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Hi ScorpyX, Thanks for the kind words and for playing :)

There should be sounds, if you look in the menu.

There is a chance that enabling it in one of our builds crashes the game, in which case, you can edit the options.json file and set the values to 'true'.

Simple but addictive. Great combination :)

Hi Adam!

Thank you for playing! We are hoping to add more realistic enemy AI behaviour, as well as hiding spots and techniques, but we were quite pushed for time.

Keep an eye out for more levels and other improvements in the future :)

Nice game. I felt that the character moves a little slowly. It makes backing away from the aliens very difficult.

Aiming is difficult, especially on the smaller aliens.

Really nice effort. I love the aesthetics and mechanics.

I feel like the parallax scrolling is really not appropriate here because we are relying on elements on that same layer (the element charging points). It makes the traversal somewhat confusing when judging distances.

Well executed twist on an old concept.

The stroop effect is a great idea here, although I feel like it should be thrown in much later, to further increase difficulty.

Really enjoyed this game. I do find getting the cursor onto an adjacent square quite difficult.

I assume there is some sort of rounding, because it likes to skip a square if I am near or barely on a tile.

You have a lot of space which could have been used for a larger font, which would make reading a little easier.

As a player of Stardew Valley, I found the mechanics quite easy to pick up, though.

The map is quite large, and it is currently hard to tell which buildings are which. Spent ages searching for a shop to get more seeds.

I'd love to see where this goes, though. keep it up!

I love the style. As you can tell, we like eggs :P

Wall-phasing chickens is funny. I agree with the sentiment that we don't need a mini map in the corner. It hugely reduces visibility.


Reasonably fun, although it took a while to work out what the indicator dots on the side meant.

I was expecting to only need one of each colour of ingredient, but that idea was quickly thrown out.

Fewer ingredients, but allowing multiples, might make it easier.

I found the cutscenes frustratingly slow to navigate at the beginning. I couldn't tell which key progressed them, or when I was able to progress.

Overall though, an enjoyable game.

I agree with subpixel, the actual resolution of 64x64 is unplayable on most monitors, especially for touchpad users.

A fun concept though :)

@Roh - Thanks! We're planning to keep working on it, making it bigger and better (as well as with a scrolling camera so that levels can be bigger than 64x64, even though the view remains small). The link to the music is on the game page, if you want to check it out :)
@JackOatley - I don't think I have anything to add to what Aviv already said, but thanks for playing :)

Well... It has an ending. :p

No idea what I'm doing. Pretty accurate then! :p

Music would have been good, felt a bit empty without. It was quite difficult to control, too. Interesting concept though :)

Reminds me of N: The Way of the Ninja :)

Some music would be good though :p

Sucks that you got screwed over by depression - I've had that happen to me before.

I wouldn't really call it a game because there's no win condition :p

But getting some interactivity in is definitely a plus!

Took a little while to read the text and get an idea of how the game worked, but it is coming together.

It would be nice if there was a way to get money to roll in faster.

It's nowhere near finished and that sucks. I want the full version :p

Seriously though, I can't give it a particularly high rating just because it's so unfinished, but it looks really cool and I can't wait to see a more complete version!

Really good game, but a couple of bugs that I've spotted so far:

On OS X, the executable itself isn't set to be executable. It's rw-r--r--, so the .app bundle refuses to load it.

After a little while playing, it crashes, apparently it's sent a SIGSEV? I'm not sure exactly what happened, but reopening it works just fine (until it crashes again).

Pretty fun! :)

Since it's in HTML5 anyway, can't you put up a version on the game page? I see a lot of people have done that.

Totally stuck :p

Pretty fun to try, though lack of music was a downside.

I love this enemy indicator thing, a really cool way of dealing with the low resolution!

A really interesting one. Incredibly atmospheric and creepy.

I'm not too keen on the ijkl bit of the controls - mouse would have been better imo.

The map was also very flat. It was basically composed of sections you could walk on (which were all one level) and sections you couldn't (which varied in height). A bit more variance in the levels could also make it easier to tell where you have and haven't been before.

Overall really enjoyed it - though I don't think I played it enough to do it justice!

Kinda addictive... ^^

Pretty fun, but as others have said the lack of a tutorial made it difficult :p

Love the graphics and audio, but the gameplay feels lacking. Not sure why I keep getting -50 for the portal, it's never explained. And it seems more effective to just run to the treasure and back than to actually fight (which isn't too bad, because the combat is a bit meh).

Really cool idea, but a bit unpolished. The sound effects were... Yeah. I muted it :p

I couldn't get off of the starting planet, so I guess I was doing something wrong. A bit of a basic tutorial would have been good. Loved the graphics and the general idea though :)

This was pretty fun ^^

Only complaint is that the sound effects mean that you can't hear the music, and the music too good to be cut out! :p

I found the game enjoyable overall, but the fonts are a little unreadable, especially on the character selection screen.

Looking forward to learning all the mechanics and venturing forth!

*blows raspberry at*

We used Pygame, which uses python + SDL (sadly 1.2, not 2). Approximately all of the first week was engine, and half of the second was engine too :p