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Sweet! I'll try it out!

Sweet! I supposed I could also download it onto a Windows laptop heh. But my primary lappy runs Linux

This game looks great! I noticed the conspicuous absence of the "Made with Unity" splash screen. What did you use to make this?

I came across Blackshift randomly -- I was researching scene graphs and your devlog turned up. This game looks interesting (and I absolutely LOVED Chip's Challenge). Any plans for a Linux release?

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This turned out very well! This is somehow very relaxing, too!

Seriously, this game is amazing. Is this really being made by only one person???

This looks really cool, but I'm not able to play.. How do you run the Linux version? (For that matter, is the Linux version packaged right? The Mac & Win versions are 60+ MB; Linux is 4 MB)

Actually, a couple of other notes -- so what happens when I find a life form? I found bacterial life on a planet.

The other thing is: it's possible to get stuck. i.e., if I fly up and touch a planet, I can't thrust away from it. I'm stuck unless I hit the "exit system" button.

Still a cool game, though. I like it :-)

I have no idea what I'm doing, but this game is cool! Very serene.

v0.2.1 Update:

  • Music! There's music!
  • Other bugfixes and features (under-the-hood tweaks to hopefully make the application less crashy)

NOTE #2: This game is open-source! Check it out at https://github.com/masskonfuzion/falldown_low_rez (the code is semi-elegant, but full of comments and TODOs.. You've been warned :-D)

NOTE! Download v0.2. v0.2 is MUCH better than the unlabeled version. v0.2 has menus, high scores, and improved gameplay. The unlabeled version is the original submission to the Low Rez Jam 2016; i.e., it was cobbled together in less than 2 weeks, with the quality level to match.. :-D

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So, I didn't think to read this until after the jam, go figure. My game actually plays in a 640x640 window (I thought I read somewhere that we could upscale the resolution, as long as we also upscaled the "pixels"). So, my game still "thinks" in terms of a 64x64 grid, but then my renderer blows that up to 640x640, just to make things look bigger.. I think that's within the rules. If it's not, then oops :-S

Oh man, a little late on the draw here, but I also used Python + Pygame. I shortcut as much as I could in making my game "engine" - no textures, and rectangle everything. I also work with SDL2/C++, but I only do that when I want to spend 96% of my time confused and frustrated, trying to debug segmentation faults :-D

I'm not sure if the game is working for me (Google Chrome, Arch Linux 64bit). Pressing WASD seems to only nudge the screen -- my view doesn't change; pressing Space does nothing. The music gets louder and louder, and then * pop * I'm dead.

Very well-done game. ...I keep losing... But still, very well done

I got totally smoked haha. Came in dead last place. RIcky Bobby would be ashamed. Fun game though :-)