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This isn't FC Jam. This is FC Dev Jam. This jam IS about making a fantasy console.

Pretty fun shmup, but enemy projectiles blend into the background a bit and are hard to see especially when there are lots of them. It might be a good idea to make these a bit brighter so that they stand out more.

Over a week in and I have all the basic player movement sorted out. Not animated yet. Starting to feel I might not finish in time, but hopefully I can get out a demo with at least one full level.

Haven't had much to show lately. Mostly having a somewhat difficult time putting things together and figuring out how it should work. I have made progress though! First I changed the title screen to make the menus more readable and added an intro animation.

And the beginnings of a level and actual gameplay.

Day 3:

Yet another day of mostly beating on things until they actually work. Hopefully progress will speed up now that a good chunk of the difficult stuff is taken care of. Did manage to get the basic title screen running though!

Did a bunch of behind the scenes work today so I don't have much to show, but I did end up making the start of a title screen.

It looks like the link got cut off at the end for some reason. Sending me to Page Not Found.

Since other people have been sharing these I figured I'd throw mine in too. This is a 4x5 sprite font already arranged in ascii order starting at 0x00. It contains most characters from 0x20 to 0x5F. (Upper case letters, Number, Punctuation, and some symbols) There are also a couple special symbols that were originally intended for a JRPG project that wasn't finished. Feel free to use it as you wish.


Direct Link:

Cool to see other people are programming their games from (almost) scratch. I'm also planning to use SDL2 and C for my project.

Well having recently enjoyed a month worth of streams from the series, and not being very creative at the moment, I've opted to make a sorta Mega Man demake for my entry. May switch to something else if I get a better idea, but for now have some disorganized and maybe not very good sprites and mockup work from today.