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Roughly the same distance, but on foot. There is definitely an end tho

Thank you very much :)

Played in on a gamepad, I like the idea of having to select a pair of buffs/debuffs. If you make more levels with more enemy variety, it can make for interesting strategic decisions across levels.

Good job building up my own curiousity in a lonely world along the way, but now I'm tempted to know what happened to me after I entered that portal :D

Game worked for me fine after pressing escape once and then clicking continue.

Good atmosphere, and I can see the concept of carrying/spreading a single lightsource around making for good puzzles, but sadly I could'nt make my way out of the second room. I tried switching on all the capsule-shaped lights, but couldn't find a way to get to the last one, until I eventually fell into a pit and died :(

Otherwise the controls of throwing the orb/interacting with lightsources are very intuitive, well done! 

Very nice concept, needing to pick up a new bullet after each shot makes for a fun back and fourth between you and enemies and requieres a bit of strategizing positioning as well, well done!

My best score was 1765 by the way :D

Hey congrats on releasing your first game here!

The concept of only being able to touch the floor for one second is relly neat, and nicely incorporated with your world/design/plot ("exploding bomb needs to find water").

I'd really like to see more levels that focus more on strategy then on platforming skill (also I suck at platforming on keyboards :p).

For example level 4 was the most interesting one to me, cause it didn't just offer one obvious route to the target, but two, so I had to decide which one to take (It was an easy choice once I noticed the two routes, but at first I stormed into the "maze-like" section without checking out the other route).

Introduce some new mechanics and use them creatively to make people question which route may be the fastest, and you got a real unique game right here! (For instance a level with two routes, one long one and a short one: The short one is narrow and does'nt allow for much airtime, but the long one features those little frog-guys that can carry you a big part of the way so you loose no energy on your way to the target).

There's a lot of potential here!

Very neat, the objective was very apparent from the get go and all interactions well communicated! My strategy ended up being going for a long clear path in front while repairing my hull until corrections are needed, instead of actually weaving through asteroids. Nevertheless needing to constantly balance evade vs. repair is an engaging mechanic!

(Also without trying to belittle Power Panic, did you play "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" by chance?)

Hi there, thanks for playing!

The game was made in GameMaker: Studio, though I really wouldn't recommend it for making 3D games, except you really want to go for that very lo-fi look :p.

The visual assets were made in GameMaker itself and, and I didn't even use any 3D modelling software back then, but basically placed individual vertices for the models from code. The Audio was all done by John!

A couple people responded, and we don't require any more artists on this project per se. However if you're an artist generally looking for people to work with in the future, feel free to send a mail to anyway, I always enjoy hearing from artists! :)

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Hi there! We're a team of two looking for an artist to join us in making a serious-game against national borders. We've already completed lots of work on the project, and are now missing art for the most part. For more info, please see the full description of the position, and feel free to ask questions in the comments! :)

Edit: A couple people responded, and we don't require any more artists on this project per se. However if you're an artist generally looking for people to work with in the future, feel free to send a mail to anyway, I always enjoy hearing from artists! :)

Hi there, thanks for playing!

1 - You should be able to switch to windowed mode by hitting ALT + ENTER at the same time. Although I can't guarantee you'll be able to scale the window appropriately.

2 - Not in the foreseeable future, sorry - Time to work on games is rather sparse for me currently, eventhough I orriginally intended to add a two player mode. Just out of curiosity: Would you prefer having a split screen for two players or have both players share the default view without a splitscreen?

Thanks for letting me know! It's GameMaker indeed. I had issues with Windows Defender before, but setting Company-/ Product-name for the games seemed to solve the issue back then.  I'm going to try your solution!

I played and liked! All the animations make it feel very polished and consistent throughout, and the gameplay is an interesting twist on match-threes! As mentioned before, difficulty could increase a good bit quicker to make for a good challenge. Other than that I'd really like an indicator of which column is currently selected to shuffle (It really shouldn't be necessary, but I occasionally confused the column I had selected with another one, and it  would probably go very well hand in hand with the otherwise flawless UI).


