tithonus a lost nymph seeks the way back to the world of daylight. However this journey won't be easy. Nobody can be sure that the chosen path is right in this cursed place.

Hope you'll like it :)

Grats! Mine will be in 5 days. Knightin'+ is going fine. I finally removed a very big old chunk of buggy code in enemy behavior. And I made 2 new floors in the final dungeon (4 left). Frankly speaking I hate level design, it's the most boring part for me. That's why I feel kinda burned out and make new levels a bit slowly. Anyway I'm going to make a trailer soon. A little more patience please.

Thanks for playing my games! I can't promise Nymphiad 2 right now, but sequel to Knightin' is on the way :)

I don't keep my age in secret. But I won't tell for the sake of a joke XD

Yep, I'll call it an update then. I don't like the term dlc to be honest. Because I consider them as a disgusting way of milking money out of players. Knightin'+ will be available on steam too btw. I promise that updates will be free :D

And now, it's time to get to work.

Thanks for playing!

I'm returning to Knightin'+ on Monday. Time for the final push ;)

Thank you for all the suggestions. Game is 99% finished and I won't have enough time to add new playable characters. Release has been delayed few times already. But I like this idea very much. Perhaps I'll make an addon or dlc (or how are these things are called nowadays :D ) with this feature after the release.

That's cool! Happy upcoming birthday to both of us ;)

Hello, ExoticPanda!  As DarkCreeperLord said it is currently available only on Newgrounds. Here's the link

I'll publish Nymphiad on itch and Gamejolt too. But after the announcement of contest results. Hope you'll like it :)

Hey DarkCreeperLord! Thanks for not forgetting about me :)

I decided to take a tiny break before Knightin'+ release and participate in Pixel Day on Newgrounds. It's the same annual contest  in which I participated with original Knightin' last year. This time my entry is a little puzzle platformer called Nymphiad. I'm going to release it tomorrow by the way.

Knightin'+ is on the final polishing stage. I'm going to make a trailer and add all the final touches right after the contest. I'll try my best to release it in the first half of February.

Thanks! Trying my best :)

Yes, of course. As you know Knightin' consists of one tiny dungeon. In sequel you'll be able to explore 4 different dungeons (each bigger than the previous).

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This is just a small game made for a contest. I didn't plan to expand it at first. But lots of people all over the internet convinced me to change my mind. Knightin'+ is a sequel that will have a separate demo version. Why don't I want to use this game as a demo? I liked my idea with QR codes containing solutions. But unfortunately most of the gamers disliked it very much. So I removed them in sequel and redesigned the first dungeon. I want this particular game to remain in its original form as a contest entry with QR codes :)

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This game is already finished. But I guess that you're asking about a sequel called Knightin'+.  It's almost done. Final dungeon is almost finished. I'm going to release it right after the winter holidays. You may expect new update for Knightin' and demo of Knightin'+ soon.

Hey ExoticPanda! Glad that you're asking. I had some problems that distracted me from the development of Knightin'+ for a few months. So yes, I didn't complete it in time. Currently I'm working on the final dungeon. Stay tuned!

Oh, it's a shame... Sunkin's Wrath resolution 1024x768. I developed this game back in 2012 on a 4:3 monitor. I assume that you're playing on the notebook with the resolution 1280x720 or lower.

Thank you! Just trying my best ;)

It's the final boss. His only weak spot is the eye. You have to use trampolines to reach the height needed for attack. He's not too hard if you have obtained the energy shield from the shop. Shield costs 5 diamonds which are all located in the same location (ethereal city).

Yes, I am :)

Which boss was too hard? I can give a hint 

Thank you for this very informative review!

I'm going to release extended version/sequel of Knightin' really soon. I haven't uploaded all of my older games to itch yet (but I'll do it one day). You may check them out if you want. My full game collection can be found on gamejolt and on my website.

Thank you! I'll try my best :)

And I'll be very excited to play your game as soon as it'll be finished :)

Thanks for the bug report. I'll fix it soon.

Thank you very much! I'm working on an extended version actually. It will be called Knightin'+ and I'm going to release it really soon.

Thanks! Keep up the great work too.

Hey, ExoticPanda! It's not a glitch, but a little level design flaw. Nevermind it anyway. I'll upload the updated version with lots of fixes soon.

Hope you've enjoyed it ;)

Thank you very much ^_^

My congratulations! I'll patch the game soon (before the release of Knightin'+). Player won't be able to skip shield after that ;)

Glad that you enjoyed my game, I enjoyed your video too. Don't be very harsh on Jeff, he seems to be a nice guy :)

I want to clarify some points.

Both of us (me and McMillen the developer of Binding of Isaac) used old Legend of Zelda games as inspiration for our creations. In fact Knightin' is more similar to Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past than Binding of Isaac. It was an amazing game by the way. A real masterpiece. You should really check it out. I bet that you'll really enjoy it. Just use any free emulator if you don't have any old Nintendo console.

Also I made this game all by myself. But it took me 16 days actually. Pixel Day didn't have very strict deadline ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There will be more. Just you wait :)

Thanks! Glad that you liked it.

Thanks a lot!

Hey! Knightin'+ is going to be finished this summer. And original Knightin' will be updated few days before the sequel release.

Hope you'll like them.

Thanks a lot and, of course, thanks for playing!

thank you ^_^

Not bad. It was enjoyable experience. Keep up the good work!