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Super cool, did you draw the graphics for the ludum dare? I love the character animation.

Hey neat, thanks for that. Nice video.

Really sweet game. Music is perfect for the theme. It runs well on 'wine' for you people stuck on linux.

My gardening skills suck just as much virtually as they do in reality though.

@BrazMogu Thanks, you experienced exactly what I was going for and I agree with your nitpicks, sound could have been better and music would have been nice. Sound was the last thing I did and I didn't have/feel like spending that much time on it.

Text was tricky but the game was really fun once you got a hang of it. Well done man! Gonna burn an hour on this when I get home from work.

@JackOatley All valid points. I put some though into the fact that jam felt a bit too easy to collect. It mostly came down to a time issue in the end. I agree it could have been a lot more addictive with just a few tweaks. Perhaps I will add it in the future. :D

Very nice look and feel. Some music/sounds would have been nice. Also the controls can feel a bit stiff and clunky. It was really fun and you captured the learning by level design idea well.

It's nice. Two modes looke nice in their unique style. Would be nice with some audio feedback on shooting etc. Music is great.

Nice :D

Thanks. Yeah music would have been nice. I'm not super confident in creating music (read: "I don't have a clue where to start"). Didn't find any CC licensed music that suited me. Next time maybe.

Level 57 is my top score. If anyone feelslike trying to beat me. :D

I used SDL2 for mine. The cheating part was that I yanked the engine from another game I'm making and used it for this. Hardly had to make any changes to get it to render nicely. Bonus was that I essentially only wrote game code. Don't have lots of time on my hands so the 10 hours I spent had to suffice. Think I'm going to try love2d for my next jam.

I see a lot of really complete frameworks being promoted for this jam. Anyone else spending all their time on coding and essentially no time on graphics because there won't be any time left? :D

Anywho, to get nice upscaling in sdl2 set your screen dimensions to a nice size and use this to upscale:

SDL_SetHint(SDL_HINT_RENDER_SCALE_QUALITY, "nearest"); // To get nice 'pixely' upscaling

SDL_RenderSerLogicalSize(renderer, 64, 64); // Upscale to current screen size from 64x64