Hey Everyone,  my team and I just released Tangle Pop!

Tangle Pop is a cooperative ghost hunt for two players, using a devine string to entangle ghosts. The game requires the players to work together and communicate lots to coordinate their hunt.

Tangle Pop features 3 varied levels, support for keyboards as well as gamepads and runs on Windows.

We had a lot of fun making it (in fact, we're about to add some extra content soon) , and we hope you'll have a lot of fun playing it!

Lastly, here's a gameplay video showing the first level of the game!

Download here:

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Step-by-Step Guide for using Code-to-Bot for Gamemaker: Studio

  1. Download Code-to-botGM.jar from
  2. Launch Code-to-botGM.jar.
    1. This window will open. Click Start - Choose Projects Directory.
    1. In this window, navigate to the folder all your projects are saved in. Usually it'sin  C:\Users\<<username>>\GameMaker\Projects. The Program will search all subfolders for scripts and objects. Click Open to select this directory.
  4. Wait. Depending on how many things your directory contains, the process of searching for comments might take up to a full minute.
    1. After the process is finished, a text window will open, containing all the contents you need for your bot! This file is also saved inside the directory you chose earlier.
    1. Head over to sign in with the account you want to use for your Twitter-bot.
    1. Delete everything from the Tracery JSON textfield.
    1. Copy-Paste all the content of the textfile you generated before into the Tracery JSON textfield.
    1. Adjust the settings at the bottom to match your preferences and click SAVE.
    1. Congratulations! You just created your own comments-bot!

cute!I loved the the "build up" of all the odd creatures describing to you what they found.

Thank you for playing! We're always glad to receive nice feedback!

Cool! I like how much effort you've put into the manual and the different programs of the os!

Nice colour-scheme, the input recognition felt a bit clunky at first, but I got used to it and eventually beat a few levels in a row. Maybe it could be a good idea to have short sounds/flashes for each beat so it's easier to adapt to the speed of the beat.

I like how the flashing and beeping intensefies to closer you get to an enemy, overally really well done!

Nice puzzle game!

At first I had trouble finding out what everything does and what crates you could actually move, but once I got it it was a very pleasant expirience and I even managed to beat level 10! (Is there even an 11. level? once I had beaten level 10 it seemed to be locked)

Very Cute!

Absolutely impressive, graphics, sound and gameplay fit together nicely and create a great atmosphere.

My only complaint is the guns being too strong against big groups of enemies, making the sword basicly useless.

A truely great game overall, especially considering it's just a gamejam entry.

Interesting idea for a puzzle game, swapping the tiles around and seeing the result was fun.

Had to turn off the sound though, I know it's meant to be glitchy, but I just could'nt stand it longer than a couple of minutes.

Nice work otherwise!

Had a lovely time exploring the mountain, the mood of your game is really fitting, it feels natural and peacefull but still there is a certain tension to it.

Nicely done!

Had great fun roaming the vault, the mood is superb!

I even played through it twice to achive different endings :)

Nicely done!

Keeping track of booth screens at once wasn't that hard for me either, but I can imagine increasing the number of text messages you receive (maybe in big waves and by different persons?) could foster the feeling of overtaxing.

Eventhough adding different persons to the story might take away the personal and close mood your game has.

However these are just my suggestions, I have no doubt there are many different ways you could take on expanding this project and improve it even further.

I really like this kind of experimental game letting you space for interpretion.

There are basicly to things I espeacialy liked about your game and support it's message: First is the constant "struggle" of keeping up with what's going on on both sides of the screen as you do not want to miss out on anything.(Maybe you could have made this a bit harder though). The second thing is the uncertainty you have before interacting with other shapes, which fits your game nicely.

All in all a truely worthy entry, keep it up!

Quite simple but still entertaining, nice idea regarding the "inverted darts game"

Hi June,

I'm Jonas and I'm currently studying Media Informatics in Flensburg, Germany! If you're interested in a Game Jam project, there will be the A Game By It's Cover Jam 2017 around late June I'll most likely participate in. It's a Jam where you make real games inspired by fake cartridge-art from the Famicase-exhibition and lasts usually around three weeks.

