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Thanks Kalonica! :)

Hey 2UP, thanks guys! by the way, when you press T to Tweet, you will get a pop-up blocker note on top right of Chrome address bar. Just allow pop ups from and you're good to go! cheers

Nothing greater than real feedback! i'm really thankful and will implement the suggestions.

Great stuff! pretty much the theme picture in game form :)

Fantastic visuals, enjoyed it. Kinda reminds me of Gravity Bone :)

haha damn thats hard. but a good hard. great music and visuals. I really need to try and last at least 30 seconds and i'll be happy.

This is great! really well executed. I will be playing this for a bit :)

Personal suggestions would be to increase the text size and a bit more information as to what requests match up to what games.

Thanks for the votes, people! Glad you're enjoying it.

@4KbShort - there is most definitely background music, try another browser? Its quite soothing music :)

@V.R - feedback taken on board! I see that now, it seems the pink is getting the raw deal.. hmm, i suppose it would be easier to switch the values than anything else, cheers

That is part of the challenge I would imagine. We as a community can assist with ideas on how to make it work.

If you're real set on the resolution idea, why not put the game aside so you can work on it outside the Jam.

your screenshots are cracking me up!

That new animation is great, diggin it

They're lovely!

such style. *-*