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Anyone coding in C++ and sdl2?

A topic by LiquidityC created Apr 01, 2016 Views: 1,111 Replies: 8
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I see a lot of really complete frameworks being promoted for this jam. Anyone else spending all their time on coding and essentially no time on graphics because there won't be any time left? :D

Anywho, to get nice upscaling in sdl2 set your screen dimensions to a nice size and use this to upscale:

SDL_SetHint(SDL_HINT_RENDER_SCALE_QUALITY, "nearest"); // To get nice 'pixely' upscaling

SDL_RenderSerLogicalSize(renderer, 64, 64); // Upscale to current screen size from 64x64


It's nice to know I'm not the only one spending (almost) all their time on code.

I'm using SDL2 and C++ for the engine side of things, and using Golang for game logic!


Yea, knowing this makes me more confident, despite it's just for fun =)


You guys are hardcore B-)


Cool to see other people are programming their games from (almost) scratch. I'm also planning to use SDL2 and C for my project.


We used SDL2 and C for ours as well. I did have some issues with SDL_RenderDrawLine() not respecting the virtual pixel size unless it was a straight line along the X or Y axis (which I didn't have time to work around).


We used Pygame, which uses python + SDL (sadly 1.2, not 2). Approximately all of the first week was engine, and half of the second was engine too :p


I used SDL2 for mine. The cheating part was that I yanked the engine from another game I'm making and used it for this. Hardly had to make any changes to get it to render nicely. Bonus was that I essentially only wrote game code. Don't have lots of time on my hands so the 10 hours I spent had to suffice. Think I'm going to try love2d for my next jam.


Oh man, a little late on the draw here, but I also used Python + Pygame. I shortcut as much as I could in making my game "engine" - no textures, and rectangle everything. I also work with SDL2/C++, but I only do that when I want to spend 96% of my time confused and frustrated, trying to debug segmentation faults :-D