If you're interested in making a game together, you can send me an email at jonasmumm [at] web [.] de !

Hey Liva, are you sill available for work on a game? I'm about to start working on a small action-platforming game, hit me up if you're interested!


Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback :)

You definitely have a reason to be disappointed I guess :/. To be honest, when I made Perlen, I ran low on time to submit for the AGBIC Jam and didn't assume anyone would care enough aboutPerlen to play through it twice, so I didn't prioritize the "payoff" for collecting all the crystals.

As of now, their only use is to take away the feeling of linearity in thel levels and to embrace exploring them.

I planned to add a new ending after submiting, but, you know, I just didn't happen to make it.

I'm sorry you weren't rewarded for collecting all the crystals, but I'm happy to hear you felt invested enough into the game to do so.

Just a heads up, there seems to be something wrong with your zip-file? Tried downloading it from the app and my browser, booth times it threw me an error.

Hey, thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

I originally had the addition of customizable characters and a career + splitscreen mode in mind aswell, but as it proves making a such a (comparatively to the gamejam-version) big game is quit hard (also I'm a bad sprite artist myself).

Regarding the difficulty, I actually managed to implemented them! When selecting your opponent, the number of stars flashing up represents their skill-level (I had hoped it would be obvious). But again, making an AI that is actually fun to compete again in the long run proved really hard.

Nevertheless there will soon be a (small) update adding some more ambient sounds by John! Also I'm really glad to see there are people like you caring for this sort of game! Huge updates aren't likely to happen in the near future or even to the current game, but I'm definitely still willing to make a "bigger" tennis game sometime!

Without having watched the video myself, have you initialised the 'aggroRange' variable in the create event 'obj_enemie'?

So that would be:

aggroRange = 100

(for example)

If you did, you might have set it to be a string instead of a real number?

If it's still not working, you might wanna set 'aggroRange' as a global variable in some controller object to be sure it really exists and can be easily accessed (and changed) by all instances.

Also I agree that you will propably get the best help on this topic at yoyo's own forum.

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My name is Jonas Mumm, and I'm currently working on Pocket Genoratory, a puzzle game for smartphones.

The development of Pocket Genoratory is at a good stage right now, but I'm still missing a sprite artist to create assets for the game. The main aspect of Pocket Genoratory to breeding of animals: At the beginning of each level, you are given a set of animals, and it's your task to combine them in a way that the final animal resembles the levels "target animal".

For the purpose of breeding, the animals consist of multiple traits, that all come into play when breeding with other animals. Traits are for example the shape of the torso, the limps or the skin. There are seven traits in total, each with 3 variations, resulting in 2187 animals in total who are made of 21 base sprites.

I need a sprite artist to create those 21 Assets (bodyparts) for the game (if you're eager on extending your engagement, you are obviously welcome to tackle even more tasks).

When it comes to art style, it's all up to you to decide, as long as it blends in well at a high resolution (pixelart is not an option here).

Payment + Requirements

I'm not necessarily looking for an experienced sprite artist. It's perfectly fine if you just have a few finished sprites/graphics you can show me.

The payment will be based on profitshare.

I can see that profitshare's aren't normally very favorable for artists, but Pocket Genoratory is still rather a humble, short-term casual project than a primarily commercial-focused one, and to (hopefully) make up for that, I uploaded a preview build for Windows and Android, to give you an impression of how the game shaped up so far before committing.

Pocket Genoratory is scheduled to be release-ready in early July!

If you see potential in the game and are eager on helping me out on this job, hit me up at:


Awesome! Loved the aesthetic and the controls, very well done!

Didn't mean to circumvent the rules, thats why I asked, just wanted to know what you all think about it and wether someone did something similar already.

But as it seems everyone is keeping their game at a 1:1 aspect ratio, so I'll stick to a 64x64 resolution.

Already did some changes to the graphics to make them more readable at such a low resolution, and might post a screenshot later today!

Thank you for your suggestions!