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I'd like to... Unfortunately I can't sell my games on because they make payments only via PayPal or Stripe which are not supported in my country at the moment. I either have to wait for itch.ii to add more payment options or for some changes in the bank system of my country. Both options don't seem to become viable soon.

It's done. Enjoy ;)

It won't be hard to make it. I didn't expect that anyone would need a desktop version of such an old game. You can expect it in the next few days.

Wasn't planning one. Do you need it?

Thanks, glad that you liked it! It's an old jam entry back from 2015. It was supposed to be longer, but deadlines were tight.

So I decided to upload all my older games to itch. And today it's going to be It Needs Care!

It Needs Care is a short tamagotchi-like game made for the Construct Deception Jam back in 2015. It's basically a weird short experience with various minigames and creepy dialogues. Also I updated this game recently with an alternative ending and better writing.

Hope you'll like it :)

So I decided to upload all my older games to itch. And today it's going to be Minute of Rage!

Is it possible to escape hell? Try to survive one minute on the deadly arena of suffering and find out.

Thanks a lot for playing! And, yes, I thought that it would be funny if his legs were consisting of big fat toes :)

Guess what I'll be watching right now ;)

Oh boy! I was waiting for this one :)

Oh and I'm really sorry that your progress wasn't saved. It's weird. I thinks that this issue has something to do with the autosave settings. You had similar issues earlier.

I respect this. Don't like to use guides much too.

Only couple of floors left by the way. You didn't break much sweat on the previous boss. And now I really want to see the final boss fight.

If I understand google translation right, you're working on a similar game. Good luck with your project as well!

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I can agree with that. Tiny resolution is the cause of the problem.

I made this guide yesterday. Perhaps you'll find it useful.

I'm very grateful to all the volunteers who helped me with the translations :)

Let me give you a little hint for the puzzle with 2 dice-like shapes. You've been in a room with a big shining face and pillars. Small faces resemble the buttons. Big faces resemble that the whole room is a solution. Maybe pillars are the hint or maybe torches. Who knows? There was a big face in the first dungeon too. But you've been there so much time ago that you might've forgotten about it. Hints for the puzzles are always located on the same floor by the way. This should help you to get the legendary loot on the optional path and beat the whole dungeon without breaking a sweat ;)

Wow! You did extremely well! Last boss won't be as easy. Can't wait to see how you'll deal with him.

That little 1 block barrier on the last floor wasn't supposed to be down before you've opened the chest. Thanks for the accidental bug report :D

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Thanks a lot! Yes, Switch release is definitely planned. My publisher promised to bring it to all major consoles.

Yes, I've signed a contract with one console publisher already. But it's hard to tell estimated release date at the moment.

I was waiting for this episode! And yet again had much fun watching you play. There are 7 floors in this dungeon by the way ;)

Hope you'll like it. I'm going to update the demo today btw.

Had much fun watching you exploring the pyramid! You're pretty good at sokoban, don't be so harsh on yourself :)

Game saves automatically each time you enter new floor or go to the world map. Guess that you turned off autosave in the options.

Looking forward to the next episode!

Thank you! There is an extended version actually. It has a free demo here:

Those are different games, mate. I never uploaded demo of Knightin'+ to Cool Math. You played the original jam version called simply Knightin' without +. I don't know why you can't play the demo though. Maybe desktop version will work for you?

Hey Mike! Great video man! Congrats on cracking that puzzle :D

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And yet again I had tons of fun watching you playing my game :)

Yes, the dungeon layout had changed since the original Knightin'. And it is designed in a way that makes to buy the last key to access the boss room. I can't leave a location until I collect everything just like you. However you can revisit the dungeons you've beaten already and buy the missing stuff later. Next dungeons will be bigger and contain much more loot chests. So in fact there is no need to grind things, but it's up to you :D

And it was a really weird bug with Qaug. Yes, it can't hurt you if you're dashing. Guess you have an inhuman reaction ;)
Looking forward to see your next videos. Cheers!

Congrats with the release! Played beta some time ago and it was awesome. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing and for the video! You might be interested in the advanced and extended version of this game called Knightin'+. There is a free demo of it here too.

Thank you for the fun video! I had great time watching it :)

Yep, C2 is an amazing, yet very underrated engine.

Thank you for playing! It's cool that you dig the qr code mechanic! I thought that majority hated it.

Та і я не філолог. Я ж після вашого коменту поліз перевіряти чи ці фрази дійсно русизми. На щастя пронесло :)

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Дякую за відгук. Можливо потім розширю меню налаштувань.

А на рахунок русизмів не погоджуся.

"По всіх околицях" - аналог такого використання фрази можемо знайти в Нечуя-Левицького

"По-моєму" - наприклад зустрічається у того ж Григорія Тютюнника

Не кожен синонімічний фразеологізм русизм.

Thank you!

Fun video, man!

These 12 buttons resemble the 12 rooms on the current floor. Pay attention in which rooms there are flashing hints on the floor. Or use this solution if you want:


That's nice! Thanks for playing!

I don't like to abandon my creations :)

Glad that you brought this great game here, mate :)