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Just played the first level -- so far, this game is great!

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Looks like it runs in Wine -- just tried it, and it seems to work very well (i.e. good framerate, responsive).  Running Wine wine-3.13 on Arch Linux on a HP Envy m6, Core i5 2.6 GHz (4 cores), 8 GB RAM

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It's an interesting start to what feels like could be a Minecraft/Terraria-type game, or possibly also an RTS!

Also, I wanted to submit an entry for this year's jam, but I ran out of time (kids/work got me this year).  But if you host again, pleeease invite me! I'll also keep an eye out. (sorry for spamming your game comments; I haven't found a way to message you through itch)

Clever game. I use a trackball, so it's probably a bit easier for me than it is for others, but definitely a clever idea, and also somehow a lot of fun (who would've thought!?)

Heeeyyyyyy is this game using that collision detection thingymajig you were working on a while back? Something about a layer of data.... some such? :-D

Holy crap this looks cool! Any plans for a Linux release? :-) :-)

I'd like to play this game slightly higher-res. I had a hard time aiming and seeing where I was shooting. Also, the controls seemed to lag at times, but that could also have been my computer/browser (Google Chrome, Arch Linux 64bit, 2.4 GHz i7, 6 GB RAM).

Still, this game is cool. I like the barrel rolls. My highest score in a few play-throughs was 9 heh.

This game is cool. I didn't quite know where to go -- I probably didn't play long enough. But the animation is high-quality; sound as music, too. Good stuff!

Very cool game! Smooth animation - I like the screen shake. I'd like to see this game more fully developed. The replay factor isn't there yet (of course.. who has time to fully bake a game jam game??), but I like what I played.

This game looks interesting, but I can't play it because I'm on Linux. Any plans for a Linux release? I tried to Wine it, but that failed. And for fun, I tried DOSBox, which also failed (as expected).

I got to the end with a whole gang of followers, but the weird missile dude (who I had been successfully jumping over all the way until the end) cleared my squad, and I finished with only 4 followers.. I don't totally get this game, but it looks cute.

@adampajor and @jackoatley - Thanks for playing! As you can see, I still have a few tweaks to make. I rushed to submit the game on time, but I'm making some updates that will make the game more playable and interesting. Stay tuned!

This game brought me back all the way to 1987 - the Energy Zone leve of the original Contra. Me likey :-D

Not gonna lie, I don't get this game. Like, I don't understand what I'm "supposed to do". Or maybe there is no "what I'm supposed to do". This game can actually be pretty meditative (with the sound off :-D). It's definitely a cool concept - fly around space and planets and stuff, and explore things and such.

Challenge accepted! This game is surprisingly "fun" in an unconventional sense. This game is like a combination focus trainer and typing test. I enjoyed it, and I knocked out 5/6 achievements in one playthrough :-D

It took me a couple of minutes to get used to the controls of this game, but I like it.

On my system (Linux 64), I could not see a mouse pointer on the game window, so it was hard to tell where I was aiming. Also, the field of view was very limited, so I got picked off by enemies and asteroids.

But the concept of this game is pretty cool!

Those enemies seem to pop out of nowhere!! The "hovering" of the enemies is a bit jarring, in a good way. It makes them seem scarier or more intimidating, because the fact that they aren't articulated seems unnatural and alien. Not sure if that was a conscious design choice or if you simply didn't have time to animate the enemies. But it worked.

Good stuff, smooth animation and responsive controls.

This game has an interesting look and feel, similar to a Super Meat Boy. Only 2 real knocks: the game window doesn't appear to be resizable, and it's cut off on my laptop (1600x900). The other thing is the camera zoom can bite you in the butt; it's hard to see obstacles/death coming. Still, a pretty decent platformer.

I didn't get very far in this game :-D But! This game feels very much like some of my old favorites: R-Type and Gradius. It's a nice throwback. The ships are pretty awesome, and now seeing this game kinda makes me want to play with Godot Engine.

I got to level 3. This game is totally ridiculous and hilarious. It made me laugh. The controls are totally unpredictable, and the lack of 'control' should be annoying. But this game is funny. Definitely worth a try.

Sweet! I'll try it out!

Sweet! I supposed I could also download it onto a Windows laptop heh. But my primary lappy runs Linux

I came across Blackshift randomly -- I was researching scene graphs and your devlog turned up. This game looks interesting (and I absolutely LOVED Chip's Challenge). Any plans for a Linux release?

This turned out very well! This is somehow very relaxing, too!

Seriously, this game is amazing. Is this really being made by only one person???

This looks really cool, but I'm not able to play.. How do you run the Linux version? (For that matter, is the Linux version packaged right? The Mac & Win versions are 60+ MB; Linux is 4 MB)

Actually, a couple of other notes -- so what happens when I find a life form? I found bacterial life on a planet.

The other thing is: it's possible to get stuck. i.e., if I fly up and touch a planet, I can't thrust away from it. I'm stuck unless I hit the "exit system" button.

Still a cool game, though. I like it :-)

I have no idea what I'm doing, but this game is cool! Very serene.

v0.2.1 Update:

  • Music! There's music!
  • Other bugfixes and features (under-the-hood tweaks to hopefully make the application less crashy)

NOTE #2: This game is open-source! Check it out at (the code is semi-elegant, but full of comments and TODOs.. You've been warned :-D)

NOTE! Download v0.2. v0.2 is MUCH better than the unlabeled version. v0.2 has menus, high scores, and improved gameplay. The unlabeled version is the original submission to the Low Rez Jam 2016; i.e., it was cobbled together in less than 2 weeks, with the quality level to match.. :-D

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So, I didn't think to read this until after the jam, go figure. My game actually plays in a 640x640 window (I thought I read somewhere that we could upscale the resolution, as long as we also upscaled the "pixels"). So, my game still "thinks" in terms of a 64x64 grid, but then my renderer blows that up to 640x640, just to make things look bigger.. I think that's within the rules. If it's not, then oops :-S

Oh man, a little late on the draw here, but I also used Python + Pygame. I shortcut as much as I could in making my game "engine" - no textures, and rectangle everything. I also work with SDL2/C++, but I only do that when I want to spend 96% of my time confused and frustrated, trying to debug segmentation faults :-D

I'm not sure if the game is working for me (Google Chrome, Arch Linux 64bit). Pressing WASD seems to only nudge the screen -- my view doesn't change; pressing Space does nothing. The music gets louder and louder, and then * pop * I'm dead.

Very well-done game. ...I keep losing... But still, very well done