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Nice, I like it!

Nice! =)

What a shame. If you have complains about missing libs unpack this in folder with game. We don't want violate rules, so this archive contain only sdl libraries.

Limited pallete is really in spirit of the jam.

@Arcade Badgers, sure it success, and such a wonderful feeling! I want to remember it then it's 5 am, and you have light in your body and thought in a mind: "We made it. Is it true? ... We maid it! Started and finished to the end. Started and finished. ... Thanks, god, we made it, it wasn't easy." I want to remember it. I still have a some tremble in my arms =)

Wow, making a multiplayer game is really a challange, respect for you. Visual style make me to recall "liero", and I fall in nostalgic mood =). I'm check it out in the evening for sure.

Application complains about missing libs, It's a shame for us. I've updated game page - added archive with missing libraries.

To answer the question - Yes, we make it from scratch in C (only, without C++) using SDL2 library. At the beginning not the one of two of us have a C skill =).

You said about several sleepless days - I wonder how many people working on the game and how many hours in total it took? In comparison, there was the two of us working about 2 hours in a day with some rare day offs and sleepless Friday and Sunday nights.

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I allow my self a small amount of pr. At the beginning of jam we brainstorm some game ideas, and came out with question - is it possible to make a first person view in 16x16 or 8x8? Ho, and maybe we can make it more hardcore and do it in plain c? And 18 of April here it is - 7x7 rpg =)

What personal challenges beyond of agenda did you take for this jam?

I'm not used "Submit your project" button before. Will be I able to submit another game after?

Yea, knowing this makes me more confident, despite it's just for fun =)