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Wow, making a multiplayer game is really a challange, respect for you. Visual style make me to recall "liero", and I fall in nostalgic mood =). I'm check it out in the evening for sure.

Application complains about missing libs, It's a shame for us. I've updated game page - added archive with missing libraries.

To answer the question - Yes, we make it from scratch in C (only, without C++) using SDL2 library. At the beginning not the one of two of us have a C skill =).

You said about several sleepless days - I wonder how many people working on the game and how many hours in total it took? In comparison, there was the two of us working about 2 hours in a day with some rare day offs and sleepless Friday and Sunday nights.

It's been ages since I haven't coded anything game related in C / C++, I've gotta get some good old OpenGL game running. We were mostly three people working on the game, two programmers, one for the game and other for the server, and other person for the graphics. Except for the weekend we only had time to work on it on the nights so it was quite tiring -w-