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Resolutions other than 64x64?

A topic by Jonas Mumm created Apr 07, 2016 Views: 895 Replies: 10
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I've been working on a 3d tennis game for a week now, and I've been running into problems regarding the resolution:

64x64 is just too small for a game like this, everything just becomes an unclear mess.

So my qustion is: The rules category states that the game should have a resolution of 64x64, which equals 4096 pixels in total.

I would basicly like to change the aspect ratio of my game, so I can fit the game better on the screen, by maintaining the total amount of pixels, so I could have a resolution of for example 96x42 pixels.

Do the rules allow for such a resolution change?


That is a clever interpretation of the size. I would encourage you to find a clever way to make your game playable at the 64x64 limit, since having a small square screen imposes it's own unique challenges, but I am not the gatekeeper of fun.

I would be interested to see some screenshots of what you've got so far and this community can come up with ways to help, or you could post them in the Daily Screenshot thread.


- "64x64 is just too small for a game like this, everything just becomes an unclear mess."

Well if you came to that conclusion before starting you could have avoided this issue. Preparation is nine tenths of the game dev law!

I agree with Woldy, if you show us the issue someone might figure out a solution. Seeing as your game is 3d, could this not be fixed with a change of perspective?

That is part of the challenge I would imagine. We as a community can assist with ideas on how to make it work.

If you're real set on the resolution idea, why not put the game aside so you can work on it outside the Jam.


64x64 or bust, IMO. Working with the size and aspect ratio limitation is part of the fun.

Somewhat related: There's an upcoming jam where you have to make 1x1 games using only 1 bit of color (meaning 2 colors in total). Be grateful for every pixel you have, dude!


Will that jam have a screenshots thread too? 0.o


Hopefully. Haha.


Didn't mean to circumvent the rules, thats why I asked, just wanted to know what you all think about it and wether someone did something similar already.

But as it seems everyone is keeping their game at a 1:1 aspect ratio, so I'll stick to a 64x64 resolution.

Already did some changes to the graphics to make them more readable at such a low resolution, and might post a screenshot later today!

Thank you for your suggestions!

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So, I didn't think to read this until after the jam, go figure. My game actually plays in a 640x640 window (I thought I read somewhere that we could upscale the resolution, as long as we also upscaled the "pixels"). So, my game still "thinks" in terms of a 64x64 grid, but then my renderer blows that up to 640x640, just to make things look bigger.. I think that's within the rules. If it's not, then oops :-S


That was totally within the rules :)

Unless your engine "thinks" in 64x64 but still displays some subpixel-stuff (like what happens if you upscale a GameMaker game and then rotate a sprite, and don't do anything to make it also display it correctly at 64x64)


Given that it said you can go lower than 64x 64, 64x 36 would work, and get a 16:9 ratio.

Anyway I'm changing mine to 16:9, now that the jam is over. lol